AmeriGlide Walk-in Tubs review

Best selection of wheelchair-accessible tubs

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AmeriGlide is our top pick for walk-in bathtubs for those who need one with wheelchair accessibility. It’s easy to see exactly what you get, with pricing displayed prominently on its website.


  • +

    Several wheelchair-accessible models

  • +

    Conversion kits available

  • +

    Base prices listed for every model


  • -

    Made with fiberglass, which isn't as sturdy as acrylic

  • -

    Higher step height than other walk-in tubs

  • -

    Single year warranty on most models

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AmeriGlide has the best selection of walk-in tubs specifically designed for wheelchair users, including a lay-down model that looks more like a traditional bathtub, rather than a deep walk-in model. This manufacturer makes it easy to purchase a new walk-in tub straight from its website rather than going through a third-party salesman or dealer. 

One unique feature offered by AmeriGlide is its conversion kits that transform your existing bathtub or shower into a wheel-accessible unit. You can’t add other features to a converted tub that standalone walk-in tubs have, but a conversion kit is a decent alternative if you’re in a pinch.

AmeriGlide Walk-in Tubs: What you need to know

  • Transparent pricing
  • Conversion kits for current bathtubs
  • S, L, and U-shaped doors

AmeriGlide has 17 different walk-in tubs and a few conversion kits available. In addition to standard walk-in tubs, AmeriGlide also features a laydown tub model and a combination tub and shower option. It also has several wheelchair-accessible models with door and add-on options not offered by other manufacturers.

Each product listed on AmeriGlide’s website gives you details about size and depth and the materials each is made from. Most are made from fiberglass, which isn’t as sturdy or long-lasting as walk-in tubs made from acrylic that are offered by other manufacturers, like Ella's Bubbles. However, they're still nice, comfortable and cost less than acrylic tubs. Most AmeriGlide tub models are designed to let you add air or water jets.

Tub designs include S, L and U-shaped doors that swing either out or in from the side of your tube. Other manufacturers have wheelchair-accessible tubs with only the L-shaped doors, but AmeriGlide has a popular model that features a larger and longer U-shaped door. There's also a model that has a front entrance door for smaller bathrooms.

Some of the conversion kits available from AmeriGlide are specifically designed to allow roll-in access to showers and tubs, giving individuals using walkers and wheelchairs a bit more independence and safety.

One of AmeriGlide’s most popular models is the Sanctuary Deluxe Wheelchair Access walk-in tub. This tub features a wide swing door that makes it easy for you to slide onto the 17-inch high seat without help. The tub includes the usual safety features, such as a textured floor to prevent slipping and grab bars to make it easier for you to enter and exit the tub. With the extra grab bar on the door, you can easily close the door once you’re seated inside.

The size of this tub is similar to a standard bathtub at 52 x 30 inches, so it fits in a standard bathtub alcove. This AmeriGlide walk-in tub holds less water than most walk-in tubs at 40 gallons, but it’s still deep enough for a relaxing soak. The base price of this tub is under $4,000. You can add either air or water jets, or a dual air and water jet package, but it will bump up the final price of the tub.

How much will your AmeriGlide tub cost?

  • Can purchase direct from AmeriGlide
  • Does require you to arrange installation yourself
  • Only supports a 1 year warranty

AmeriGlide is one of the best manufacturers at revealing pricing for their walk-in tubs. Each model listed on its website includes the base pricing listed among the specs. Though this price goes up as you add more features, like jets, it still gives you a nice starting point, which other manufacturers tend to hide. You don’t need to go through a dealer to purchase your AmeriGlide walk-in tub, either –you can buy it straight from the AmeriGlide website.

One drawback of buying an AmeriGlide’s budget-friendly tub online rather than through a dealer is that you will need to arrange and pay for the installation of the tub yourself. AmeriGlide has some helpful hints if you want to do it yourself, but they, and we too, strongly suggest hiring professional help, especially if you are installing a walk-in tub with jets. This requires additional electrical wiring and if it isn’t done by a certified electrician, you could void the warranty if something goes wrong.

The warranty included with all AmerGlide walk-in tubs is only good for a year after purchase. This is a bit disappointing and, as several dealers and manufacturers and sales reps throughout the industry pointed out to us, an indication of how well built your tub is. One reason we recommend Safe Step so highly is that it warranties all of its products for life, but Safe Step also doesn’t have wheelchair-accessible walk-in tubs available.

What customers have to say about AmeriGlide

  • Good customer satisfaction
  • Biggest complaints relate to installation

Overall, users who use an AmeriGlide walk-in tub are very satisfied with their final product. Most mention how easy it is to follow the inline guides in measuring and choosing the best-sized tub for their space, and the straightforward pricing posted for each model. The two biggest complaints we heard about were frustrations with the drains and installation.

For installation, because you have to rely either on your own luck and know-how, or hire a professional installer, users were quick to mention either disappointment in the installer they chose, or the trouble they experienced installing the tub on their own. In the latter case, the biggest complaints came with either the placement of the drains being slightly off or the fact the instructions on installing the drain weren’t included.

AmeriGlide Walk-in Tubs: Verdict

AmeriGlide has the best selection of wheelchair-accessible tubs that are all priced below $5,000 for the basic models. You can add jets to any of them with both water and air jets available, or get a combination of the two. 

Each walk-in tub includes skid-proof floors and a safety bar, though you can add extra bars if you prefer. If the cost of a walk-in tub is too steep for you, AmeriGlide offers conversion kits to transform your existing tub or shower into a walk-in unit. Unfortunately, you will be in charge of arranging the installation of your tub, which will cost extra; otherwise, you'll need to install it yourself.

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