Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Eero is a mesh router made by a manufacturer that only makes mesh routers – and it only makes one model. With a sleek design that easily blends into most décor and a smartphone app that gives you excellent control, the Eero is certainly at the forefront of the Wi-Fi range extender and mesh router market. However, while its performance as a router was excellent in our tests, its performance as a mesh router was less so. Given its hefty price tag, which is at the high end for this type of device, there are certainly better options with greater value.

Our expert reviewers spent hundreds of hours testing mesh routers in the Purch Labs – a space devoted to testing products for Top Ten Reviews and other Purch properties like Tom’s Guide and Tom’s Hardware. In the tests, they measured the throughput at various straight-line distances and 3D points above and below the router as well as the material penetration of the signal.

The data throughput was great at 5 feet, measuring an average of 573.65 Mbps, but the drop-off was steep as testers moved away from the router. Worse yet, the throughput from one mesh router to another was significantly slower. In addition, its 3D test results were below average. That said, it maintained a consistent signal rate through metal, soundboard and ceilings.

The worst part of the Eero, however, is the unexpected disconnections. Our testers quickly found the mesh router to be frustrating, as it often closed out the TCP socket connection from the test server. Each disconnection essentially required the setup to start over again. Troubleshooting the issue required a great deal of IT experience, which the standard consumer lacks.

One of the Eero’s best features is its smartphone app, which provides quick and easy access to settings. You can allow guest access through the app and maintain passwords. In addition, you can see who is connected to your network and limit their Wi-Fi. For example, you can set your children’s phones to only connect at certain times. This feature is convenient, and something that's typically not found in inexpensive models, like the D-Link DAP-1330 N300.

Another excellent feature is the regular update checks. This means you never have to reset your router when it’s having trouble connecting to the internet like with most routers – the Eero takes care of this for you.

The Eero is definitely one of the most stylish mesh routers on the market, and it certainly provides better Wi-Fi to dead zones than a typical Wi-Fi booster. However, it didn’t perform nearly as well in our tests when compared to other mesh routers, and it costs significantly more than most.