Pros / It is compatible with regular adapter frames as well as rapid-load frames.

Cons / It cannot convert printed photos to digital.

 Verdict / The ION Film 2 SD Plus is an efficient and easy-to-use slide converter. Its film compatibility and simple functionality make it one of the top options available.

The ION Film 2 SD Plus can convert a slides and film negatives into digital images, although it is unable to convert printed photos. It features a decent image sensor that captures a digital image of your negative then transfers it directly to an SD card. Although this device has no integrated memory, it comes with a 1GB SD card, which is a rare inclusion for any converter. Because it is so easy to use, and because it has great editing and exporting abilities, this is a fantastic slide to digital image converter.

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  • Output Resolution
  • Display Screen
  • Maximum Expandable Storage
  1. The higher this number is, the bigger the photo can be and the more detail that can be transferred from the slide or negative.
    More is Better.
  2. 3  ION Film 2 SD
    14.0 MP
  3. 20.0 MP
  4. 20.0 MP
  5. Category Average
    13.33 MP


We like the Plus because it makes it easy to convert film and slides to a digital format – whether you have a couple boxes of 35mm negatives or an attic full of 110 and 126 film. However, like the Zonoz FS-ONE 2MP, the Plus can’t digitize printed photos or Super 8 film, so if you need to convert a combination of these mediums, you may want to consider another unit.


The Plus comes with a TV-out jack and a set of analog cables, so you can view your digital images on exterior devices. Its features include automatic focus, as well as exposure and color balance, which all make editing your photos easy once they’re converted. This model has a few image editing features built in, but they’re quite limited, as you can only lightly adjust brightness and the red-blue-green composition. For more extensive editing, you’ll need to use separate editing software.

One of the great features of the Plus is that it doesn’t require a connection to a computer in order to function, so you can use it almost anywhere. An SD card is included – a rare accessory – allowing you to start digitizing your memories immediately, then save them or transfer them to a computer or digital photo frame.

Several other accessories accompany the slide converter, in addition to the SD card and frames. The cleaning brush helps you get rid of dust and other particles that may have settled on the film over the years. The USB cable allows you to connect your device to a computer or other compatible device for storage or sharing. You also get the standard user manual and quick start guide, along with a CD containing simple image editing software to touch up your photos beyond what the machine can do.


The film to digital converter feels well-made and has clearly labeled buttons for capturing an image and navigating its various menus. With a 2.5-inch screen, you can preview your digital images right on the device. If you need more storage, you can use an SD card up to 32GB. The device itself is compact and lightweight like the Sharper Image Slide & Negative Converter, making it easy to store and move around.

Help & Support

Though we didn’t see a live chat option on the manufacturer’s website, you can still reach out to the company’s customer support team via phone or email should you ever have a question about or problem with the converter. There are also resources available on the company’s website, including PDF quick start guides and manuals, a FAQs section and a community user forum. The device has a one-year warranty.


The ION Film 2 SD Plus performed quite well in our tests. Though it can’t convert printed photos, it offers good film and slide compatibility otherwise. With a high-resolution output, an easy-to-use interface and a variety of included accessories, the Plus is one of the best slide to digital converters available on the market.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Ease of Use Score
Output Resolution (MP)
Standalone Operation
TV-Out Jack
Cleaning Brush Included


Display Screen (inches)
Max Expandable Storage (GB)
Dimensions (inches)
4.3 x 4.2 x 5.6
Weight (pounds)


35 mm Slides
110 Slides
126 Slides
35 mm Film
110 Film
126 Film
Super 8
Printed Photos

Help & Support

Direct Support
Phone, Email
1 Year