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Mobistealth gives you detailed information about your child’s calls, texts and GPS history as well as the apps installed on their phone.

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During testing, we found most of the program’s monitoring tools work without a problem, including GPS tracking and keyword alerts, making it a good choice for monitoring cell phones. However, jailbreaking or rooting your child’s phone to monitor some chat apps may void the devices warranty and pose a security risk.


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    Mobistealth captures keystrokes and deleted content.


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    You have to root or jailbreak the target phone to monitor chat logs in Skype and Viber.

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Mobistealth gives you detailed information about your child’s calls, texts and GPS history as well as the apps installed on their phone. It also logs deleted content and keystrokes, which makes it hard for your child to cover up activity. New activity shows up quickly in your reports, including images shared with chat apps, so you get information in a timely manner.

This cell phone parental control software lets you restrict some of your child’s internet activity. You can block apps and websites you deem offensive, and the software notifies you when your child searches the internet using inappropriate keywords as well as when they use them in texts. However, that’s about the extent of its ability to block harmful content and images. Instead, Mobistealth focuses on monitoring and collecting data about what your child does on their mobile phone or tablet. You can access their contacts list, the images they take and store on their device, and GPS tracking data so you know where they are.

The basic Mobistealth Pro program doesn’t require you to jailbreak or root any of your child’s devices to monitor them. However, it doesn’t have as many monitoring tools as the higher-priced version, Pro-X. Mobistealth Pro doesn’t record calls or in-person conversations, and it doesn’t log chats in popular programs like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp. Mobistealth Pro-X does all of these things. Pro-X can also log conversations that take place in Skype and Viber; however, you need to root or jailbreak your child’s phone to do so. Rooting or jailbreaking your device may void its warranty.

Mobistealth has a unique call recording feature you can use to capture your child’s phone conversations. You can then listen to the recordings later to make sure your child is having appropriate conversations and talking to safe people. Mobistealth can also record surround conversations – if your child has their phone on them, you can use it as a recording device to capture the face-to-face conversations they have. The recorded conversations are saved to the parent portal.

It’s easy to install this monitoring app – it takes just a few minutes to add it to each child’s iOS or Android device. You then simply log into the Mobistealth website, open the dashboard and view activity gathered from the tracked phone. Each category tab shows you correlating activity information such as text messages and installed apps. From the dashboard, you can see quick information about the last place your child was and alerts for new information.

Mobistealth doesn’t have time controls, which is probably its biggest drawback. If you want to limit the amount of time your child uses their device each day, consider Qustodio.

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