Barton 99905-H Turkey Fryer review

The Barton 99905-H Turkey Fryer is one of the best turkey fryers around.

Barton 99905-H Turkey Fryer review
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If you are after a multi-purpose, outdoor fryer that can cook just about anything, the Barton 99905-H Turkey Fryer is the ideal choice. With an extra large capacity and useful features, this makes it one of the best for outdoor turkey frying.


  • +

    Extra large capacity

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    Extremely powerful

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    Reasonable price


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    No timer function

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The Barton 99905-H Turkey Fryer pot and kit comes with a 100,000 BTU gas stove and burner stand. It has an extra large 52-qt. pot, which is ideal for preparing huge quantities for family meals or gatherings. It is also equipped with a regulator, temperature thermometer, hanger and sauce syringe. Designed specifically for outdoor cooking, it has a strong aluminum stockpot that features a round, steel stand to ensure the delicious food stays hot inside.

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Barton 99905-H Turkey Fryer: What you need to know 

This Barton 99905-H Turkey Fryer pot has a powerful 100,000 BTU, which is more than ideal for efficient outdoor cooking. The set we reviewed includes a poultry rack to hold your turkey firmly in place for even oil and heat distribution. Once your turkey is cooked and ready to remove from the hot oil, you safely use the lifting hook that loops onto the top of the rack. 

It comes with a convenient, long-probe thermometer that measures from 50°F to 500°F to ensure your preferred oil temperature, with a clip to secure on the side of the pot. The Marinade Injector is useful for infusing your favorite seasoning or marinade throughout your meats, for more delicious results.

Barton 99905-H Turkey Fryer: Features 

Barton is well-known for its high-quality, outdoor cooking appliances among others, and this deep fryer is no exception. A key feature is its versatility as it can do more than just cook a delicious turkey in less time. It can be used as a steamer, burner barbecue, or for tasty seafood boils. And with its deep, 52-qt capacity, it can easily accommodate a large feast.

Although the fryer looks basic, it’s made from a strong aluminum, designed to hold high temperatures for evenly-cooked and crisp cooking results. The steel stand ensures food stays hot inside until you’re ready to remove it and serve. 

The only downsides are it doesn’t have a timer function or any extra accessories that may come with other fryers. But since the main features are power and performance, these can easily be overlooked. 

Barton 99905-H Turkey Fryer review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Barton 99905-H Turkey Fryer: User reviews 

While there were few reviews, many customers gave the Barton Turkey Deep Fryer an exceptional five-star rating. Overall, users mentioned how pleased they were with the cooking results, while others praised the pot for its extra large capacity. This also proved popular for cooking a variety of foods, including cajun seafood and gumbos, with one user saying they used it as a crawfish boiler and were able to cook ‘20lbs of crawfish’ with ease.   

Should you buy the Barton 99905-H Turkey Fryer?  

If you need a turkey fryer that has incredible power, capacity and gets the job well done, the Barton Turkey Deep Fryer has got you covered. With a 52-qt capacity, you have more than enough space to accommodate large Thanksgiving turkeys or cater for a family feast. While it doesn’t come with a handy timer or extra accessories, this has everything you would need for quality results.   

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