Black Friday washing machine deals 2024: where and how to save next year

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During the holidays, we saw Black Friday washing machine deals save us literally $1000s. While the deals and sales are now over, Black Friday 2024 will soon come back around and it never hurts to be prepared.

Finding the best washing machine deals can save you $100s, sometimes $1000s (as we've learnt), on your laundry. They're essential but expensive appliances - so finding them on offer is a victorious feeling. 

We see front-load washers, top-load washers, and washer/dryer combos discounted at various times of the year, yet Black Friday was the time to buy. We saw plenty on offer in the weeks leading up to the holidays, with a continuation of the sales through Cyber Week.

Knowing how to choose a washing machine is vital, of course, to figuring out what you want but so is understanding how to find the best Black Friday washing machine deal in the first place. Below, you'll find links to your favorite stores during the holidays, as well as a guide to making sure you grab one of the best top-load washers or best front-load washers when the time comes to replace or buy a washer for the first time.

Black Friday washing machine deals and sales

Where to find the best Black Friday washing machine deals

We saw major resellers like Home Depot, Lowe's and Best Buy have hundreds of Black Friday washing machine deals online and in store, and you'll find discounts on select models all-year round. You can also buy direct from manufacturers like LG and Samsung - and often you can find exclusive offers on their websites. 

Below is our A - Z of some of your favorite resellers to check out as we get closer to Black Friday 2024.

When to shop for the best Black Friday washing machine deals

Manufacturers release new stock at the beginning of fall and the beginning of spring, so you can find the best deals around these periods in the year. 

But the best time of year to shop for a new washer or dryer is in the fall. The holiday sales, including Black Friday and Amazon's second Prime Day, fall around the October to November period - and this is when we see the biggest discounts on appliances. This year, we saw Black Friday washing machine deals with discounts up to three weeks prior to the big day, then continuing days past Cyber Monday. 

Brands won't always discount their best products during Black Friday, saving the deals for slightly older versions instead. But this past Black Friday, we saw new, smart, top-of-the-line washers and dryers on offer from the likes of LG, Samsung and GE.

How to shop the best Black Friday washing machine deals

Searching through some of the best washing machine deals can be hard to know what to look for. There are big brands with equally big savings and more affordable options with plenty of offers to make the most of. So which one do you opt for? In other words, what makes a good deal? 

Honey is an excellent tool to determine whether you're getting the best deal. It'll show you what the product is going for on other sites, as well as displaying price history up to 120 days ago. This is a great way of finding out whether it's an actually-good deal, or whether the seller has previously bumped the price up to make the deal look more impressive.

We should all look for a good warranty when buying a product, and when it’s meant to last upwards of ten years, you’ll want to ensure that if anything goes wrong, you’re covered. Quiet running and drum size are also features you’ll need to consider. A noisy machine may be less of a concern if you’ve got a laundry room, but if your living space is a little more compact, it’s good to know you can put on a wash overnight without being rudely awoken by your front-load washer. Again, drum size is less of a concern for smaller households, but if you’re constantly battling the tide of overflowing laundry hampers, it’s time for a size upgrade.  

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Black Friday washing machine deals: FAQs

What’s the difference between top load and front load washers?

Top load washers have a lid that opens and allows you to add your laundry ready to get cleaned. Top load washers can be fitted with or without an agitator. An agitator is a central column inside the washer that moves against the clothes to get them clean. Washing machines that don’t have an agitator work by using a spinning disc that rotates the clothes in circles so that they rub together. 

Front-load washing machines can be stacked with a dryer because their doors are positioned at the front of the unit. 

Are top load washers or front load washers more efficient?

Overall, front-load washers use less water than top-load washers because the clothes are spun and rubbed against each other, meaning the clothes don’t need to be fully submerged in water. Another reason front-load washers are more energy efficient is that the clothes inside them are affected by gravity, meaning less energy is needed to spin them around in the washer drum. 

However, top-load washing machines are now available without an agitator, and they can use an impeller instead, which results in the need for less water, too. 

Front load washers offer more deep clean settings - however, opting for cool washes with both types of washers is more environmentally friendly. 

Do top load or front load washers clean better?

Generally speaking, front-load washers clean your clothes more thoroughly. This is because the clothes are turned in circles and rub against each other as they spin. They aren’t submerged in as much water, either. 

Top loading vs front loading washer: Which is best for you?

If you’re hunting for washing machine deals, you may well have already decided which type of washer you’ll get. 

However, it’s well worth weighing up the pros and cons of each type of washing machine to get the best possible option.

Top-loading washers are normally the more affordable for buying a new washing machine. Top load washers also have the benefit of not needing you to bend down when you load or unload them, making them an ideal choice for the elderly or those with joint issues. 

Another great feature of top-loading washing machines is that you can add items to your washing machine even once the cycle has started - perfect for occasions when a stray sock gets left behind. 

Busy households might also prefer a top-load washer because its cycles are much shorter than a front-loader washer. You can expect your washing to be complete within 15 to 30 minutes. 

There are a few downsides to top-loading washing machines, and one is that you can’t stack them on top of a dryer to save room. Another is that top-load washing machines are not as efficient as front-loading models. They use more water and don’t get your clothes as clean as the front loader. 

Regarding front-loading washing machines, you can save more on energy bills as they are more efficient and use less water. They’re generally quieter, too, as there’s no internal impeller. 

Moreover, you can stack these with one of the best dryers to save space. You will, however, pay a little more for a front-load washer, but once you’ve made the initial investment, you can expect lower energy bills in return. 

What is the best size washing machine to buy?

Some washing machines can offer in excess of five cubic feet of capacity, but how much do you really need? If space or cost is a concern, we suggest opting for something smaller. A washing machine with about 3.5 cubic feet is perfectly suitable for smaller households, although it isn’t always the case that a larger capacity will equal a larger machine overall. For example, although top load washers typically offer less load capacity than a standard front loader, they usually have the same dimensions. 

Opting for something with a smaller load size will allow you to wash essentials more frequently if you’re in a small household and find yourself waiting for enough laundry to fill the washing machine, and the reverse is also true. If you’re in a larger household and need to cram your washer full to get through piles of laundry, you need something bigger. Not only is it bad for the health of your washing machine to overfill it, but this will also result in a less effective wash cycle. 

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