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Best Stand Mixer

(Image credit: KitchenAid)

There’s nothing like a stand mixer to add a powerful boost to your daily cooking and baking needs. These kitchen essentials can come in more expensive models with countless attachments for the ultimate versatility, or they can be surprisingly budget-friendly, with removable mixers to function as both a stand and a handheld model. Here is our guide to help you find the best mixer for the kitchen. 

Best overall

KitchenAid Artisan Mini

(Image credit: KitchenAid)

KitchenAid Artisan Mini

Robust stand mixer

This is a tilt-head mixer, so you simply tip the head back to get to the 3.5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl. The mixer comes with a dough hook, whisk, paddle attachment, and splash guard. However, you can purchase other attachments that make this KitchenAid mixer extra versatile. These include a meat grinder, pasta maker, and sausage stuffer. On a whimsical note, you can choose from several colors to add flair to your kitchen decor.  

Best value

stand mixer

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Cuisinart Precision Master

Good value model, with high power

The Cuisinart Precision Master stand mixer has a powerful motor can handle two loaves of wet, heavy bread dough, and it does a fine job of blending cookie dough and whipping egg whites. This comes with a whisk, dough hook, and paddle, and you can separately buy a frozen dessert maker, a meat grinder, a pasta roller and cutter tool, and a pasta extruder. The "low" setting is truly low, which helps avoid getting doused with flour when adding dry ingredients. 

Best for making bread

Hamilton Beach stand mixer

(Image credit: Hamilton Beach)

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Mixer

Good at kneading

The Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Stand Mixer is a good general use electric mixer that can handle most kitchen tasks. It has extremely strong non-slip feet to hold it tightly in place on the counter when in operation. This stand mixer comes with six speeds as well as an extra “fold” setting that you set and hold when you want to gently add delicate ingredients such as whipped cream. With the Hamilton Beach mixer, you get the standard beater, whisk, and dough hook that is especially good at kneading bread doughs, The attachments and bowl are dishwasher safe. 

Most versatile

stand mixer

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Sunbeam MixMaster 12-Speed Mixer

A hand and stand mixer

The Sunbeam Mixmaster 12-Speed mixer is a great option for ultimate versatility. This stand mixer has a removable mixer attachment, meaning that you can work with larger batches or get more hands-on control of your baking without always needing to use a stand mixer. The Sunbeam Mixmaster comes with two durable glass bowls and a set of beaters and dough hooks, though they aren’t recommended to use for kneading heavy doughs. In addition to an impressive 12 speeds, this mixer has a slow start to help avoid spills. 

Best small capacity

Oster Planetary Stand Mixer

(Image credit: Amazon)

Oster Planetary

4.5-quart bowl and multiple attachments

The Oster Planetary is a fairly small stand mixer compared to others we reviewed, but it does a bang-up job mixing cookie dough and outperforms many bigger mixers at kneading bread dough. This mixer is designed to use planetary movement – the attachment orbits and the bowl rotates – so all the attachments touch nearly every part of the mixing bowl. And you don’t end up with globs of flour or shortening stuck to the sides. The Oster comes with standard attachments, including a mixing paddle, a whisk, and a dough hook. 

What we recommend 

Most people seek out a new stand mixer because they love baking, but find it tiresome to mix cookie dough, combine cake mix, or whisk egg whites by hand. A mixer can save you some serious time and effort, and because they operate with powerful motors you can whip up multiple batches or loaves in one go. If you’re an amateur chef or home baking enthusiast, we would recommend investing in one of the more premium stand mixers you can buy. 

Any model made by KitchenAid gets our stamp of approval. These mixers are well-known throughout the baking industry as being the top mixers and are preferred by professional bakers.

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