Best contact lenses online 2024: where to buy online contact lenses

Best contact lenses online
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The best contact lenses available online are similar to the ones you can find in your favorite store or at your eye doctor's office. However, online shopping provides access to much better prices. You can often find great deals on your favorite contact lenses because online stores do not have to cover the expenses of a traditional physical store.

The best contact lenses available online include colored contacts, disposable lenses, corrective vision wear for astigmatism, and prescription contact lenses. Popular brands such as Acuvue, Clariti, Bioinfinity, Proclear, and Air Optix are available for purchase online. To buy from any of these brands, you will need a recent eye prescription.

However, most retailers provide a prescription checker to assist you in finding the right product. If you are looking for a broad range of famous brands at reasonable prices, 1800 Contacts is the best online contact lens retailer. They offer free shipping as standard, and their customer service is known to be reliable and friendly.

What to look for in a good online contact lenses retailer:

Visible and five-star customer reviews

Structured pricing

Free delivery

Tracking service

A good selection of contact lenses

An easy returns policy

Multiple ways to contact customer service

Meanwhile, if you're looking for deals or savings, GlassesUSA offers a 25% saving on some of their best vision brands. It's also worth checking out our guide to the best eyeglasses online if you wear a combination of contact lenses and glasses. Meanwhile, if you hate the stress of going back and forth between contact lens retailers and your vision insurance provider, many retailers are now set up to work directly with them. 

It's important to choose a trusted eyewear retailer when purchasing prescription contact lenses online. When it comes to eye health, give yourself peace of mind by opting for an online contact lenses retailer that has a great track record. Meanwhile, if it's been a while since your last eye exam, some online contact lens retailers offer online exams. However, it's worth keeping in mind that the American Academy of Optometry recommends having an in-person eye exam every two years.

Remember, with the holidays and after-Christmas sales on the horizon, there may be a number of great deals on the best contact lenses online, meaning you can get a bargain. 

Ready to find the best contact lenses online? We've rounded up our top picks to help you decide the best retailer for you…

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The best contact lenses online we recommend in 2024

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We're on a mission at Top Ten Reviews to review everything we feature in our buyer's guide. While we haven't been able to test every entry in this guide in person, we've instead honed in on top-rated brands and used our knowledge of the best contact lenses online to help you make the right decision.

The best for online contact lenses and frames

Best contact lenses online: GlassesUSA

(Image credit: GlassesUSA)
Shopping for frames and contact lenses online? Head here


Free delivery: Yes
Returns policy: 14-day return policy

Reasons to buy

Good service
Regular promotions
Stocks contacts and glasses

Reasons to avoid

Small returns window
GlassesUSA user reviews and ratings

GlassesUSA has received over 20,000 reviews on Trust Pilot, with the vast majority of them being positive. Customers praised the company's efficient online contact lens service and excellent customer service team. The few negative reviews mentioned that navigating the website can be challenging at times, and some customers had issues with discounts and coupons.

Don’t let the name fool you. GlassesUSA might have lots of frames to choose from, but it also has some of the best contact lenses online. The site has a wide range of both prescription contact lenses and frames available, so if you move between the two, this is your chance to stock up.

Many of the online contact lenses on GlassesUSA are significantly cheaper than other online services and come with free shipping. You’ll also find an express shipping option, which is ideal if you’ve left your lens order right up to the last minute. 

The only drawback is there aren’t quite as many lens options as other retailers that focus solely on lenses. However, you’ll find most of the best contact lens brands in a variety of sizes, as well as color contact lenses. There’s no subscription needed, so you don’t have to commit to regular orders if you don’t want to.

The best for online contact lenses

Best contact lenses online: 1800 Contacts Online

(Image credit: 1800 Contacts)
If you just want contacts, and nothing else, this is exceptional


Free delivery: Yes
Returns policy: Unlimited refund time for unopened boxes of lenses

Reasons to buy

Good refund policy
Next day delivery
Top customer service

Reasons to avoid

Prices can be confusing
1800 Contacts user reviews and ratings

1800 Contacts is a popular online prescription contact lens service with many positive reviews. Customers praise the excellent service from the brand's eye doctors, the wide selection of products, fair pricing, and prompt delivery. However, some customers have expressed frustration with discounts and rebates, citing slow processing times or lack of resolution. Also, some customers have experienced longer-than-expected wait times for their orders, although this appears to be rare.

