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Whirlpool RF110AXSQ Review

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it [is no longer available, has been discontinued, has been replaced by another product, or any other reason necessary.

Our Verdict

This is a nice oven if you do not mind that it is only available in the color white.


  • This electric range offers an upswept design to prevent spills from running over onto the floor.


  • This model from Whirlpool is only available in one color.
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Whirlpool RF110AXSQ Electric Range in white.

Whirlpool RF110AXSQ Electric Range in white.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it [is no longer available, has been discontinued, has been replaced by another product, or any other reason necessary.

The Whirlpool RF110ACSQ electric range gives you an oven with a capacity of 4.8 cubic feet. This is large enough to bake a dessert or cook a family dinner for the holidays. It also has an upswept spill guard along the edges to prevent any spills from hitting the floor. This freestanding range is a good fit in any family's kitchen with décor that accommodates white appliances.

This electric oven comes with one 8-inch burner that has a brawny 2100 watts of power. If you are cooking a big pot of beef stew, you want to use a burner that offers this kind of heat. This will allow an entire pot to heat up and cook on a high-heat setting while keeping the stew warm when it is set to a lower heat. This is perfect if you will have people in and out of your house all day long who will want something warm for a snack.

Additionally, this electric range comes with three smaller burners that are 6-inches and put out 1200 watts each. The smaller burners are great for sautéing meat or vegetables to add to your stew. They are also great for warming up a small pan of leftovers on the stove.

This electric oven also has a broiler element that you can use for browning meat before placing it in a stew to simmer all day long. Another great use for the broiler element is lightly toasting sourdough bread to go with your homemade beef stew.

This unit comes with the standard two oven racks. However, you can use these racks in any combination of five different positions. There are plenty of reasons that make it important to have the ability to move the oven racks to different positions, such as if you are baking scalloped potatoes that are completely cooked but you need to brown the top layer. In this instance, you could move the rack up towards the heating element to brown the top of your potatoes nicely.

It is important to know that you have purchased your electric range from a company that will stand behind its product. Whirlpool wants you to be satisfied with your new electric range, so they offer you plenty of help options. The Whirlpool RF110ACSQ comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor. If you have any problems with the unit, they will fix or replace it free within the first year.

Whirlpool also offers a wide range of answers to your questions. They have a FAQs section on their website and an email address and phone number that you can use to get in contact with a customer service representative who should be able to answer your questions. Whirlpool also includes a user manual with its products that will help answer any initial questions you have.

When searching for your next electric range, the Whirlpool RF110ACSQ should be in the running. It offers a simple design and only comes in the color white. However, it will perform just as well as some more expensive electric ranges will.

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