Best rated washing machines 2023: Top rated appliances from all the best retailers

Best rated washing machines
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The best rated washing machines are the perfect buy if you're looking for the ultimate balance of specs, features and reliability. We’ve scoured home appliance sites to discover their best-rated washing machines, based on how many reviews they have and their star rating. We’ve also filtered out any washers that have lots of spam or fake reviews, as well as those products that just feature a handful of happy users. So, you can be sure that we’ve got only the most popular and highly rated washing machines here.

Top load washers are the best washing machine for many households. They have a hatch at the top of the appliance, so they’re great if you have mobility issues that make bending and crouching difficult. They use an agitator to force clothes to rub together, removing dirt and grime, although this can be harsh on fabrics. 

Front load washers are loaded from a hatch at the front. They use a wide drum that spins around to clean the clothes, using less friction and less water. They tend to be more energy efficient, and you can stack them with your dryer to save space, which you can’t do with a top loader. 

In our research we’ve found that the front load washers tend to do better in reviews, perhaps because they’re quieter than top load washers. However, we know that many of us still love our top loaders, so we’ve included a mix of the two so that there's something for everyone.  

If you can’t find your perfect washer here, why not check out our guides to the best top load washers, best front load washers and best washer dryer combos for more great options. 

Best rated washing machines

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We've rounded up the best rated washing machines at top home appliance retailers to help you find the right product for you. While we endeavor to review every product that we highlight in our guides, we're still in the process of reviewing the washing machines below. However, we've rounded up the key specs, features and user reviews to help you make your decision. 

The best rated washing machine

Electrolux front load washer

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Electrolux ELFW7637AW

This is the best-rated washing machine


Type: Front load
Dimensions (inches): H 38, W 27, D 32
Color: White and titanium
Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet
Wash cycles: 10
Maximum spin speed (RMP): 1300
Energy Star certified: Yes

Reasons to buy

15-minute fast wash
Sanitize and Allergen settings
Energy Star certified

Reasons to avoid

Some users have issues with door leaks

With extra features such as steam cleaning, stain-removal, and allergy and bacteria removal, the Electrolux ELFW7637AW takes great care of your clothes and your health.

What the users say...

This top-rated washer gets a fantastic 4.8 out of 5 stars on Home Depot from over 5,000 reviews. Users love how well it launders clothes, praising 'how fresh and clean' everything smells. They also like the variety of wash cycles available and how easy it is to program. A few negative reviews mention problems with leaking front doors or issues with washers turning up damaged. 

Available in two colors - white and titanium - and packed with features, this washer is the perfect choice if you have people with allergies in your home, or you have pets. The Allergen wash cycle removes up to 95% of allergens from your clothes, towels or bedding, including your pet’s bedding. You can go even further by removing up to 99% of bacteria using the Sanitize setting.

It also offers the world’s first adaptive dispenser, so you can use pods, powder, or detergent as you wish. No need to give up your favorite brand.

With 10 wash cycles, five temperatures and 5 wash speeds to choose from, you can customize your laundry wash or select a pre-loaded program. Steam cleaning, heavy soiling and even a hand wash cycle meet pretty much every laundry requirement, while the generous 4.5 cubic feet will tackle laundry loads for medium to large households. 

The Electrolux ELFW7637AW is also Energy Star certified, using just 85 kWh/year. It’s stackable with the dryer of your choice and has a reversible door for easy transferring of clothes. 

Last but not least, it also features a cycle status indicator, delayed start feature, an interior light and a high spin speed of 1300, so your clothes take less time to dry. 

With 95% of Home Depot reviewers recommending the Electrolux ELFW7637AW, we think it’s a great investment for your home. 

More of the best-rated washing machines

Buying advice for the best-rated washing machines

Why can you trust the best rated washing machines? 

Across all of the products featured here, we’ve selected only the best-rated washing machines that have thousands of online reviews. We’ve also ensured that we’ve filtered out products that have too many suspicious reviews, for example, reviews that appear to be too good to be true, or products that have hundreds of reviews over a short time period. 

When looking for honest, authentic, user reviews on any website, check the site’s criteria for posting reviews. For example, Home Depot has a Terms of Use policy to ensure that all reviews are independent opinions. 

When it comes to overall ratings, not all sites use an average to calculate the star rating, Amazon considers things like how recent a review is, and whether the reviewer bought the product on Amazon. It also analyses reviews for trustworthiness. 

Some products and manufacturers collect reviews as part of a promotion, so users have an incentive to leave a review. It’s up to you how you weigh up those reviews in terms of how balanced they are. Reading through the reviews and looking for both positive and negative experiences can help to sift out less honest appraisals. 

Many sites allow you to filter reviews by positive and negative, while others allow you to filter reviews based on verified purchases only. This is a good place to start, as you know those users have paid for and used that washer. 

When it comes to reading the reviews, look out for common themes that indicate a positive or negative point about the product. For example, with washers, look for ‘loud’, ‘vibration’, ‘quiet’, ‘clean’ and ‘energy efficient’. Amazon also allows you to filter reviews by feature, such as ‘noise level’ or ‘easy to use’. You’ll find this in the left hand bar under the star ratings.

Think about what you want from a washer, and search the user reviews for those keywords, so you start to build a picture of the washer’s performance. It’s important to look for ‘customer’ too, as this will show you how good the manufacturer or retail site is at addressing and resolving customer issues with refunds, troubleshooting, faults and so on. Look for positive experiences that show the brand values good customer care, and you’ll be halfway to choosing the right appliance for you. 

Don’t just take our word for these best-rated washing machines either. Top Ten Reviews has checked in on the top brands’ reputations for customer satisfaction on other sites too. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI), LG consistently rates as a leading brand in U.S. homes. They say customers tend to prefer LG over any other household appliance manufacturer. Samsung, Electrolux, Haier (which owns GE) and Whirlpool tie in second place.

When it comes to washing machines specifically, Haier and Samsung get the top spot for customer satisfaction, according to the ACSI.

UK consumer champion Which? ranks LG and Samsung at the top of its washer brands, while GE, Whirlpool and LG rank in Good Housekeeping’s top 5 for 2023. Meanwhile, Consumer Reports, a leading U.S. product testing organisation, has awarded LG the title of Best Eco-Friendly Washing Machines.  

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