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Best electric wheelchairs 2021: The top electric motorized wheelchairs

Best electric wheelchairs 2021: The top electric motorized wheelchairs
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The best electric wheelchairs are designed for people who have extra mobility requirements, and who are looking for a well-built powered wheelchair to boost their comfort and mobility when traveling outdoors or moving around inside their home. These electric motorized wheelchairs are usually rugged and durable, though some are purpose built for travel and are therefore lighter and easier to fold down (or disassemble into several parts) to be stored neatly in the trunk of a car. 

In our guide to this year’s best electric wheelchairs, we have focused on those that are designed to boost your comfort when sitting, and when traveling over various terrain, including uneven ground and steep inclines. Comfort is an important factor, and each motorized wheelchair below draws upon various design features to ensure your head, arms, back and lower body are supported. A good quality electric wheelchair should also be easy to use and maneuverable, enabling you to travel confidently in a variety of settings from busy malls to narrow streets. 

Each battery powered wheelchair in our guide also has intuitive controls, as battling to operate the wheelchair isn’t something you should ever have to deal with. The best electric wheelchairs empower you to travel more easily, and ease of use is a big factor within that. As is range – ie, the number of miles the wheelchair can cover per battery charge. We have also looked at speed, turning radius and incline rating, and in the case of folding electric wheelchairs, their overall weight when assembled.

In this list, we name our top choice in each of a number of different categories, including the best electric wheelchair for seniors. We will brief you on each device's specifications, give you the lowdown on how they might help you in your daily activities. Depending on your health needs, you may also be interested in our guides to the best mobility scooters and the best stairlifts for freedom of movement in and outside the home. While the best fall detection sensors are there to peace of mind for you and your family. 

8 best electric wheelchairs to consider now

1. ForceMech Voyager R2: Best electric wheelchair that folds

Best electric wheelchairs: The ForceMech Voyager R2 in black with yellow trim

(Image credit: ForceMech)

ForceMech Voyager R2 Motorized Wheelchair

A lightweight electric wheelchair for easier transportation

Weight: 47lbs overall | Weight capacity: 265lbs | Seat width: 17 inches | Top speed: 4mph | Range: Up to 16 miles | Ground clearance: 3.5 inches | Turning radius: 32 inches | Incline rating: 10 degrees

Eye-catching design
Lighter weight makes it easy to carry
Front absorption springs for a smooth ride
Drive range could be better

The follow-up to ForceMech’s 2018 Voyager electric wheelchair doesn’t stray far away from the original blueprint, but that’s understandable when you consider how capable that model was and how well it sold. Like its predecessor, the ForceMech Voyager R2 is a super-light (47lbs with batteries) foldable mobility device with striking good looks and a tough-as-nails strengthened aluminium alloy frame.  

Making this electric wheelchair slightly superior to the first Voyager are the addition of front absorption springs for more comfortable suspension, a set of reflective lights around the back to ensure that nobody bumps into you after dark, and a new twin-6.6 Ah battery set-up that ups the range from 12-16 miles. 

If you already own the original wheelchair and it’s still performing well, we wouldn’t recommend upgrading. But if you don’t and you’re looking for the best electric wheelchair for great portability and fairly simple operation – all at a very affordable price – then the Voyager R2 could well be the one.

2. Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro: Best electric wheelchair on Amazon

Best electric wheelchairs: The Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro in chrome with a black seat and durable wheels

(Image credit: Porto Mobility)

Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro

The best motorized wheelchair for heavier people

Weight: 90lbs without batteries (add 7lbs per battery – the wheelchair comes in two- or three-battery variants) | Weight capacity: 550lbs | Seat width: 20.5 inches | Top speed: 7mph | Range: Up to 45 miles | Ground clearance: 3 inches | Turning radius: 39 inches | Incline rating: 25 degrees

Very high weight capacity
Speed and range are best in class
Very spacious seat
Turning radius is huge

The heavy duty Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro is something of a brute among power electric wheelchairs: built from tough, airplane-grade aluminium alloy, it’s a muscular machine that goes both faster (up to 7mph) and further (up to 45 miles) than most motorized wheelchairs guide. 

