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Best lighted mirrors

Best lighted mirrors

Whether you’re applying false eyelashes or makeup or are simply putting in your contacts, a lighted mirror can make the process a little easier. These mirrors are often inexpensive, and they help you see your reflection clearly and accurately.

We’ve gathered a wide range of well-designed lighted mirrors with a variety of features, functions and price tags. We compared mirrors by evaluating each one's lighting, magnification, power source, size and weight. And we have highlighted here the best options we found. As you shop, keep in mind that the best lighted mirrors evenly distribute light that isn’t too glaring and have at least one distortion-free magnification option.

Conair CON BE4NW

This portable double-sided lighted mirror can be used throughout your home. The Conair CON BE4NW lighted vanity mirror operates on three AA batteries, so you can use it anywhere, and it’s ideal for vacation. You can use the mirror’s normal magnification for regular hair styling and makeup application, and its 5x option is great for close-up and detail work. The mirror is 7.5 inches wide and 11 inches tall, and its fog-free design makes this a nice addition to the bathroom, as you can put on your makeup immediately after getting out of the shower. The circular, glare-free lighting illuminates your face evenly.

Image Credits: Conair

Floxite FL-10DS

The Floxite FL-10DS uses a replaceable T5 bulb to simulate daylight. It provides single magnification on one side and 10x magnification on the other. The circular light around the edge of the mirror helps prevent any unwanted shadows. The mirror is 14 inches tall and 9 inches across, and its advanced design prevents the mirror from getting hot while it’s on. Its base has a slim profile, a simple yet modern design, and is easy to store. It must be plugged into an outlet in order to get power, and though its arm allows for 360-degree angle adjustment, its portability is limited.

Image Credits: Floxite

Jerdon HL165CD

The Jerdon HL165CD is a wall-mounted lighted mirror. It’s similar to the lighted wall-mounted mirrors found in swanky hotel bathrooms, and it has a range of features to give you a salon-like experience at home. The 8-inch mirror is mounted to a base that allows for complete 360-degree adjustment, via the 140-inch extendable arm. The mirror has 5x magnification, which is great for detail-oriented use, though it also has standard magnification. The switch allows you to toggle the lighting option as needed, which uses a 25-watt bulb. It isn’t fogproof, but its chrome design is rust resistant.

Image Credits: Jerdon

Lighted Image LED Striped Illuminated Mirror

The Lighted Image LED Striped Illuminated Mirror’s slim design fits in with newly renovated or contemporary homes. It can be mounted either portrait or landscape, and it has a sensor switch option. The built-in demister keeps the mirror clear in a steamy bathroom, and the energy-efficient 6000K LED bulbs provide plenty of light with less heat. The light quality from LEDs often matches that of sunlight, for optimal application of skincare and cosmetic products. However, note that these side lights are directed outward, so additional lighting may be required for accuracy. The cords are located in the center back of the mirror and may require professional installation by a qualified, licensed contractor.

Image Credits: Lighted Image

OttLite Natural Daylight

(Image credit: OttLite)

OttLite's Natural Makeup Mirror is dual sided, so you can choose between a regular and five times magnified reflection. It is designed to be placed somewhere with plenty of counter space. The mirror comes equipped with two custom 13-watt bulbs, which were engineered to recreate the color spectrum of daylight, and it is designed to limit heat output as well as energy usage. The angle of the OttLite mirror can be adjusted vertically, and the stand offers full 360-degree adjustments. It's powered by a regular electrical cord and doesn't need batteries. The base is 11 inches wide, and the mirror stands 13 inches tall.

Ovente MLT45C 1x/10x Dimmable Dual Sided Table Top

This Ovente MLT45C mirror has a wide 9-inch diameter and a tall 16-inch height, despite its slim profile. There is a normal reflection on one side and a 10x magnification for detailed beauty routines on the other. Energy efficient LED lighting can last for years and help to mimic daylight. Plus, the bulbs are easy to replace. It runs on four AA batteries but also has a 36-inch cord. The easy-to-dim circular light provides even more coverage, and because it’s an LED, it won’t throw off additional heat while in use. The mirror is powerful yet portable, so it can fit easily into your beauty routine wherever you go.

Image Credits: Ovente

Pure Enrichment

(Image credit: Pure Enrichment)

This lighted vanity mirror from Pure Enrichment is an ideal addition for a space-challenged room or small apartment. It can also be used as a handheld mirror to check hairstyles and makeup from all angles. The slim LED lights are energy efficient, and it can run on AAA batteries while providing a bright light source. It has both single and 5x magnification mirrors. You just flip the mirror over to change magnifications. It comes with a simple adjustable stand that converts into a tabletop piece. Twelve energy-efficient LEDs create a halo of light around the mirror and should prevent troublesome shadows. It measures 6 inches across and weighs just over a pound.

simplehuman Sensor Mirror 8” Round

(Image credit: simplehuman)

The 8-Inch Sensor Mirror by simplehuman has a sensor that turns on the LED lighted mirror as soon as it detects motion. The light circles the mirror and its micro reflectors ensure even distribution. It simulates natural sunlight and you can adjust the color rendering. The mirror can be recharged using a USB cord, and it stays charged for several weeks. Its cordless design lets you move it anywhere or take it with you on vacation. Its height and swivel are adjustable so you can get the perfect angle. This isn’t a dual-sided mirror, so 5x magnification is the only option. 

Tweezermate 10x

(Image credit: Tweezermate)

Tweezermate's 10x Lighted Mirror can be attached to any reflective surface. This cost-effective mirror measures 3.5 inches in diameter so it can be stored almost anywhere. It provides ample magnification and uses suction-cup mounting. The 10x magnification is ideal for detailed work, but with no standard magnification option you won’t be able to get a regular view of anything. This mirror is cordless and is powered by three AG10 watch batteries, though it lacks a carrying case. Unlike most other mirrors, the Tweezermate 10x doesn’t have lighting all the way around the mirror – only a small light on the top.

Zadro LEDMV410

(Image credit: Zadro)

The Zadro LEDMV410 is a lighted mirror with a contemporary style and a cordless design. It operates on batteries but includes an adapter in case you need to plug it in. The mirror comes with a 90-day manufacturer's warranty. The dual-sided mirror has 10x magnification on one side for up-close inspection. The flip side has no magnification to give you a normal view. Its cordless design lets you to move the mirror anywhere, and its slim profile makes it easy to do so, as well as to store. This mirror doesn’t indicate its color temperature and lacks a fog-free design.