Audicus Wave Hearing Aid: Price, spec, design, features, user reviews

Audicus Wave Hearing Aid: Price, spec, design, features, user reviews
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According to the brand, the Audicus Wave is its most advanced hearing device yet, offering Bluetooth connectivity, full app control (iOS, Android), and the option of a rechargeable battery. Throw in a 45-day risk-free trial, a one-year warranty, plus unlimited reprogramming if you decide to keep the Audicus Wave, and this quickly becomes one of the best hearing aids money can buy.

What to look for in a hearing device

The American-Speech-Language Association (ASLH) explains that a hearing aid should have a microphone to pick up sound, a built-in volume adjuster, and a receiver to then send the louder sounds directly to your ear. It should also have an on/off switch, and either a replaceable or rechargeable battery. Extra features, which can push up the cost, include a directional mic, and a telephone switch for speaking on the telephone.

Audicus was founded in 2012, and has quickly made a name for itself as a brand that makes getting a customized hearing device very straightforward indeed – simply submit a hearing test (use the company’s online option or send an existing one), then it will create a suitable aid and deliver it straight to your door. 

In other words, you get similar benefits as you would with a hearing care professional, but from the privacy of your home. And it’s this convenience, coupled with a high build quality and superb level of features and technology that makes the Audicus Wave such a big draw. 

The Audicus Wave is designed for people experiencing mild to severe hearing loss, but if you are dealing with profound hearing loss, we’d recommend reading our in-depth guide to the Oticon Xceed SP Hearing Aid instead. 

Audicus Wave: Spec

  • FDA classification: Class 1 medical device
  • Design: Receiver-in-canal (RIC)
  • Fit: Left or right
  • Noise reduction: Yes
  • Feedback Cancellation: Yes
  • Battery type: 312
  • View the full spec sheet

The Audicus Wave shown in silver, with a Bluetooth symbol

(Image credit: Audicus)

Audicus Wave: Price and availability

The Audicus Wave starts at $899 for a single device, and if you want a rechargeable battery you’ll be looking at another $300 on top. Other extras you can add include a TV Connector ($200), and a UV dry box to protect your Wave aid ($65, for non-rechargeable version only). There’s also Audicus Care, a pay-monthly ($12) package with replacement guards, domes and batteries, plus Audicus Protect which has an extended warranty and protection package ($12 a month).

Obviously, the extra costs may tip the balance for some, but we think it’s great to have the option for even more convenience if you can afford it. For a far more affordable model, take a look at our in-depth guide to the MDHearingAid AIR, which costs $399.

The above pricing (from $899) is for the one-off payment option, but another way to pay is via Audicus Membership. For $59 per month (for one ear), you will receive a customized Audicus Wave hearing aid, unlimited customer support including free programmings and reprogrammings, insurance against loss or damage, and new supplies – batteries, domes, earwax guards – every three months. Plus, you get a new pair of hearing aids after 18 months. That’s fantastic value for money.

Audicus Wave: Design

The Audicus Wave is intended for mild to severe hearing loss and offers a neat receiver-in-ear (RIC) design with a slim wire that connects discreetly to the processor behind your ear. The Audicus Wave Rechargeable is 30.6mm (height) x 12.2mm (depth)  x 8.7mm (width), while the standard battery version is 27.8mm x 11.6mm x 7.5mm. 

How to care for your aid

The American-Speech-Language Association advises checking your batteries regularly, and always keeping a spare to hand if your hearing aid uses disposable batteries. Clean the hearing device as per your audiologist’s advice, or as guided by the device’s manufacturer if you bought directly. Also, keep your hearing aid dry.

An LED light indicates power and charge level for the rechargeable version. To charge daily, simply place the hearing aids in the supplied case and the internal lithium-ion battery will be topped up.

The Audicus Waves comes in four colors – beige, black, grey and silver – each has a smart contemporary feel and blends in with most hair colors. The rubber domes that fit into the ear canal seal out excess sound and come in a selection of shapes to suit your comfort and aid clarity, with ‘open’, ‘closed’ and ‘power’ options available in small, medium or large.

Selecting the proper dome style and size will help with comfort and sound quality, so it’s important to take some time to find which size dome is right for you. The dome should fit snugly into your ear, and the right style and size will also minimize feedback.

Using the device is easy enough – simply switch through the programs on the aid using the multi-function button to adjust the volume and other settings. Alternatively you can use the app to make these adjustments. Included with your hearing aid is a case, cleaning brush, earwax guard dispenser tool, and domes. We’d recommend looking at the Audicus Wave owner’s manual to fully understand the design.

