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CashNetUSA review

Our CashNetUSA review revealed an established company that excels at quick processing and speedy delivery of funds

CashNetUSA review
(Image: © CashNetUSA)

Our Verdict

CashNetUSA has a quick approval time, as well as efficient delivery of funds, and both the process and rates line up with industry standards.


  • Very well established company
  • Speedy processing from quote to delivery of funds
  • Free online resources to help users manage finances


  • Not BBB accredited

CashNetUSA has been in business since 2005, which makes it one of the more established companies in the payday loans industry. The company specializes in short-term, single installment loans for customers with low credit scores, and it also offers lines of credit to be paid back in installments for eligible customers. 

It is actively operational in 30 states, making it among the biggest of its peers and it offers loans to first time customers of between $100 and $3,000, though some states have a lower maximum loan amount. Customers should check this information before they apply. If you'd like to learn more about payday loan lenders read our round up of the best payday loans online.

CashNetUSA review: Cost of loans

  • Rates of interest are variable
  • Late payment fees start at $10

Rates of interest are variable down to the individual’s specific financial circumstances and geographic location. For our purposes, we took a quote for a married, 45-year old man with two children and a low credit rating. We sought to borrow $500 for their maximum total period of 31 days. The total repayment quoted was $625, equaling a total charge of $125, this being equivalent to an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 399%. This is about an average rate for the industry for a first-time borrower. 

In terms of late fees, if a minimum payment over $25 is 10 days late, the customer will be charged a $10 fee. They will be charged a $5 fee if the late payment is less than or equal to $25. 

To qualify for a CashNetUSA payday loan, customers must have a Social Security number, some proof of identity and of regular income as well as a checking account. Customers also need to reside in one of the 30 states where CashNetUSA operates. 

CashNetUSA review: Loan products

  • Loans between $100 and $3,000 for first-time customers
  • Will run a credit score check on all applications

CashNetUSA offers one-month loans between $100 and $3,000 for first-time customers. 

CashNetUSA will run a credit score check on all applications to make sure that the customer can afford the repayments, though people with low credit scores are still encouraged to apply. Some customers may also qualify for lines of credit, and may be eligible to apply for larger loans that can be paid back in installments.

CashNetUSA review: Payment times and quote process

  • Straightforward quote process
  • Funds can be available same day

CashNetUSA has a very clear and straightforward quote process, and customers are usually notified as to whether or not they are eligible within a few minutes. Just a few basic personal details are needed in the initial stages, and customers can opt out of continued sales calls.  

The speed of approval and delivery of funds is really one of CashNetUSA’s biggest selling points. The company states that if a payday loan application is received and approved by them by 10.30am Central Time, the funds will likely be made available to the customer via their checking account by the end of business that same day. 

When a customer is approved for a payday loan with CashNetUSA, they automatically receive access to a couple of useful tools via their online account. One is a savings program, with tips and online applications that can help customers save money via CashNetUSA’s partners. The other is a series of financial education modules that are also a boon to people trying to raise their credit scores. 

CashNetUSA: Usability and user reviews

  • Not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • High Trustpilot score

CashNetUSA are not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau though the institution currently awards them a B- rating. Trustpilot, another service that evaluates the viability and reviews of companies, gives CashNetUSA a good score, too, rating them at 4.6/5

CashNet USA promises a same-day delivery of funds into customers’ accounts if the application is made and approved before 10.30am Central Time, Monday-Friday. The rates and terms are displayed very clearly on the company website, with APR breakdowns and all the relevant figures cited up front, so customers should be able to work out exactly how much they will be paying back, and what the various penalties are (for late payments, etc). The online quote process is very straightforward.

Should you choose CashNetUSA?

CashNetUSA is a well-established brand, having been operating in the industry since 2005. Its rates fall into line with industry averages, and it has a very quick processes for approvals and delivery of funds to customer accounts, sometimes within the same business day. It does have some resources to help people trapped in a cycle of debt, with access to online savings programs via its commercial partners, and a wealth of financial education modules that should also be a boon to customers. 

A note on PayDay loans

Getting a payday loan is an extremely expensive way to borrow money, and should only be considered when all other options have been exhausted. You will borrow money at a high rate of interest, and may end up having problems with debt or other financial issues. Make sure you have considered all the guides below before making your final decision on a payday loan.