What’s more, its excellent 25-degree incline rating gives it the edge over most models in our best electric wheelchairs guide when it comes to climbing hills. 

That’s not to say that the Ranger Quattro is clumsy or cumbersome. OK, so its 39-inch turning radius is hardly what you’d call graceful, but on open paths and pavements the device drives like a dream, with perky acceleration, slick steering and forgiving suspension. If you’re not fussed about foldability, add this one to your shortlist pronto.

3. Pride Mobility Jazzy Air 2: Best power electric wheelchair

Best electric wheelchairs: the Pride Mobility Jazzy Air 2 in all-black

(Image credit: Pride Mobility)

Pride Mobility Jazzy Air 2

Elevating the best electric wheelchairs to a new level

Weight: 229lbs | Weight capacity: 300lbs | Seat width: Up to 20 inches | Top speed: 4mph (elevated and non-elevated) | Range: Up to 16.8 miles (19.2 miles with 40Ah battery) | Ground clearance: 0.98 inches | Turning radius: 20.78 inches | Incline rating: 6 degrees

Fast seat elevation
Great stability 
Highly maneuverable
Ground clearance is only 0.98 inches

Feeling empowered when socializing with others is a key consideration for many wheelchair users, which might explain why Pride Mobility's Jazzy Air became such a big hit when it was launched in 2016. Here was an electric wheelchair that enabled users to elevate their seat by up to ten inches in just 16 seconds, and all with the simple flick of a switch. 

Well, fast-forward to 2018 and the Pennsylvania-based manufacturer trumped its original creation with a more advanced follow-up. The Jazzy Air 2 remains one of the best electric wheelchairs for social interaction: not only does it offer even better seat elevation (up to 12 inches in 11 seconds), its seat-to-floor height is 5cm lower than its predecessor, enabling users to sit more comfortably at dining tables. 

Thanks in part to its Mid-Wheel 6 Drive system and Active-Trac suspension, the Pride Mobility Jazzy Air 2 delivers exceptional stability and maneuverability, while a maximum range of 19.2 miles (with the optional 40Ah battery) is competitive. We would've liked a better top speed (at 4mph in both the elevated and non-elevated positions, it's still a slight improvement on its predecessor), but overall the Jazzy Air 2 is a very impressive package. 

4. Merits P312 Dualer: Best electric wheelchair for seniors

Best electric wheelchairs: The Merits P312 Compact Dualer shown with a padded, light grey seat and a bright red base offset with big grey wheels at the back and smaller white wheels at the front

(Image credit: Merits Health)

Merits P312 Compact FWD/RWD Dualer

Few power electric wheelchairs offer this level of adjustability

Weight: 86lbs overall | Weight capacity: 300lbs | Seat width: 18 inches | Top speed: 5mph | Range: Up to 18 miles | Ground clearance: 2 inches | Turning radius: 19.6 inches | Incline rating: 12 degrees

Easily switched from FWD to RWD
Power elevating seat
Super-tight turning circle
Incline rating is lower than some

Like the most eager hotel concierge, the Merits P312 Compact FWD/RWD Dualer is designed to cater to your every whim. As the name suggests, this electric wheelchair boasts a dual drive configuration that enables you to switch it from front wheel-drive to rear-wheel drive, simply by activating a lever and twisting the seat around. 

Equally useful is the wheelchair’s power seat elevator that will raise you by five inches at the press of a button – handy if you’re unable to physically reach up to do the dusting or take something from a supermarket shelf. 

The Merits P312 Compact FWD/RWD Dualer delivers decent performance to match its versatility, with a competitive top speed of 5mph and up to 18 miles of range per battery charge. That’s by some way short of the very best electric wheelchairs, but it’s far from the worst we’ve seen. Yes, the incline rating is disappointing at 12 degrees, but for the most part this is a very able electric wheelchair.

5. EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Regular DX12: Best electric wheelchair for travel 

Best electric wheelchairs: the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Regular DX12 in black with chrome trim and grey wheels

(Image credit: EZ Lite Cruiser)

EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Regular DX12

Power wheelchairs don't come much more portable than this

Weight: 62lbs without batteries (add 6.5lbs for each 10 Ah battery, 10.3lbs for each 15 Ah battery) | Weight capacity: 305lbs | Seat width: 17.5 inches | Top speed: 5mph | Range: Up to 30 miles | Ground clearance: 3 inches | Turning radius: 31-45 degrees | Incline rating: 12 degrees

Supreme portability
Good weight capacity
Generous ground clearance 
Can't take 15Ah battery on aircraft

If you're looking for the best electric wheelchair to take with you on business meetings and holidays, look no further than the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Regular DX12. Weighing just 62lbs without batteries, this foldable mobility device features a patented quick-release system that enables you to split it into three pieces, ready for stowing away in the trunk of your car. And when the time comes to get the chair out again, it can be unfolded in just one second.

But the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Regular DX12 electric wheelchair is no one-trick pony, and you're also guaranteed a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its large rear wheels, five preset reclining positions and excellent weight capacity (up to 305lbs). 

The top speed of 5mph, while not being best in class, is competitive. And you can choose to double up on battery power for up to 30 miles of range. Just be aware that if you opt for 15 Ah batteries as opposed to the 10 Ah ones, you won't be able to take the chair onto an airplane. 

6. Karman XO-505: Best electric wheelchair for standing and sitting

Best electric wheelchairs: The Karman XO-505 shown in all-black

(Image credit: Karman)

Karman XO-505

A top-rated power electric wheelchair with bags of versatility

Weight: 298lbs overall | Weight capacity: 250lbs | Seat width: 18 inches | Top speed: 5mph | Range: Up to 25 miles | Ground clearance: 2 inches | Turning radius: 25 inches | Incline rating: N/A

Enables you to stand and sit
High level of adjustability
Great range per battery charge
Not foldable

It's not just for its standing functionality that we've positioned the Karman XO-505 as the best electric wheelchair overall – that's a fantastic feature that offers a number of health benefits, including improved blood circulation, muscle tone and kidney and bladder functioning, but we accept that it won't be for everyone. 

No, the XO-505 delivers in (almost) all of the important areas: it's reassuringly robust, thanks to the strengthened aluminium alloy, and it's highly adjustable, enabling you to tweak the back, foot and armrests for optimum comfort. On top of that, it's impressively agile, with a turning radius of just 25 inches, and its dual 12V batteries are good for up to 25 miles of usage, which is among the best we've seen. 

Karman is currently offering a huge discount on the XO-505 electric wheelchair, knocking the price down from $19,800 to $12,950, but it still represents a very hefty investment. That said, if you want a top-rated electric wheelchair that’s built to last, this one is worth a closer look.

7. Golden Compass Sport: Best electric wheelchair for comfort

(Image credit: Golden Tech)

Golden Compass Sport Electric Wheelchair

A superb electric wheelchair to suit a range of users

Weight: 185lbs | Weight capacity: 300lbs | Seat width: 18 inches | Top speed: 4mph | Range: Up to 24 miles | Ground clearance: 3.25 inches | Turning radius: 19.5 inches | Incline rating: 6 degrees

Tight turning radius
Deeply padded seat for comfort
Very heavy
Not the fastest

The Golden Compass Sport is built for all-around performance and sports a tight turning radius, high ground clearance, and a great 19.5-mile range per charge. The maximum speed is 4.5mph, and while there are powered wheelchairs with slightly faster motors and slightly longer ranges, this one also prioritizes comfort in a big way. 

In addition, the turning radius is 19.5 inches, giving this power wheelchair the ability to turn in much tighter areas than other electric wheelchairs. The Golden Compass Sport is also capable of driving up ramps with a 6-degree incline.

