Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale review

The Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale tracks more than just your weight and BMI. Here's how it could help you achieve your health goals...

Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale review
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Although only compatible with Apple products, the Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale is a reliable smart scale for measuring your body weight and BMI. It's sleek and simple to use, and can track weight and health data for 16 people. We don't like its use of smiley and non-smile face icons, but otherwise this is a decent scale for less.


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    Supports up to 16 users

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    One of the easiest smart scales


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    Only works with Apple tech

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    Icons are insensitive

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The Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale is a smart scale that measures your body weight and body mass index (BMI), a useful metric to give you an indication of whether you are in a healthy weight range for your height and age. Unlike other smart scales featured in our guide to the best bathroom scales, the Wahoo scale is only compatible with Apple products, which is annoying if you're an Android user.

The scale pings all that data to a companion app, so you can check your weight loss, gain or maintenance progress, much like the iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition scale does. If the Apple exclusivity doesn't put you off, there's much to like about this sleek scale. And in our Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale review we look at the design and features to help you figure out whether it's right for you. 

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Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale review: Design

The Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale uses Bluetooth technology to link to your iPhone or iPad. You can sync your measurements after each weigh-in or let them stay in the scale's memory until syncing is convenient for you.

One of the best features of this weight scale is the 16 user profiles, allowing 16 different people to track their weight and BMI changes. This feature makes it a great option for a large family or a small office where everyone can get in on fitness goals. 

Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale review

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The owner of each profile can choose how they would like to monitor their data. Additionally, this bathroom scale can measure up to 396lbs, which is pretty standard for a scale.

This isn’t the most accurate bathroom scale available. While this electronic bathroom scale was fairly accurate and consistent in our tests, many of the scales in our lineup were more reliable.

The Wahoo Balance was off by as much as 5lbs in tests measuring standard free weights. We also had numerous volunteers weigh themselves multiple times in quick succession, and this scale reported inconsistent weights for some of our volunteers.

Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale review: Features

When you weigh yourself, the Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale displays a smiley, straight or sad face, alongside your weight. The face depends on the progress you have made from your previous weigh-ins. If you weigh less, you receive a smiley face. You'll see a straight face if you weigh the same, and a sad face if you weigh more than your previous weigh-in. 

This feature feels misguided, as it can make you feel worse about the reading on the scale, which won't help your weight journey. And what about if you are trying to maintain or put on weight?

The scale comes with the free Wahoo Wellness App. We did have some trouble finding the iPad app when searching for it in the App Store, however, but once we were able to download, the scale synced to the iPad quickly. When you set up this system, you create an online user account, link your scale and phone to the app and you are ready to go. This basic app records your weight and BMI, leaving out data such as body fat.

Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale review

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Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale review: Performance

You also have access to other apps with this weight scale: MyFitnessPal, MapMy Fitness, Apple Health and LoseIt. With MyFitnessPal, you sync the app with your user account, then log in using the Wahoo app to access MyFitnessPal features. 

It is easy to keep track of your fitness goals, with the apps providing charts and graphs showing clearly how you are doing. MyFitnessPal tends to assist individuals who primarily are keen on weight loss with an extensive base of food and nutrition information, although you also can record activity levels and see your progress.

This scale works with the iPhone 4S or newer, the iPad third generation or newer, the iPad Mini and the iPod Touch fifth generation or newer. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Android devices.

The design of the digital bathroom scale isn't revolutionary or beautiful, and the company logo stares at you as you look down to read your weight. However, it has a nice opaque finish. This scale is thin and made of glass, and it’s not as sturdy as other scales we tested. The platform sits on four large legs, which is a nice design feature.

Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale review

(Image credit: Wahoo)

Should you buy the Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale?

Although the Wahoo Balance Bathroom Scale didn’t top our lineup, it's flexible, sleek, and customizable for up to 16 different people. Armed with this smart scale, your iOS device and three free apps, you can monitor a few very helpful stats that provide insights into your overall health and wellness, including your BMI. You're out of luck if you don't have an Apple device though.

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