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A good contact lens market-place that just failed to blow us away.

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Contact Lens King is a contact selling market-place that offers a wide selection of contact brands. These lens come in a variety of styles to help correct a number of visual impairments, such as toric lens. They are an extremely reliable provider of contact lenses with a proactive and friendly customer service.


  • +

    Stocks most common lens

  • +

    Low prices

  • +

    Great customer service


  • -

    No free shipping

  • -

    No price match guarantee

  • -

    No Halloween lenses

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Contact Lens King offer a large range of contacts and eye accessories for a low price. They have a reliable reputation for checking prescriptions quickly, as well as a fantastic customer service team with amazing outreach. They are quick to respond to any complaints whether it is an email sent directly to their customer service team or negative review left on a site. Although they are not the best online contact lenses provider we've reviewed - they are a great company to use. 

Contact Lens King Review - Homepage

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Contact lens and product selection

Contact Lens King stocks the most common brands of lens, offering lens from 24 of the most common lens manufacturers. Although this is an impressive selection that will provide most people with the product they are looking to buy, it does mean that they don't provide some of the smaller and more competitively price contact lenses. When compared to other contact lens sites they have less then half of the range and selection. 

Despite having a small range of lens, they do provide corrective lenses for all kinds of visual impairments. There is a large selection of common contact types such as toric, multi-focal, bifocal, colored and a plethora of disposable lenses. So, they will be able to provide lenses to help with your eye care needs. 

Contact Lens King does offer some colored lenses, but they don't stock any Halloween lenses. So, if you are looking for more decorative lenses - this site isn't for you. 

They also offer a very limited range of reading glasses and eye solution. Their range of brand and stock in this area is extremely limited - only offering one brand. There are better sites for people looking for more comprehensive eye-care.

The price of contact lenses

Contact Lens King prices are on the lower end of the scale, offering a lower price than most sites that we reviewed. However, unlike the more expensive contact lens sites like AC Lens and 1-800-Contacts they don't offer a price match guarantee. This means that the more expensive sites do offer a lower more competitive deal - as often they will match price and apply an additional discount. 

There are also hidden costs in the delivery options. AC lenses don't offer any free shipping which increase the costs. 

Contact Lens King does offer frequent and regular deals that give you ten percent off your purchase. These deals usually feature around a holiday event, like the 4th of July - so if you are looking for low cost contact lenses, it is worth checking out the site and current promotions around the holidays. 

Contact Lens King Review - Products

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Contact Lens King's customer service

Contact Lens King has a fantastic customer service staff that is super helpful and polite. They are always quick to reply to queries and resolve complaints. The company keeps a presence on all review sites to reach out to customers who have had negative experiences with their orders to try and resolve the complaint. 

There are a large number of ways to contact the customer services - through an electronic web-based form posted on their website, email or even telephone. 

Contact lens shipping costs and time

Contact Lens King doesn't offer any free shipping - no matter the size of your order. Many contact lens sites will give you free shipping on large orders. This does mean that Contact Lens King's competitive price structure does suffer a little through extra costs. 

Standard shipping costs will take three to six days depending on how quickly prescription verification process takes and costs $7.95. 

They do have a variety of different shipping options that include overnight and even international. You will pay an increased premium for faster deliveries and for greater distances. 

Contact Lens King Review - Shipping

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The Contact Lens King website is easy to get around. The site has a very simple layout and a number of options for you to filter your search by that makes finding the lenses you are looking for very easy. The checkout process is logical and easy to go through. 

There is even an obvious tab you can click on to read about the difference between a Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account and how they apply to contact lens purchases.

Contact Lens King's returns policy

Contact Lens Kings offer you a thirty day returns policy. Although a month is a great period for processing returns, it is not as competitive as most other sites that offer a longer returns period. There are some sites that offer an unlimited time period for returns. 

Contact Lens King's review summary

Contact Lens King is a good contact lens provider that over a mid-range selection of corrective contact lens - but little else. The pricing policy looks good on the surface but falters in comparison to the price match guarantees that other sites offer, and with the extra cost of delivery. This site is extremely reliable, but it just didn't blow us away. 

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