Your search for the best contact lenses online may be a short one if you start with 1-800 Contacts, as this is one of the most trusted destinations for prescription contact lenses. 1-800 Contacts has been in business for more than 20 years, providing good customer service, free shipping, free returns if your lenses are unopened, and exchanges on broken lenses.

The site is well-known for its great discounts, and you can buy one-off boxes of lenses or set up a subscription, which automatically sends you new prescription contact lenses when you need them.

1800 Contacts also offers an online eye test service, which determines whether your current prescription is right for you. This test shouldn’t replace visits to your eye doctor entirely but could save you a trip if you don’t have any problems.

It's worth knowing that 1800 Contacts sells frames, too, for those of you who mix up your vision wear. So, if you like the experience and service of buying contact lenses online, you could grab a new pair of specs at the same time and save yourself the hassle of splitting your order. 

The best contact lenses online on a budget

Best contact lenses online: AC Lens is great for buying discount contact lenses

(Image credit: AC Lens)
The best option for cheap prices and fast shipping


Free delivery: Yes, but you need to spend $99
Returns policy: Return items up to 365 days from the shipping date for free (with exceptions)

Reasons to buy

Speedy delivery
Good discounts 

Reasons to avoid

Free shipping only on orders of $99+
AC Lens user reviews and ratings

AC Lens offers prescription contact lenses at affordable prices and provides quick and efficient services, according to many online reviews. Customers have reported that they were able to save a lot of money as the prices were significantly cheaper than those charged by eye doctors. However, some customers have also reported long wait times for their online orders, so those in a hurry may want to consider other retailers with rush service options.

AC Lens is a simple online contact lens site with quick service and plenty of discounts - first-time customers tend to get even more significant price reductions. You can make a one-off purchase or sign up for the company’s Lens Subscription, which currently brings you perks like free shipping and 20 percent off all future orders.

Like 1800 Contacts, an online eye test option is available to check your current prescription, which an eye doctor will review for you. There are many prescription contact lenses to choose from – more than 40 brands – when you’re shopping with AC Lens. But it’s also a one-stop shop for plenty of eye-related extras, including glasses, dry eye treatments, and swimming goggles.

AC Lens does have a toll-free number to call if you have questions about a product or your order, and there's an online chat function. The brand also stocks a good range of contact lens accessories, including storage cases and cleaning fluids.

The best contact lenses online for a wide selection

Best contact lenses online: Discount Contact Lenses has a great selection on offer

(Image credit: Discount Contact Lenses)
It has cheap contact lenses aplenty, but watch the shipping fees


Free delivery: Only on orders worth over $99
Returns policy: 365 days

Reasons to buy

Great website
Good selection of lenses
Subscription gets you a discount

Reasons to avoid

Free shipping only on orders of $99+
Discount Contact Lenses user reviews and ratings

Discount Contact Lenses is a popular online contact lens service, but it seems to have a mixed reputation among its customers. Some were happy with the service and praised the customer support, while others were less satisfied and reported issues such as receiving defective lenses or finding misleading discounts. 

The Discount Contact Lenses site features a vast range of prescription contact lenses from different manufacturers and color contact lenses. There are lots of low prices and further reductions on offer regularly. The site is easy to use and straightforward. Choose your brand, select how many lenses you need, and then input your prescription. 

You can return prescription contact lenses within a whole year of ordering them, which is a fantastic policy that puts customers first. There’s also a friendly customer service team. If you need assistance, call the 1800 number. 

There are other good options on this list, but Discount Contact Lenses online is one of our favorite choices for people who want quick, efficient service and low prices for their contact lenses online without anything getting in the way. 

The best contact lenses online from big-name brands

Best contact lenses online: Web Eye Care

(Image credit: WebEyeCare)
The best online contact lenses store for eye health advice


Free delivery: Yes
Returns policy: 60 days

Reasons to buy

Great customer service
Quick and efficient
Good discounts

Reasons to avoid

Some discounts can be confusing
Web Eye Care user reviews and ratings

Web Eye Care has received many positive reviews on Trustpilot, with 70% rating its prescription contact lenses service as "excellent". Customers appreciate the affordable prices and the fast and easy online ordering process. The brand has also been actively responding to negative reviews and offering alternative solutions, which demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction. While there were some complaints about shipping times and discounts, the overall feedback is highly positive, with customers praising the fast support response and thorough follow-up.

