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AT&T CRL32102 review

The AT&T CRL32102 is easy to use and offers support for up to twelve handsets.

AT&T CRL32102 review
(Image: © Future)

Our Verdict

The AT&T CRL32102 features support for up to 12 handsets, making it quite unique. With clear and easy to read buttons, high-contrast screen and smart audio enhancements this is ideal for all users including the vision and audio impaired.


  • 12 handsets at once
  • Caller ID
  • Audio Assist
  • Vision impaired perfect buttons


  • Glossy black gets marks

The AT&T CRL32102 is the best cordless phone if you want lots of handsets or if you are visually impaired. It's made with clear to read buttons and audio support and works with up to 12 handsets.

Despite the useful and specific features the AT&T CRL32102 is reasonably priced making it an attractive option for anyone in the market for a cordless phone with plenty of useful features.

If you're looking for something even more affordable you might want to check out another handset from out best cordless phones.

So is the AT&T CRL32102 the best cordless phone for you? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

AT&T CRL32102: Design and build

The AT&T CRL32102 is all about clarity with large and easy to read buttons which light up brightly in orange making them obvious even in darker situations. The handset is large enough to be clear but compact enough to sit comfortably in the hand.

The finish is pretty premium with a satisfying feel to the button clicks. These buttons are flush with the body which gives it a quality feel while also making it ideal to slip into a pocket, although it did mean more button pressing accidentally. 

AT&T CRL32102

(Image credit: Future)

The screen is high contrast and backlit so it's clear to read. The font is large which also help with reading the screen easily.

The only gripe is with the glossy black finish on the base as this attracts and shows off dust and finger smudge marks very easily.

AT&T CRL32102: Features

The AT&T CRL32102 features, rather uniquely, a tone equalizer. This has various modes, four in total, that allow the phone to adjust audio to suit the user's particular needs.

For example, if high sounds are easier to hear for you than low, then the Treble 1 setting is for you as it will enhance frequencies for optimal audio to suit you. 

An Audio Assist feature is also useful as this will temporarily bump up the volume and enhance all sound frequencies for a clearer audio performance.

Caller ID is included, presuming your phone line provider offers this function. This allows you to screen your calls more easily. You can also store number with up to 50 on the phone, nine speed dials and caller ID for the last 50 entries.

There is an answerphone that is able to record up to 14 minutes of audio with each message limited to three minutes. 

AT&T CRL32102

(Image credit: Future)

AT&T CRL32102: Performance

The AT&T CRL32102 is one of the most clear phones we've tested when it comes to audio performance. With all the different modes there should be a setting to make sure most users with various audio impairments are able to hear more clearly. 

The addition of that high contrast display and large, well-lit buttons also help to make this phone very easy to use even when vision is an issue. 

When it came to battery life the handset itself tested above average in our experience. While that falls short of the manufacturer's claims, we found this to be the case with all cordless phones.

The Audio Assist was a nice way to boost volume, which is genuinely useful if the person at the other end of the line is in a noisy area, or on speakerphone, for example. 

AT&T CRL32102

(Image credit: Future)

Should I buy the AT&T CRL32102?

The AT&T CRL32102 is a great option for anyone with audio or visual impairments. The selection of audio boosting features combined with a clear display and large buttons are real positive features on this cordless phone. The answer phone, support for 12 handsets, and caller ID are just really nice bonuses for the price.

If you don't need all the features then you can save money by going for one of the other handsets in our best cordless phones guide.