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Best value stairlifts with transparent pricing and online ordering

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AmeriGlide has a small selection of stairlift models, but each is priced online with most models easily installed in your own.


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    Pricing online

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    Order directly from the manufacturer

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    DIY installation


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    Not as high quality as other manufacturers

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    Joystick controls

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    Limited selection

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AmeriGlide makes choosing and buying a stairlift simple by showing prices for each model online and letting you purchase one through its website. Most models come with everything you need to install the lift yourself, though there is an option to have it professionally installed, too.

There are four models available from AmeriGlide, all of them designed for indoor use. When the lifts are parked and the seats and armrests folded up, the largest model protrudes only 13 inches into the stairwell, allowing plenty of space for people to move around it. The seats swivel, too, and the footrest gets pretty close to flush with your stair landing, reducing the need to step too high or far while getting on and off of the lift.

AmeriGlide Stairlifts: What you need to know

  • Transparent pricing
  • Order online
  • DIY installation

AmeriGlide only has four stairlift models, but you can choose the color of the chair to match your home decor. Three models are designed for straight stairwells while the fourth is for curved stairs. AmeriGlide has both battery operated and wired power options and both wireless and wired call stations. The tracks for these stairlifts range between 15 and 19 feet, though you can add additional tracks to extend the length if you need to, but that's at an extra cost. 

This manufacturer offers some of the lowest priced stairlifts available with most models designed for easy, do-it-yourself installation. You can ask a professional to install your stairlift for an additional fee. You can find reputable technicians in your area through the AmeriGlide website.

Every stairlift is priced on the AmeriGlide website, including add ons, plus you can purchase a lift directly from AmeriGlide rather than going through a dealer. AmeriGlide doesn’t have outdoor stairlifts available and the most weight any model can hold is 350 pounds. If you need a bariatric stairlift or an outside model, check out Harmar who has both available, including a lift designed to hold up to 600 pounds.

The AmeriGlide Horizon Plus stairlift is one of the more popular models offered. It’s also one of the smallest. Its seat is only 17 inches wide and the maximum track length is under 15 feet. It also holds a maximum of 300 pounds. But it is well made with an aluminum, single-track rail system. When it is parked and pulled up out of the way, this stairlift extends 13 inches into the stairwell.

AmeriGlide places the joystick controller inside the tip of the armrest, precisely where the fingers rest. Those with limited dexterity can use the joystick on the standard model as either a lever or a button. The Horizon Plus joystick can also swivel the seat with the powered swivel option. The downside of a multifunction joystick is that it may take time to learn how to get the lift to do what you want.

The Horizon stairlift has a wireless call system that moves the chair lift to you if you find you are on the opposite end of where it is parked. There's also a key lock to ensure no one plays with it. The entire stairlift uses battery power, which means if you lose power to your home your lift will still work. The AmeriGlide Horizon Plus stairlift costs under $1,800 for a base model, though you can add some additional features, like a specific chair color or extra track that will increase the final price.

How much will your AmeriGlide stairlift cost?


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Every bit of pricing for each AmeriGlide stairlift is posted on its website. The most basic models fall between $1,800 and $1,900 uninstalled and the curved stair model starts at just under $9,000. 

AmeriGlide does add on installation costs if you don’t want to install your lift yourself, though this pricing does depend on the dealer or technician available in your area. You can still get a very good idea of how much this will cost you through the AmeriGlide website.

The straight stairlift rails are made with aluminum rather than steel as other manufacturers use. This means an AmeriGlide stairlift may not last as long as others from companies, like Bruno or Stannah, but it is one of the reasons for the lower pricing.

One great perk of buying through AmeriGlide is you can buy straight from the company rather than through a dealer. Though AmeriGlide does partner with dealers in many areas, you don’t have to purchase from that dealer. This is the only stairlift company we reviewed that is this transparent with its pricing and is this easy to buy from.

What customers have to say about AmeriGlide

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For the price, AmeriGilde’s stairlifts are good enough. There are some complaints about the ride being a bit bumpy, especially if you need to extend the track with additional rails. And there are some users that found installing their stairlift difficult. Overall AmeriGlide still receives a good recommendation from those who have purchased and used one of the stairlifts.

If you need a new battery or replacement part, you can purchase these directly from AmeriGlide. Customers report that it does take several weeks for these to ultimately reach them.

AmeriGlide: Verdict

AmeriGlide stairlifts are made with aluminum rather than steel rails and are designed for installing yourself. These are part of the reason AmeriGlide can offer its lifts at a cheaper price than other manufacturers. You still get a reliable product that can be ordered in one of several colors from a more customized look.

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