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Caring for Your Eyes

It is said that our eyes are considered to be the mirror of our personality. They reflect the kind of person we are and use expressions to communicate without words. Most importantly, they help us to see our beautiful world and add meaning to our everyday life.

Often we take much care in making our outward appearance look beautiful and appealing to others. We do this with our eyes by applying eye-shadow, eye-liner, and various other eye products to enhance and draw out our external appearance. Sometimes we spend so much time caring for our eyes externally that we neglect to take care of them internally. This neglect can sometimes lead to vision impairment and, in rare cases, permanent loss of vision.

Having yearly eye exams is the first and most important part of your vision health care. Just like you plan for your annual physical, it is the same with your eyes. Regular eye exams are important in maintaining good eye health and help in the prevention of eye disease or even worse, loss of vision. Some eye problems just come naturally with age, but if you take adequate measures to ensure good eye health, you can extend your good eyesight even into old age.

There are many causes of eye problems. These include excessive eyes strain from reading, watching TV or working in front of your computer. An unhealthy lifestyle can also contribute to poor eye health. Some of these lifestyle factors include smoking, obesity, too much exposure to the sun, unhealthy diet, and even certain medications.

Now, you may be asking,  How do I take care of my eyes?  As mentioned earlier, the most important thing is getting your eyes checked once a year. Don t have an eye doctor? Check out our Vision Care site and search for an optometrist in your area. It's also extremely important to avoid excessive stress on your eyes. When working in front of your computer all day, make sure to take regular breaks throughout the day so your eyes can get some rest. Similarly, avoid continuous reading or watching TV for long periods of time.

This may sound silly, but washing your eyes often is also a healthy habit to get into. By splashing cold water in your eyes often you are helping your eyes to relax so they don't become overly strained.

Eating healthy is also extremely important in caring for your eyes. Your diet plays a significant role in controlling your eye problems and keeping them healthy. Sticking to a low-fat diet high in fruits and vegetables is key to good eye health.

Protecting your eyes from overexposure to the sun is vital to good eye health. UV rays can damage your eyesight and also trigger long-term effects at a later stage of your life.

Lastly, make sure you are getting adequate rest. Just like being rested and getting a solid seven to eight hours of sleep nightly is important for your physical well-being, it is also important for good eye health. They work hard all day, and having the rest they need will help you get the most out of them during the day.

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