Web Eye Care stocks a vast selection of online prescription contact lenses, color contact lenses, and frames. There’s a wide range of choices of big-name contact lens brands, the customer experience is simple, and there are several different payment options available.

Web Eye Care says it provides 24/7 customer service. You can schedule a call with a customer service rep, or there’s an online chat feature too, which is handy if you can’t step away from your desk at work to take a call. 

A subscription allows you to pick the number of boxes of contact lenses you’d like to order and how often you’d like them. You can pause at any time, and you get 10% off with your subscription, which is excellent news if you’ve found a brand you love and don’t intend to find another.

There’s an option to renew your subscription with an online vision test, which is helpful if you’re happy with your contact lens prescription or don’t have any significant issues that would require a visit to an eye doctor. 

The best contact lenses online for customer service

Best contact lenses online: Coastal

(Image credit: Coastal)
High quality lenses, and an overall great buyer's experience


Free delivery: No, but on-site coupons can get you free shipping over $99
Returns policy: 30-day return policy

Reasons to buy

Good site 
Price match scheme

Reasons to avoid

Some restrictions on returns
Prices aren’t the cheapest
Coastal contact lenses user reviews and ratings

Coastal's online contact lenses service is highly rated by a majority of its customers, with over 80% rating it as "excellent" on Trustpilot. Numerous customers praise the excellent customer service and efficient returns process that Coastal offers, setting it apart from other prescription contact lens services. There are some negative reviews, but most of the complaints appear to be isolated incidents, such as a customer receiving the wrong frame color or a mistake made by the Coastal team with a prescription.

When buying contact lenses online from the Coastal site, if you’re anything like us, you’ll find the simple and stylish design refreshing and easy to navigate – especially compared to other brands on this list. 

Coastal stocks prescription contact lenses, frames, and sunglasses, too. There’s a decent range of contact lenses on offer, and you can choose between daily contact lenses, weekly contacts, color contact lenses, and more to get started, or you can shop by brand.

However, you won’t find every brand or type of contact lens here. There’s a streamlined offering, but you’ll find most of the notable names are available. Coastal stocks online contact lenses from Acuvue, Soflens, PureVision, Focus, Air Optix, Proclear, and Biomedics, catering to a range of prescription types from single vision to bifocal and astigmatism

There’s a customer service team on hand 24/7 to offer help and advice. There are discounts across the site if you spend more than $99 and an on-site coupon page that provides customers with $15 savings on orders over $99. There’s also a contact lens price match policy, but we recommend reading the small print as there are a few conditions.

The best contact lenses online to buy with insurance

Best contact lenses online: Contacts Direct

(Image credit: Contacts Direct)
A simple site that makes buying online contact lenses a breeze


Free delivery: Yes, on standard shipping (7 to 10 business days)
Returns policy: 6 months

Reasons to buy

Great prices
Good customer service

Reasons to avoid

Not much info on site
Browsing experience isn’t always easy
Contacts Direct user reviews and ratings

Contacts Direct seems to have a good reputation for its service, with many positive reviews on Trustpilot mentioning affordable prices, quick delivery, and excellent customer service. While there have been some negative reviews, it's positive to see that Contacts Direct has addressed many of these and worked to rectify any issues customers have had. One customer reported a missing box, and Contacts Direct quickly sent a replacement via super-fast delivery, which arrived the very next day.

There's a massive range of online contact lenses on offer at Contacts Direct, including all the most popular brands, as well as others that are only a few clicks away. The site can get confusing, but it's mostly because there's so much choice and many different banners detailing discounts. 

Contacts Direct offers free shipping, and there's a range of discounts, sales, and on-site coupons. There's also a price match service, as well as discounts if you buy an entire year's worth of contact lenses in one go.

Contacts Direct is one of the best options on this list for contact lens insurance. It deals with your insurer directly and takes payment from them, which leaves you to cover any excess. This is a straightforward way to buy online contact lenses.

The best contact lenses online for in-person care

Best contact lenses online: LensCrafters

(Image credit: LensCrafters)
Ideal if you need prescription contact lenses and regular eye exams


Free delivery: Yes
Returns policy: Three days

Reasons to buy

The world’s biggest eyewear supplier
Lots of eye health advice
Trusted service

Reasons to avoid

Prices are higher than others
1800 Contacts user reviews and ratings

Lenscrafters is a popular brand for prescription eyewear, and many customers have left reviews online praising both their in-store and online experiences. The majority of reviews are positive, with people appreciating the brand's trustworthiness, wide selection, and knowledgeable eye doctors. However, some customers have noted that Lenscrafters can be quite expensive, especially when compared to other services that offer discounts on contact lenses and subscriptions. 

