iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale review

The iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale is one of the larger bathroom scales we reviewed, though it's also one of the easiest to use.

iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale review
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Coupled with its companion app, the iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale is simple to use and very intuitive. It would make a great addition to your wellness routine if you are monitoring your weight or BMI or a specific period. It also has a higher max user weight than other scales at 400lbs.


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    Simple to use

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    Supports up to 10 users


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    Large and heavy

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The iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale is one of the larger models we have tested for our guide to the best bathroom scales, and it's also one of the easiest to use. It performed consistently well in our accuracy tests, and that is arguably the most important attribute of any scale when it comes to measuring your body weight and BMI.

There are also plenty of smarts to enjoy with this Wi-Fi scale, which could give you further insight into any progress you're making with your health and wellness goals. A healthy diet is essential to a healthy body, as if regular and varied exercise, so if you're looking to add to your home gym, take a look at our guide to the best treadmills or the best exercise bikes for fat burning at home.

iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale: Features

The iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale digital scale can measure up to 400lbs, which is a normal maximum for bathroom scales. Additionally, up to 10 users can create profiles and track their progress using their mobile devices. The scale can measure and track your weight, body mass index and body fat and help you with weight loss by letting you set goals and track your daily calorie intake.

Compared to the other top digital scales, the iHealth only misses a couple of tracking features. These are the ability to track your food and water intake, which are helpful when using a smart scale for weight loss. Unlike with the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale or the Withings Body, the iHealth scale can't be synced with the best fitness trackers either.

iHealth also offers some helpful online resources. For instance, you can view the product manual and frequently asked questions on its website anytime you need to. Additionally, you can contact iHealth for help and support by phone and email. It doesn’t have a blog, however, that many other scales include on their websites to help encourage better health and reach fitness goals.

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iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale: Design

We were a little surprised at the size of the iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale. It’s larger and heavier than most scales we tested. It measures 13.8" square and 1" in height. Additionally, it weighs 5.5lbs, which is slightly heavier than most of the units we tested. We also found that you have to stand directly on the silver circles for the scale to work properly, which is a little more cumbersome than just stepping on a scale.

This bathroom scale requires four AAA batteries in order to work. This is standard for most digital scales. Aesthetically, this scale is an opaque white color, making it a good neutral addition to most bathrooms.

This iHealth bathroom scale comes with a one-year warranty, which is a standard warranty length for these units. However, some of its competitors are backed by five-year warranties or even lifetime coverage. If you'd feel more comfortable getting a scale with a longer warranty, you might want to consider the Yunmai Premium.

iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale: Performance

We were impressed with the accuracy of this bathroom weight scale and its overall ability to provide consistent results in repetitive testing. For instance, this unit was one of the most accurate bathroom scales when testing free weights. Additionally, this unit gave consistent results when we had numerous volunteers weigh themselves multiple times in quick succession.

iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale review

(Image credit: iHealth)

This iHealth unit is easy to set up – another reason it's among the best bathroom scales. Finding and downloading the correct mobile app is easy because all you have to do is scan the QR code. The app is very straightforward, letting you quickly pair your mobile device with the scale.

One of our favorite things about this unit is how intuitive it is. You can tap the scale to read the weather, and it clearly shows your weight and body fat percentage. However, although this scale takes several measurements in addition to your weight and body fat – body mass index, body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass – you have to view those measurements on the app.

Should you buy the iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale?

The iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale provides accurate and consistent measurements, and it has a nice feature set that can help you reach your weight loss goals. It is a tad on the larger and heavier side, compared to its competition. However, the mobile app has useful tools that can help you progress toward your body goals.

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