Audicus Wave image showing the various aspects of the device's design and controls

(Image credit: Audicus)

Audicus Wave: Features

According to Audicus CEO Patrick Freuler, the average age of an Audicus customer is 59, and the devices are designed to be used by those who are not only tech-savvy, but who are looking for more from their hearing aids. This comes in the form of built-in Bluetooth connectivity, which enables you to connect with devices that support Bluetooth 4.2 or higher. This includes many of the new Apple and Android phones, and pairing is easy too.

When connected to a smartphone, you will be able to play music and answer calls hands-free with calls automatically transferred to your hearing aids. Accept, reject or end calls using the multi-function button on the device itself. You can also transfer an incoming call from your smartphone to your hearing aids if you wish.

Bluetooth connection has a range of approximately 10m, which will suit most users, but note that using this function will cause the battery to drain more quickly. If you want to listen to TV audio via your Audicus Wave hearing aids, then you will need the Bluetooth TV Connector, which is available separately for $200.

Other features of the Wave include two directional microphones, with the front picking up speech, and the rear suppressing noise in order for you to hear conversations more clearly. There are ten volume settings on this hearing aid, as well as four programs to choose from. These are: ‘Auto-adapt/Universal’, ‘Car/Plane’, ‘Conversation in noise’, and ‘Music’, and the selection is indicated by a number of beeps from one to four as you toggle through.

Further tech includes digital signal processing, which acts in the moment to give crisp sound with no feedback. There is also a tinnitus manager, wind control, noise reduction and a speech intensifier. The Audicus Wave also has Airplane Mode. 

There’s a lot going on with the Audicus Wave, yet it doesn’t charge the earth for the privilege. Another feature-rich hearing device we’d recommend is the award-winning Phonak Audéo Marvel, but the price is a few hundred dollars higher.

The Audicus Wave shown in a white charging case

(Image credit: Audicus)

Wave Audicus: User reviews

As expected, there are plenty of favorable reviews on the Audicus website, including many that praise the customer service. One customer writes, “I am so grateful for the Audicus membership program that makes hearing aids affordable for many of us who otherwise would not be able to purchase them. I work from home and have to attend many Zoom meetings, which involve my phone. With the Wave I can stream the meeting through my hearing aids and never miss a bit of what is being said.”

Another customer, Christine, also opted for the Audicus membership for her Wave hearing aids. Her user review praised the, “Excellent customer service and the aids are fantastic! I am able to stream music, phone calls and TV directly through the aids. Any questions I have are answered promptly. The aids themselves are comfortable and I hear very well with them.” 

Another Audicus Wave user review said, “I am very satisfied...way more than I could have ever expected...I am very happy they are inconspicuous.”

Audicus Wave: What other websites say

Other places online also have plenty to say about the Audicus Wave. The SeniorLiving review states that, “All in all, I'd have to say Audicus should be on your ‘check it out’ list for hearing aids. I hope that companies like Audicus, who challenge the traditional models, will make hearing aids more convenient and accessible and that they will continue to lower the barriers to entry for hearing help”.

Hear Soundly also recommends the Audicus Wave as an affordable hearing aid. While gives a positive lowdown on the Wave comparing it against two of the company’s other models, the Clara and Dia II.

Extreme Tech also put the Wave through its paces, saying, “Thanks to their excellent audio, custom profiles, and receiver-in-canal design, listening to music with the Waves is a pleasure.” 

Audicus Wave: Customer service, shipping and refunds

Audicus prides itself on its customer service and is on hand over the phone, on email and via online chat to help with all issues and queries. It also offers free US shipping on its hearing aids, as well as a 45-day trial period and a one-year warranty.

This peace of mind is crucial when buying hearing aids online, taking the stress out of committing to the purchase or worrying about wasted cash if the device turns out to be unsuitable. 

If you do find that the hearing aids aren’t 100% right for you when you receive them, then Audicus will be on hand to offer suggestions and further customizations to make sure you get the perfect device to suit your needs.

Should you buy the Audicus Wave Hearing Aid?

When you consider what’s on offer – from tech, to connectivity, to customer service – the Audicus Wave Rechargeable is very good value for money. And with a 45-day risk-free trial, there is absolutely nothing to lose. The Audicus Wave is an excellent all-round option for all situations, whether you love listening to music, socializing or spending time in nature. 

And with the flexibility to keep the costs down should you need to, it makes the choice even easier. If you want something less connected, Audicus offers other devices, including the no-frills behind-the-ear DIA II, which starts at $499 for a single device.

Further alternative hearing devices to consider include the Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC,  and the ReSound LiNX Quattro RIE 61.

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