Lenscrafters is a little different from the other brands in our best contact lenses online guide because it’s a huge eyewear retailer with brick-and-mortar stores as well as an online contact lens service. 

This means the service is generally excellent, as the brand has long-standing experience and a solid reputation. The choice of online contact lenses at Lenscrafters is good, but you might notice a markup in terms of price because there’s much more for the business to consider.

However, there are plenty of different discounts and offers. There are no subscriptions available here, but there are discounts on annual supplies of contact lenses, so it pays to buy in bulk. 

Because Lenscrafters has been around for so long, it’s also trusted in eye health advice and experience. So, if you’re looking for a truly reliable service, Lenscrafters should be your first port of call.

The best for color contact lenses online

Best contact lenses online: Walgreens Online Contact Lenses

(Image credit: Walgreens)
The best contact lenses online for multiple vision needs


Free delivery: Yes
Returns policy: 30 days with exceptions

Reasons to buy

Backed up by nearly 10,000 stores 
Free shipping
Lots of big contact lens brands

Reasons to avoid

No subscriptions available
Walgreens Contact Lenses user reviews and ratings

Finding reviews for Walgreens' contact lens service can be tricky, as the few reviews available are mostly negative. Issues with the lenses themselves, difficulty obtaining refunds, and shipping problems were cited as common concerns. On the other hand, Walgreens' Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution has received numerous positive reviews, with customers noting that it's better than some branded options.

The Walgreens Contact Lenses services are part of the bigger Walgreens brand. It’s a simple site with information for those who might be new to wearing contact lenses and need more advice about what to look for, what to expect, and how to choose the best contact lenses online for them.

There’s a massive range of lenses to choose from and advice about finding the best ones for you. We like the simple but extensive FAQ section on the site, including how to wear contact lenses, how to take them out, how long they last, and much more.

At the time of writing, there are some good discounts available on selected prescription contact lenses, including 20% off all contact lenses, as well as 30% off eyeglasses and sunglasses. There are also regular reductions on specific online contact lenses.

You’ll also find other accessories available to buy, including contact lens cleaning solutions and contact lens cases. 

The best for disposable contact lenses

Best contact lenses online: Walmart Contacts Lenses

(Image credit: Walmart)
Stock up on contact lenses online... while ordering some groceries


Free delivery: Yes
Returns policy: 365 days

Reasons to buy

Large, well-known brand
Well designed site

Reasons to avoid

Not the cheapest prices
No subscription options
Walmart Contacts user reviews and ratings

Walmart Contacts has received a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Consumers, with many positive reviews regarding the range of brands, fast delivery, and customer service. However, some customers have experienced slower delivery times and prescription errors. The Wal-Mart Vision Center has a slightly higher rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on Consumer Affairs.

Walmart is a massive brand with lots to offer, but it also has a good range of contact lenses online and a service to help you find the right ones for you. You’ll find everything you need for optimum eye health on the Walmart Contacts website, like a vast range of lenses, including color contact lenses, frames, contact lens solutions, and eye drops for all kinds of problems.

Prices are reasonable, but they aren’t the lowest on this list. You’ll find better discounts from online retailers that specialize in contact lenses online and don’t have real-life stores. While there's a 365-day returns policy for ripped or defective contacts, lenses manufactured by Johnson & Johnson VisionCare, Inc., Alcon and Bausch + Lomb have a separate defective lens return policy.

Shipping is always free, and if your order climbs above $35, you’ll be upgraded to next-day delivery status, which is good to know if you’re in a rush. Walmart also offers some other deals on multiple purchases of prescription contact lenses but doesn’t provide subscriptions.

Best for large selection: Discount Contact Lenses

Featured Deal: Get 25% off contacts and free shipping from GlassesUSA with code TOPTEN25.

How to choose the best contact lenses online for you

This speaks very directly to what type of contact lenses you need, how often you wish to wear them, and whether they need to have any extra features. Some contact lenses are designed to be disposable, so you’d wear them once and then throw them away. 

Other contact lenses are designed for longer wear and come offer colored lenses for various reasons – both medical and fashion. For these types, it's important to learn how to clean contact lenses properly. 

