Heartway Escape DX review

The Heartway Escape DX is a foldable, lightweight, motorized wheelchair that puts your comfort first.

Heartway Escape DX
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This electric wheelchair is lightweight and boasts a long battery life, but it doesn't offer many other features that help it stand out compared to other wheelchairs.


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    20-mile range per charge


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    Frame warranty is only three years

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The Heartway Escape DX sports an aluminum frame that is lightweight and easy to transport. This product has many benefits, including the ability to travel a long distance on a single battery charge, a lightweight design and the ability to easily climb hills. However, despite these excellent features, it doesn’t offer much in the way of other design and comfort features, like a headrest, that would help it stand out when compared to the best electric wheelchairs.

Here we look at the Escape DX's spec, design and features to help you figure out if it's something you wish to take a much closer look at. Depending on your mobility, you may also be interested in reading our guide to the best mobility scooters, for use indoors and outside. Or, for more comfortable living in the home, check out our round-ups of the best walk-in tubs and the best stairlifts

Heartway Escape DX review: Design

The Escape DX is lightweight, weighing only 136lbs. The frame is made from aluminum, and the chair includes all of the basic design features you'd expect, such as a seat belt, joystick mount and plenty of seat padding. However, it doesn’t feature a head rest, which can be a drawback for some riders. Overall, the specifications are average. The chair measures 36 inches tall, 27 inches wide and 43 inches long.

One of the biggest drawbacks to this product is its warranty. The frame is covered by a three-year manufacturer warranty. By comparison, other wheelchairs are covered for 10 years or more. Heartway covers all electronic components for one year or more, the average amount of time most electronic components are covered for on a motorized wheelchair.

Heartway Escape DX review: Features

The highlight of the Heartway Escape DX is its long battery life. This power-operated wheelchair can travel approximately 20 miles on a single battery charge, the best battery life we saw out of the electric wheelchairs we evaluated. Additionally, this wheelchair can climb hills at a 10-degree angle.

The Escape DX can reach a maximum speed of 3.8mph, making it one of the slower wheelchairs we have looked at. It also has a wide 34-inch turning radius. This was the widest turning radius we recorded for the wheelchairs we analyzed, and such a wide radius can make maneuvering indoors difficult.

Should you buy the Heartway Escape DX?

The Heartway Escape DX is an good option if you want a lightweight product that has a long battery life and can easily climb hills. However, it isn't fast as others we have evaluated, and its warranty is short compared to others. That said, the Escape DX still provides plenty to help you get around more easily and enjoyably, particularly if you plan to use this wheelchair outdoors.

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