Golden LiteRider PTC Electric Wheelchair review

The Golden LiteRider PTC is designed for easy transportation, plus it provides some convenient design features such as a large storage basket.

Golden LiteRider PTC Electric Wheelchair review
(Image: © Golden LiteRider)

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The Golden LiteRider PTC Wheelchair review is a good choice if storage and transportation are important, but the range isn't that impressive at 9.5 miles per battery charge.


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    Easy to assemble

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    Durable build

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    Large storage basket


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    Range could be better

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The Golden LiteRider PTC is an  that is designed for easy transportation, plus it provides some convenient design features, such as a large storage basket. Like many of the best electric wheelchairs, it comes in multiple color options and includes an excellent warranty. 

However, there are a few areas for improvement, including its range and the battery life, which would enhance the overall performance of this wheelchair. In our Golden LiteRider PTC review, we look at the overall design of this electric wheelchair, its main features, and how it compares to any competitors. 

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Golden LiteRider PTC Electric Wheelchair review: Overview

The speed of this electric wheelchair is average: It can reach a maximum speed of 3.5mph, which is slightly slower than other motorized wheelchairs we evaluated. It has a 26-inch turning radius, which does not allow for the tightest turns. 

Furthermore, it can only travel approximately 9.5 miles on a single battery charge. Some electric wheelchair models, by comparison, can travel up to 15 miles on a single battery charge, while others can travel 20 miles or more.

The LiteRider's frame is covered under a five-year manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, all electronic components are covered under a 13-month warranty.

Golden LiteRider PTC Electric Wheelchair review: the wheelchair, in black with a red trim, shown from the side

(Image credit: Golden LiteRider)

Golden LiteRider PTC Electric Wheelchair review: Design

This electric wheelchair features a lightweight design, weighing 116lbs. The wheelchair is designed to break down into four separate pieces, with the heaviest piece weighing 35lbs, so transporting the chair is not cumbersome. For another electric wheelchair that's easy to transport, take a look at our KD Smart Chair review.

Despite the lightweight frame, the Golden LiteRider PTC can accommodate riders up to 300lbs. The seat and the backrest are padded, allowing you to sit comfortably for extended periods of time, but there's no head rest, which is a shame. The wheelchair also comes in three color options: blue, black or red. 

It also features a storage basket underneath the chair to help you carry personal belongings or groceries. The basket itself is relatively deep, so you shouldn't find your belongings spilling out onto the sidewalk.

Should you buy the Golden LiteRider PTC Electric Wheelchair?

The LiteRider PTC has a lightweight frame, ample storage and a long warranty, all of which are good features for an electric wheelchair of this price. It can also be easily broken down into four major parts, allowing for easier transportation. That said, compared to newer models, it is lacking in several areas, such as a limited battery life and turning radius. 

Additionally, a headrest would be a beneficial addition here to boost comfort. Despite these omissions, the easy transportation and a lightweight design make this a worthwhile product to consider if you want an affordable electric wheelchair with storage space and a durable build.

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