Generally speaking, contact lenses come in the following varieties:

  • Soft contact lenses
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lenses
  • Extended wear contact lenses
  • Disposable contact lenses

Best contact lenses online: An image of two soft contact lenses sat on a blue surface

(Image credit: Getty)

Contact lenses online FAQs

What are the best online contact lens brands?

This is subjective, as the best contact lenses online for your eye health needs will be different for the next person. That said, there are a few brands that stand out thanks to the superior fit, moisture content, and comfort of the lenses they make. 

In our experience, the best contact lens brand is Acuvue by Johnson & Johnson. Acuvue makes contact lenses for astigmatism, as well as multifocal, transition lenses (UV blocking), contact lenses for dry eyes, and lenses for overnight use. 

You can buy Acuvue contact lenses online in packs of 12 through 90, depending on the type of lens you need. They are pricier than cheaper contact lens brands, though, but we trust them for quality, comfort, and accuracy. 

Where can you find the best contact lenses online?

The best contact lenses prices online are usually found at cheaper retailers, such as AC Lens. This site offers big discounts, so you can usually find very low prices on top-rated contact lenses here.

Another place to look is Discount Contact Lenses Online, but it only offers free shipping on orders over $99. Clearly, this is a place to buy online contact lenses in bulk rather than one box a month.

There are more online contact lens brands than ever before too, so it’s important to do your research. Price plays a key part in any decision. How much are you willing to spend on contact lenses each month? Some sites are happy to replace torn contact lenses or exchange unopened boxes if your subscription changes, while others won't. 

Ultimately, the online contact lens provider you choose comes down to whether you want the lowest prices and biggest brands or you value high levels of customer service and member exclusives.

How much do the best contact lenses online cost?

How much you pay for contact lenses online varies depending on your prescription. Customized RGP lenses, for instance, can cost upwards of $40 per lens. At the same time, a 30-pack of more commonly prescribed contact lenses costs around $1 per lens. 

What you pay out of pocket depends on your eye insurance plan, so you’ll need to have that information handy when placing an order. The best contact lenses online retailers will usually state whether you can use HSA or FSA dollars to buy contacts.

Can you use vision insurance to buy online contact lenses?

With regards to vision insurance and contact lenses, if a plan is nationwide, you should double-check that it works in your area or with your provider of choice. Most sites should allow you to enter your ZIP code to review coverage areas. Some plans may offer only some benefits in certain locations, so review the details very carefully before committing. 

Once you find what you believe to be the best contact lenses for you, determine what (if any) insurance the site accepts. Lastly, there’s the monthly premium to consider. A lower monthly premium typically means you’ll spend more on whatever services you end up needing, and the reverse is also generally true. 

What are the best contact lenses online for astigmatism?

Toric contact lenses are designed for people who have astigmatism. Astigmatism is an imperfection in the eye’s curvature, which causes distorted vision. This usually means the cornea is oblong like an egg instead of being spherical. Astigmatism is common, affecting more than three million people in America every year.

Toric lenses must stay in a specific position on the eye to correct astigmatism. They are usually made of soft materials like hydrogel, though some are made of Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP), also called Gas Permeable (GP) materials. 

Some toric lenses are weighted at the bottom to ensure they stay in the right location on your eye. This prevents them from rotating and only allows them to move vertically when you blink.

According to Foothill Optometric Group, GP lenses, while not as popular as soft lenses, don’t contain water and are therefore less likely to attract bacteria. A single pair can even last a full year if you take care of them properly.

Most online contact lens companies sell corrective toric lenses in soft and GP form. Talk with your doctor to determine which option is right for you.

How can you buy online contact lenses with insurance?

To get financial assistance for your eye care products, including contact lenses, you need insurance. Typically, regular medical insurance covers a visit to the optometrist but doesn't cover additional purchases such as glasses or lenses.

There are a multitude of plans available, and each one is different. Generally, insurance covers all or part of the cost of contact lenses, as well as a fraction or all of the cost of the doctor's visit, as long as you're within your plan's network. Check ahead of time to ensure the eye doctor you're visiting is covered by your plan. 

Most plans cover an annual eye exam, so if you go more often, you'll have to pay out-of-pocket costs. Coverage also usually covers part of some eye surgeries, including LASIK. If you need unique contact lenses, such as photochromic lenses, your insurance will cover part of that cost.

However, if you rarely go to the eye doctor, you can use a health savings account (HSA) to pay for the visit. This isn’t viable long term or for those who often need new contact lenses, but it can work for people between jobs or who are in school.

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