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Black Friday washing machine deals

Black Friday washing machine deals
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Looking for the best washing machine deals? You’re in the right place. We’ve got all the best cheap washers along with handy hints on how you can make big savings on Black Friday washing machine deals this year. 

Whether you’re after one of the best front load washers or a top load washing machine, it’s pretty likely you’ll want the best for your money and Black Friday is a fantastic time to cash in on some serious savings. 

This year, Black Friday will take place on November 27, and follows on from Amazon Prime Day 2020. However, you can expect to see Black Friday washing machine deals starting as early as mid-November and stretching right through Cyber Monday. 

Expected to drop prices in time for Black Friday, Home Depot, Best Buy, Sears, Lowe’s, and Amazon will likely make some pretty impressive deals on their washing machine ranges. 

Before you buy though, it’s well worth figuring out exactly what you need so that you don’t get swayed by any deals that aren’t all that impressive. 

How to clean your washing machine

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For many, choosing a new washing machine can often come down to budget, however, some Black Friday washing machine deals mean you’ll be able to afford a model you wouldn’t have considered before. 

Typically, top load washing machines will be cheaper than front load washers, and the former normally has quicker cycles too. Front-load washers, however, are stackable so you can always save space if you’re storing them on top of one of the best dryers

Whichever type you’d like, take note of the capacity each washing machine offers. For families or those that need to wash a lot of clothing often, we recommend a capacity of five cubic feet and upwards. As well as the capacity, look out for how many features and wash cycles each washing machine can give you. Many modern washing machines now have sanitize settings and a variety of clever features. 

Take note of whether the washer you’re considering is Energy-Star certified as this will help keep the cost to you, and the environment, down a little. Warranties will also give you added peace of mind, so be sure to check how long each one is valid for and whether it covers all of the parts or just the washer drum.

Whatever you’re looking for, Black Friday is a great time to save big on your next washing machine. Here, we’re round up all the latest bargains and where you can make the most of the Black Friday washing machine deals.

What washing machine deals are available right now?

What makes a good Black Friday washing machine deal?  

If you’re looking for a new washing machine, you won’t want to pay more than you have to, which is why waiting until the Black Friday deals are released is a great idea. 

Before you buy, it’s worth knowing what makes a good Black Friday washing machine deal so you know what to go for and what to avoid. 

Normally, front load washing machines will set you back anywhere from $700 for the cheapest models, right up to nearly $2,000 for smart washing machines or premium models from the likes of LG and Samsung. A decent deal for Black Friday is a discount of over $200, as many retailers slash $100 off the price of washers throughout the year anyway. 

Top load washers are normally more affordable than front load washing machines. The price of top load washers varies between $500 to around $900.

For both types of washing machines though, take note of the warranty, whether the machine is energy efficient, and also factor in any additional costs that come along with buying a new washer. For example, unless you have all the parts you need, you’ll more than likely need a professional to install your washing machine for you which will likely have an additional cost. 

Don’t just get sucked in my the lowest price though, when you’re looking for a Black Friday washing machine deal, consider how many features you’re getting for your money before you make an investment. 

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday washing machine deals 2020: what we're expecting this year

Black Friday 2019 was fantastic for washing machine deals. Savvy shoppers could cash in on savings of up to 40% on leading brands including LG, GE, and Electrolux. 

LG front load washing machines were available for under $600 after being reduced from $900. Whirlpool washing machines were available with over 30% off, and there were some impressive savings if you were buying both a washing machine and a matching dryer.

As for top load washer deals, top-rated brands including GE reduced some of their washing machines from $650 down to $499. 

Black Friday 2020 looks to be no different in terms of fantastic washing machine deals. We’re expecting a lot of great savings on premium front loading washing machines, as well as slashed prices on cheaper top load washers too. 

While some of the high-end, premium washing machines will likely have good savings, we’re expecting to see huge savings in great value washing machines that have a large capacity and lengthy warranties.