Braun BrewSense KF7170S Review

Find out whether the Braun BrewSense KF71710S is the right coffee maker for you.

The Braun BrewSense KF71710S on a countertop
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

This machine churned out some good coffee and offers a lot of advanced features in a small package.


  • +

    Brews great coffee

  • +

    Set-and-forget brewing process


  • -

    No brewing alert when coffee's done

  • -

    Can't use a thermal carafe

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The Braun BrewSense KF7170S is a solid option for anyone looking for a new coffee machine, even if it didn't quite make it onto Top Ten Reviews' list of the best coffee makers. However, the machine did deliver in a number of ways, impressing in the taste and temperature departments in particular. Read on to find out our full thoughts.

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Linda Thomson

Linda has been a career professional writer all her life. During her time with Top Ten Reviews, she covered everything from kitchen gadgets and coffee makers to garden tools, vacuum cleaners ovens, and cooking apps. She reviewed the Braun BrewSense KF7170S coffee maker to see whether it was up to the task and how it matched up with the best coffee makers on the market. 

Braun BrewSense KF7170S: Design

The Braun BrewSense brewing basket

The brew basket is designed to bring out the flavor in your coffee. (Image credit: Future)

The Braun BrewSense packs in a lot in its relatively small package. If you really need that first cup in the morning, there's a brew-pause function that lets you grab a quick cup during the process. You can then replace the carafe on the warming plate so the brewing process can continue. You don't end up with a drippy mess, and the carafe is nicely designed so you can pour coffee with less likelihood of spilling.

With the BrewSense, you get a cone-shaped brew basket that compresses the coffee grounds and water in a fashion that coffee experts say brings out the greatest amount of flavor.

Braun BrewSense KF7170S: Temperature

The Braun BrewSense carafe

The Braun BrewSense carafe seems to retain heat well. (Image credit: Future)

The Braun BrewSense coffee maker was quick to brew a full pot, coming in as the third-fastest of the 12 products we tested. Impressively, the unit got the coffee to a temperature that was nicely hot, but still comfortable enough to consume. 

As it sat on the warming plate, it lost only 3 degrees in heat (two degrees less than the Black & Decker CM2035B), which did not adversely affect the flavor or strength of the brew.

Braun BrewSense KF7170S: Taste

The digital display on the Braun BrewSense coffee machine

You can customize your cup of joe with the various settings on the unit. (Image credit: Future)

On the whole, the Braun BrewSense impressed our taste testers, with the majority of our panel praising the quality of the coffee and saying they liked its taste, strength, and aroma. 

This Braun coffee maker can be programmed to automatically brew a pot when you want one, within a 24-hour period. You can also use buttons on the machine to dictate how strong you want the coffee.

You can, of course, also do that by adjusting the amount of water and coffee, but it's nice to have the option on the controls. After a little trial and error, you will become familiar with the settings to create the coffee you like best.

You can brew coffee using paper filters or the included gold-tone permanent filter, though the permanent filter may leave slightly more sediment in the coffee. It also comes with a charcoal water filter that can improve the flavor by absorbing unpleasant flavors and odors from your tap water.

Braun BrewSense KF7170S: Features

The Braun BrewSense on a countertop

The Braun has a decent number of features to make the brewing process easy. (Image credit: Future)

The Braun BrewSense is a real set-it-and-forget-it appliance. You get an LED light that alerts you when the machine needs to be descaled, and the cleaning cycle takes care of that for you. 

Some of the units we tested alongside the BrewSense came with an alarm that sounds when the coffee is done, but this one does not, which means you could lose out on getting a cup of the very freshest coffee. If you really want this feature for your coffee maker, take a look at the Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. Another drawback for Braun is that you cannot substitute a thermal carafe—you must use the included glass carafe.

The two-year warranty that comes with this unit is double the industry average.

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