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Buy one pair of BLUEASE frames and get a second for free with this GlassesUSA offer

Buy one pair of BLUEASE frames and get a second for free with this GlassesUSA offer
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If you regularly stare at a computer or smartphone (opens in new tab) screen for long periods of time, blue light could be damaging your sleep, and general health. With many more people working from home in 2020, blue light is increasingly becoming an issue. BLUEASE blue light glasses were created with this problem in mind, and you can now save 10% with code BLUEASE10 (opens in new tab) when you buy any non-prescription blue light blocking frames from GlassesUSA (opens in new tab)

BLUEASE lenses come with glare resistance and UV blocking technology, meaning they'll project your eyes from a good percentage of day-to-day strain. Even better, these eyeglasses won't require fiddly prescriptions, and they're designed to be lightweight and scratch resistant, so you may even forget you're even wearing them.

If you want two pairs, using the code BOGOFREE is twice as nice: get two pairs of non-prescription blue light blocking frames from GlassesUSA for the price of one - that could give you a pair for work and another for downtime, or a treat for a friend or loved one. 

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10% off BLUEASE blue light filter frames with code BLUEASE10 at GlassesUSA (opens in new tab)
With over 40 frames to choose from and GlassesUSA's handy model system, you can even try your favorite frames on a photo of yourself before ordering. 

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Buy one get one free on BLUEASE frames with code BOGOFREE at GlassesUSA (opens in new tab)
Can't pick which pair you prefer? Get two frames for the price of one at GlassesUSA. 

When ranking the best eyeglasses online (opens in new tab) for 2020, GlassesUSA took our top spot. It has over 6,000 frames in stock from more than 45 designers. That includes Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, and more. The Try-It Mirror also allows you to take the hassle out of buying frames. Simply upload a photo of yourself and you can try on any frames you like, to see if they suit your face shape or style. 

GlassesUSA also offers some of the best contact lenses online (opens in new tab), which is convenient if you like to mix it up between eyeglasses and contact lenses. Just because you may not be able to go to your local eyeglass store, doesn't mean you shouldn't be taking care of your vision right now. Wearing the wrong prescription or even simply spending more time each day looking at a screen can strain your eyes, so in addition to trying blue light lenses, we suggest you make sure you're looking after your eye health with vision insurance (opens in new tab)

GlassesUSA has also recently released anti-fog lenses (opens in new tab) to help eyeglass wearers avoid steaming when wearing a face mask. If you're a regular eyeglass wearer, check out our guide on how to disinfect eyeglasses without damaging them (opens in new tab).

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