Elsewhere there's a high ground clearance of 3.25 inches, while the wheels are large enough to provide a smooth ride, powering over bumps and uneven terrain without causing you any stress.

8. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus HD: An easy-drive motorized wheelchair

(Image credit: Drive Medical)

Cirrus Plus Electric Wheelchair

This folding electric wheelchair is excellent value for money

Weight: 146lbs | Weight capacity: 300lbs | Seat width: 16 inches | Top speed: 5mph | Range: 15 miles | Ground clearance: 4 inches | Turning radius: 30 inches | Incline rating: 6 degrees

Foldable design
Smooth, comfy ride
Easy to use controls
Wide turning radius

The Cirrus Plus is a folding powered wheelchair for travel use. However, it’s the combination of performance and price that makes this powered wheelchair superb value for money. The Cirrus Plus has a top speed of 5mph, with a maximum range of 15 miles per single charge. In addition, the motor is powerful enough to ride up ramps of 6 degrees, and has a generous four-inch ground clearance.

One of the downsides of the Cirrus Plus is the wide turning radius. If you’re in a tight spot it needs at least 33 inches to make the turn. By comparison, wheelchairs like the Golden Compass Sport have a 19.5-inch turning radius, giving them far superior indoor maneuverability. But if you’re outside and you have room, the Cirrus Plus’ large wheels provide a smooth ride.

Since this electric wheelchair folds like a manual wheelchair, it lacks the same level and quality of padding as some of the more comfort-focused powered wheelchairs. Nonetheless, it still has a wide, comfy seat, plus durable arm rests with easy-touch controls.

9. Invacare Pronto M51: Best electric wheelchair for tight turns

(Image credit: Invacare)

Invacare Pronto M51

A popular electric wheelchair that's responsive and easy to use

Weight: 198lbs with batteries | Weight capacity: 300lbs | Seat width: 16-20 inches (three seat types available) | Top speed: 4.25mph | Ground clearance: 2.6 inches | Turning radius: 19.5 inches | Incline rating: 9 degrees

Tight turning radius
Suitable for indoors and out
Low ground clearance
Very heavy

With a center-wheel design, the Invacare Pronto M51 has a tight turning radius of  just 19.5 inches. By comparison, the average electric wheelchair requires at least 30 inches to make a full turn. The Invacare Pronto M51 is also capable of climbing inclines up to 9 degrees, making it the a good choice for maneuverability.

The maximum speed is 4mph, and the range is 12 miles per single charge. Both are average specifications. In addition, the ground clearance is 2.6 inches, making it lower to the ground than most powered wheelchairs, which can make for a rougher ride on uneven surfaces.

At 198lbs the Pronto M51 is very heavy. Since most of the weight is only 2.6 inches off the ground, it has a very low center of gravity, which means it’s capable of providing the agility it’s designed for without the risk of tipping over, even with people weighing up to 300lbs. However, this also makes it more difficult to transport compared to some lighter, more compact models in our best electric wheelchairs guide. With that in mind, you'll likely need a powered ramp to transport the M51.

Best electric wheelchairs FAQ

How we evaluated the best electric wheelchairs 

We evaluated both indoor and outdoor motorized wheelchairs that fell within the price range of $1,500 to $3,700. Products within this range provide plenty of power to travel long distances, provide a strong battery life and come with numerous features to ensure maximum comfort.

We found that most wheelchairs in this price range are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They provide a tight turning radius, allowing you to easily move around tight corners and plenty of power to climb steep hills or clear curbs.

Besides the turning radius and power, there are several factors you should consider when deciding on the right electric wheelchair for your needs. Below are a few additional criteria to consider.

Battery life
The battery life on a motorized wheelchair is critical. Many electric wheelchairs have enough battery power to travel up to 14 or more miles on a single charge. The best models can travel 19 to 20 miles. It is important that your wheelchair can handle long distances, especially if you plan to use it outdoors. Most of these electric wheelchairs in our lineup can be charged overnight or while you're at home and not using it.

