Café CHP95302MSS induction cooktop review

The Café CHP95302MSS induction cooktop is one of the smartest you can buy, and it comes with guided cooking for home chefs.

Cafe CHP95302MSS induction cooktop review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Café CHP95302MSS is an expensive option, but if you want a smart induction cooktop with a slick finish, this is the best choice for you.


  • +

    Power goes up to 3,700 watts

  • +

    Bridge element

  • +

    Multi-element timer

  • +

    Touch controls

  • +

    ADA compliant

  • +

    Comes with a smart cookware pan


  • -

    Controls could be more intuitive

  • -

    Quite expensive

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The Café CHP95302MSS is a smart induction cooktop that features many of the element's we expect when looking for the best induction cooktops. This includes a bridge element that allows you to work with larger cookware such as griddle pans, as well as Wi-Fi compatibility and safety locking. It also has a quick boil feature that can bring water to the boil in under two minutes. However, while many cooktops have touch controls that lie flush and look smart in your kitchen, we do think the layout of the Café CHP95302MSS controls could be more intuitive. 

If you want to learn more about how induction cooktops work, check out our feature on what is an induction cooktop, and should you buy one? 

Café CHP95302MSS: What you need to know

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With the Café CHP95302MSS, you get four cooking elements. Two of these can be connected to create a bridge element burner capable of working with griddle pans and larger cookware, and one is described as a "melting burner" for cooking your food at low levels. 

The first two elements can be found at the left side of the cooktop. They're both seven inches wide and have a 2500 wattage. The third element, which is the small one at the back of the cooktop, is six inches wide and 1800 watts, and the large element to the right of the cooktop is 11 inches wide and 3700 watts. In terms of power, this isn't the best cooktop in our guide, but it's also far from worst. 

The Café CHP95302MSS is a standard 30 inches in width. It'll fit easily into most countertops, and simply needs to be plugged in. When you buy this induction cooktop you'll also get a Smart Cookware pan. This is a high quality and heavy pan that's designed to work with your cooktop, which is a lovely touch that we've not seen from other retailers. 

Café CHP95302MSS: Main features

The Café CHP95302MSS has a control lock to prevent unintentional burner activation, and because it's Wi-Fi compatible you can also monitor it remotely. The smart controls also feature a red light to alert you when a burner is still warm, and because this is an induction cooktop it's safer as standard than an electric cooktop

Cafe CHP95302MSS review: an image showing chunks of herb butter melting in a stainless steel pan

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Safety aside, there's also some in-built functions designed to make cooking easier. One such function is the multitasking timer that lets you set different timers on different pans simultaneously. The digital controls on the Café CHP95302MSS allow you to select a cooktop and slide its heat up from Low to High in a swipe. That means no pressing and holding the plus or minus buttons (although you can do that too) and instant responses from the cooktop. The controls lay flat, but if you want something you can control via a dial, check out the Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop.

These controls are laid out evenly in a semicircle, which looks smooth, but doesn't reflect the actual placements of the cooktop burners. It's easy enough to figure out seeing as there is a cooking element that roughly corresponds to each corner of the cooktop, but it would be even better if the layout of the controls reflected the placement of the burners themselves. 

The Café CHP95302MSS automatically detects when you remove a pan from the heat and turns the corresponding cooktop off. This is a generally useful function, although we think it could get a little annoying if you like to move your cookware around as you go. If you wanted to drain away some pasta water before returning it to the heat, for instance, you'll have to switch the burner back on once you've removed your pan. 

This cooktop comes with Gourmet Guided cooking for perfect results every time.  (Image credit: Cafe)

Probably the smartest feature of the Café CHP95302MSS is its Gourmet Guided technology. With this cooktop you get access to recipe apps and software that can guide you through specific recipes, and when you use the included Smart Cookware pan you can sync this with your app for temperature-specific timings and adjustments.

This is quite an expensive option, so for something cheaper, check out the Frigidaire Gallery 30" FGIC3066TB induction cooktop.

Café CHP95302MSS: User reviews 

The Café CHP95302MSS has over 160 user reviews at Home Depot, and averages 4.6 stars out of five. It's a similar story at Best Buy and Appliances Connection. A common compliment is how easy this cooktop is to clean thanks to its ceramic top and induction technology that doesn't burn spills on to the burner surface. One user review says, "It's true when they say it boils water nearly instantly, and it cleans up to a shine worthy for my granite counter." 

Users also love the look of this cooktop. Its Flagstone Gray color is striking and different, and its digital controls give it a sleek finish. Users also assert that the included smart cookware is incredibly high quality, and fits perfectly to the burners of the Café CHP95302MSS. 

Of the few complaints users have, one is the buzzing noise this cooktop makes. That's an unavoidable part of induction cooking, so if you're put off by the fact that your cooktop will make a subtle buzzing noise, opt for something different. A few users also mention that they wish the three smaller burners weren't so crowded as they can sometimes be hard to control and monitor.

Should you buy the Café CHP95302MSS induction cooktop? 

The Café CHP95302MSS is a super smart induction cooktop, and whether you want smart features or not, that's why it's so expensive. This cooktop does come with a Bluetooth enabled pan though, which pairs with the attached gourmet cooking guides to make your life easier. 

We had some concerns about the placement of the burners in contrast to the control placement on this cooktop. It's not as intuitive as it could be, but after a few uses you'll get used to it. The Café CHP95302MSS is undeniably slick and stylish, and if you have the budget it's bound to make a statement in any kitchen. 

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