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Marantz SR 5007 review

The Marantz SR 5007 has professional-quality sound for your home theater, but is an older model now, and tough to find.

Marantz SR 5007 review

Our Verdict

The fantastic sound quality and multi-room options make the Marantz SR5007 an ideal choice for your home theater. However, it's an old model, and you're only going to find it second-hand.


  • Good sound quality
  • Quality build


  • Old model
  • No WiFi connectivity

The SR Series is a premium line from Marantz, and there are a few products suitable for home theaters. The Marantz SR5007 reviewed here represents the series as an amazing receiver with an iconic look, although it is dated now and is difficult to find. A shame, as it still has excellent sound, and a wealth of features that - although not on a par with modern smart speakers - enhance your audio well and give you plenty of customization options. It was one of our best AV receivers, but has since been bettered by more modern models. Our pick of the most recent versions is the Marantz NR1710 AV Receiver, which is a fantastic model.

The Marantz SR5007 has clean and pure sound. The absence of noise and distortion gives this receiver a magnificent performance that matches other premium receivers on the market. This powerful device can achieve a peak power output of 100 watts and a continuous power output of 100 watts through your 7.1-channel surround system.

The standard ports on the SR5007 are compliant with most devices. These ports include six HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, an Ethernet input and a USB input to accommodate most modern home theater components. Older pieces of equipment that have component, composite, optical and coaxial connections are also compatible with this home theater receiver. The unit has a headphone jack, FM radio and a microphone for automatic speaker calibration. The highlight of the speaker ports is the option for you to play two different music sources in two rooms simultaneously.

This digital receiver boasts a full set of modern features to enhance your music and movies. The video formats the SR5007 supports are 1080p video scaling, 3D video and 4K Ultra HD. The included network media server allows the receiver to access the music and photos on any computer connected to your home network, as well as internet radio.

If you have an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone, you can use it as a sleek remote with apps designed to control the receiver. Apple Airplay and a USB iPhone connection give you more options for playing music and video stored on your smartphone or iPad. Bluetooth audio transmission is available via an optional adaptor from Marantz. The receiver also has Audyssey Dynamic Volume, which maintains the audio's integrity at every volume level.

The technical support from Marantz is professional and helpful. You can contact the company by phone or email. The user guide and online FAQs are great if you have a common problem during setup or while using the receiver. The Marantz SR5007 comes with a three-year warranty.

Should you buy the Marantz SR5007?

The Marantz SR5007 is a great receiver with professional sound. It is a first-rate choice if you have plenty of cash, and you're willing to trawl through third-party sellers and auction sites to get it. The receiver has enough ports and features to handle even the most complex home-theater setups. If you don't mind the fact it's a much older model, this receiver will make your ears happy and is well worth the investment. Again, though, if you want the more modern model, the Marantz NR1710 is the way to go.

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