Wheelchair design is another important consideration. First, consider your own specific needs. If you plan to use the chair for long periods of time or for most of the day, you want a product that offers plenty of seat padding. Some products also offer excessive padding on the backrest to ensure additional comfort. However, there are a handful of electric wheelchairs that do not provide a headrest, which can be a drawback.

Furthermore, electric wheelchairs can be large and bulky, some weighing more than 200 pounds. If you plan to frequently transport the chair, you want a model that can easily be transported around your home or with your vehicle. Some power-operated wheelchairs can fold in half, allowing for easy transportation, while on others may fold down to much smaller dimensions.

The joystick and controls is another design feature you want to closely examine. Depending on whether you are right or left handed, you want to ensure the joystick and button controls are installed on the correct side of the wheelchair. The best models also feature swinging joysticks so you can move the joystick out of the way when you're sitting at a table or desk.

Because wheelchairs are a substantial purchase and, for many people, the sole source of transportation, it's important to find a model that is built to last and is backed by a warranty in the event the unit is defective or if it breaks down. 

The best electric wheelchair models offer a lifetime warranty for the frame and a year or more protection on the joystick and electronic controls. Most wheelchair manufacturers, however, do not guarantee the tires, upholstery, armrests or handle grips, so in the event one of these items is damaged, it is up to you to repair or replace these parts.

Best electric wheelchairs: An image showing the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Regular DX12 sat outside a double garage with brown doors

(Image credit: EZ Lite Cruiser)

How we evaluated the best electric wheelchairs

When it came to choosing our list, we took a number of things into consideration, including build quality, ease of use, comfort, functionality, performance, user reviews, and value for money. Manufacturer reputation is something else we factored in when compiling our list of the best electric wheelchairs, as buying from an established company with good customer service can be invaluable if anything should go wrong with your product. 

Our appraisals should only be used as a general guide, and before purchasing any kind of mobility device we would highly recommend you to do your own research too, to ensure that you are considering the very best electric wheelchair for your specific requirements.

The best electric wheelchairs v power scooters 

You’ve probably heard the terms ‘electric wheelchair’ and ‘power scooter’ bandied about together, but how do you distinguish between the two? It’s actually quite easy to tell them apart. 

Electric wheelchairs look almost identical to standard wheelchairs, but come with buttons and a joystick that enable the user to control them – this method of control is particularly useful for people with restricted movement in their arms and upper body. Power scooters, on the other hand, tend to have three wheels and are steered by a pair of handlebars, much like traditional scooters. 

And there are other differences, too. Electric wheelchairs often have a lot of extra padding around the seat, backrest and headrest, since they’re more likely to see full-day use. They’re more agile than power scooters, allowing for foldability and a tighter turning circle. But they also tend to be slower – not that there’s much in it. An elevating and/or reclining seat is a common feature among power scooters, although it’s not present in all models.

Indoor vs outdoor electric wheelchairs

If you’re thinking of buying an electric wheelchair, you need to consider how you’re going to be using it, because some mobility aids are better tailored to outdoor use than others. For example, rear-wheel electric wheelchairs (with a drive wheel at the back and caster wheels at the front) are ideal for using outdoors because they offer greater stability and more speed. 

If you will be using your electric wheelchair inside the home a lot instead, you might want to consider a center-wheel design. As the name suggests, these types of electric wheelchairs come with a large wheel in the middle of the wheelchair that allows for a tight turning radius – useful for navigating corridors and smaller rooms. 

Will Medicare cover the cost of an electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs are covered by Medicare as long as you meet certain criteria. Power-operated wheelchairs are covered under Part B coverage, which includes medical equipment and supplies. Medicare Part D plans, however, do not cover these types of products.

Additionally, your healthcare provider must verify your need for an electric wheelchair, then write a prescription for the wheelchair. You have the freedom to choose the best electric wheelchair for you, but it must be approved by Medicare and purchased through a Medicare supplier. 

You might pay 20% of the cost depending on several factors, including the electric wheelchair you choose and its original cost.

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