Bryant central air conditioners review

Bryant offers excellent choices for air conditioning units, as well as having a reliable reputation.

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Offering a range of air conditioners across different budgets, Bryant is a solid choice no matter how much you want to spend. Though it’s well-thought of by customers, we'd argue that Bryant falls down when it comes to a good warranty.


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    Quiet to use

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    Good range of models

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    Certain Wi-Fi enabled models


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    Less desirable warranty than other manufacturer's

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The first thing to know about Bryant is that like many AC brands out there, it's owned by United Technologies. That’s why you’ll see strong comparisons between Bryant and Carrier air conditioners, as the latter is pooled under the same manufacturer, though Bryant tends to be a little cheaper. 

Bryant sells itself as having over 100 years of experience, after being established in 1904. It focuses on bringing value for money into homes of Americans with its offerings of the best central air conditioning units, with efficient models that won’t cost the world to fit in your home. 

In this Bryant air conditioners review, we’ll look at all the standout products the brand has to offer, as well as considering the warranties of all models, and what user reviews have to say about purchasing one of these units. For other home essentials for cooling off, check out our guide to the best ductless air conditioners, and the best window air conditioners.

Bryant air conditioners review: Price  

As we’ve already mentioned, Bryant tends to fall on the less expensive side of the comparisons between Bryant and Carrier, though there are strong similarities between prices and products overall. 

You can find prices for central air conditioning units from Bryant starting from around $4,000 and ranging up to $7,000 without factoring in installation costs, which can add another few thousand dollars onto that price. Bear in mind that these are ballpark figures, and may vary depending on your state or Bryant dealer. 

It’s always best to shop around for the best deal you can find near you, as well as factoring in those extra installation costs. If you need something cheaper, then you can alternatively check out our Goodman central air conditioners review

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Bryant air conditioners review: Installers 

Installation is a crucial part of the process of buying a central air conditioning unit, as not only does it signal extra costs, but also has a huge impact on how your unit will operate. You want the quality of your installation process to be just as good as the unit you’ve just forked out for, which is why you should take some time to make your decision around how you'll get your unit fitted.

With Byrant, as with Heil, when you buy through an authorized dealer, you’ll have the chance to be partnered with a local installer who has undertaken training directly from the manufacturer. This is likely to be your safest bet to get a good quality installation, even if it does cost a little more. 

If you’re looking to save some cash, then you can opt for a quality installer that hasn’t had the same rigorous training, though we would advise checking their certifications and reading reviews of their customer service beforehand.

Bryant air conditioners review: Range 

Bryant air conditioners are split sensibly into three ranges: Evolution, Preferred and Legacy models. This gives Bryant good authority when it comes to central air conditioning units, with plenty to offer at different price points. Its flagship model, the Evolution Extreme 26 (186CNV) is an impressive air conditioner with an eye-catching 26 SEER rating. 

Encouragingly, this model won the 2020 Energy Star award for being the most efficient air conditioner, so you know you should be in for a cost-effective experience. It’s also equipped with a two-stage compressor with variable speed control which steps up in 1% increments from 25% to full speed, maximizing efficiency and offering enhanced comfort with just the right cooling across your home.

The Evolution Extreme 26 (186CNV) is also an efficient unit when it comes to noise, with levels of just 51dB. Bryant claims this is 50% less than its nearest competitor, with testing being conducted by its own engineers. The low noise is down to its AeroQuiet II compressor sound blanket, vibration elimination compressor grommets, and the forward-swept fan blade design. 

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Across its higher-end range, Bryant offers the Wi-Fi-enabled Evolution Connex Control in order to set the temperature just how you like it. It’s a muti-zone control, smart system that’ll optimize cooling and heating in your home. Plus, it can be controlled via Amazon’s Alexa and Apple HomeKit, which makes it easy to create a specific cooling schedule. 

If you’re a smart home enthusiast, then this will no doubt be a bonus for you, but if you’re not interested in remote control, then you might want to skip out on the extra cost. All in all, Bryant offers the 186CNV in four sizes going from a 2-ton 24,000BTU up to a 5-ton 60,000BTU model.

Moving on to assess the mid-range of products, we have the Preferred 127A air conditioner, with its 17.7 SEER rating and 72dB noise level, which makes for a perfect balance of cost and great cooling output. Its two-stage compressor means it’s able to offer more consistent and efficient cooling at lower levels. This 127A model offers the Bryant DuraGuard Plus that’s enhanced corrosion protection to the cabinet and coil guard.

For control of this model, Bryant offers a more affordable Wi-Fi-enabled ‘Housewise’ thermostat. This is a full-color touchscreen display with optional multi-zone control for larger homes, as well as the option to set ‘away’ and ‘vacation’ modes. Though it costs less to install than the Connex Control, it will still bump your overall costs up by $500, with the bonus of smart speaker compatibility coming alongside it.

Finally, at the more affordable end of the Bryant range is the Legacy model. We’d recommend looking at the Legacy 106A if you’re looking to save some cash; it's got a SEER of 16.5 and a reasonable 72db noise output, and its single-stage scroll compressor does an excellent job. 

Overall, Bryant offers seven models on the Legacy 106A range starting at the small 1.5-ton 18,000BTU and moving up through to 60,000BTUs. A 2.5-ton model will be around $1,450 for the Legacy 106A air conditioner, while installation will start at around $2,900. There are no portable air conditioners here though.

Bryant air conditioners review: Warranty

As with Heil, the basic Bryant warranty is a standard 10-year cover on all parts and your unit’s compressor, given that you register your purchase within 90 days of installation. Even if you don’t manage to get your unit registered, there’s a five-year warranty to fall back on. As is usual with AC units, this doesn’t cover labor, with the manufacturer instead suggesting you buy additional cover from contractors local to you. 

It’s worth noting that certain models benefit from extended warranties, such as the Extreme 26. With this unit, the 10-year warranty is extended from the compressor only to a full-unit replacement if you complete registration within the needed time. 

Always be sure to keep your documentation stating your warranty close to hand, so that you can get help when you need it. If you want a brand that offers a similar warranty system but ups the lifetime coverage on the compressor element, then check out our Amana central air conditioner review.

Bryant air conditioners review: User reviews

In terms of how pleased customers are with Byrant, The Better Business Bureau scores the company an exceptional 4.9 out of 5 stars from over 1,200 customer reviews. 

Generally, Bryant receives glowing reports of exceptional customer care and good service from reviews, such as “I’ve been using Bryant Heating and Cooling for years. They are professional and on time. I won’t use anyone else.”

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Should you buy a Bryant air conditioners review?  

Bryant is a reputable name within the air conditioner industry, thanks to its ownership by the United Technologies corporation. With similarities to another top brand Heil, you can be sure that installing a Heil air conditioner should be a pretty straightforward process. 

There’s certainly a good range to choose from with Bryant, and whether you want to pay a little more or less, you should be able to find a model for your home. The warranty Byrant offer is standard, with better options available from other manufacturer's on your unit’s compressor if this is really crucial to you. 

For an alternative option with a wider range of products, check out our Trane central air conditioning units review.

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