KD Smart Chair review

The KD Smart Chair is extremely lightweight, can travel up to 15 miles on a single battery charge, and folds quickly for easier transportation.

KD Smart Chair review
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The KD Smart Chair is a lightweight and compact electric wheelchair, and as such is well-suited to people looking for something that's easy to fold up for transport. While it isn't suitable for heavier body weights, for the price it has a good range per battery charge, plus useful features such as a storage tray.


  • +

    15-mile range per chair

  • +

    Lightweight (50lbs)

  • +

    Removable storage tray


  • -

    Max user weight is only 265lbs

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The KD Smart Chair is lightweight and versatile motorized chair, capable of traveling up to 15 miles per full battery charge. It also folds up quickly, making transportation a little easier, which is a feature shared by many of the best electric wheelchairs. The difference here is that the KD Smart Chair does it at a much cheaper price.

The chair weighs 50lbs in total, which is marked difference compared to other top rated electric wheelchairs such as the Heartway Escape. The KD Smart Chair has a large turning radius, and is designed to easily maneuver indoors and outdoors. It can even climb hills at a 12-degree angle. In our review, we look at the chair's top features and design to see whether it's a good fit for you.

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KD Smart Chair review: Design

The KD Smart Chair is extremely lightweight and designed to travel up to 15 miles on a single battery charge. It also folds easily, making transportation a little simpler. Additionally, the electric wheelchair provides many basic features, such as a seat belt and wheel locks, as well as a few extra features, including a storage tray located by the footrests.

The highlight of this product is its lightweight design. This electric wheelchair only weighs 50 pounds, which is significantly lighter than many similar products on our lineup. It is designed to carry a rider weighing up to 265lbs, which is a lower weight limit than the average of about 300lbs. This model can fold down to a compact size so it can easily be stored in your home or transported in the back of a vehicle.

This wheelchair reaches speeds up to 5 mph; however, the weight of the rider can affect the overall speed of the product. It has the capabilities to easily maneuver indoors and outdoors and can even climb hills at a 12-degree angle, one of the steepest angles we saw on this type of product.

That said, its turning radius is approximately 31.5 inches, which is a much wider radius that many wheelchairs on our lineup.

KD Smart Chair review: Features

The battery life on the KD Smart Chair is similar to what you'll find on many motorized wheelchairs. In fact, it travels up to 15 miles per full charge. While this is average in the industry, the very top quality electric wheelchairs only last around 19-20 miles on a single battery charge, and often cost far more.

Many basic design features, including a seat belt and wheel locks, are included. There is sufficient padding on the seat to make it comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. However, there is no headrest, which may be an important design feature for some.

The manufacturer's warranty on this product is adequate. The frame on the KD Smart Chair is warrantied for five years. For comparison, the best warranties for the frame on electric wheelchairs is 10 years or more. KD covers all electronic components for one year.

KD Smart Chair review: an image showing the storage tray located beneath the footrests

(Image credit: KD Smart Chairs)

One other assurance we were pleased to see is that the KD Smart Chair comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. That means, if you aren't pleased with the chair, you receive your money back within 60 days. Money-back guarantees aren't that common on motorized wheelchairs, so this is reassuring.

Should I buy the KD Smart Chair?

The KD Smart Chair is a great, compact and lightweight electric wheelchair that could make a difference to your daily mobility needs. You can transport this wheelchair much more easily than others because of its lighter weight (only 50lbs). 

It can reach speeds up to 5mph, which is average, and turning radius is relatively wide. It's a shame it doesn't support body weights of up to 300lbs, as it could cater for more people, and we would have liked a headrest to boost the overall comfort of the chair. 

Ultimately, if you need an electric wheelchair to easily get around, and don't want to pay for the top motorized models, the KD Smart Chair is a good option.

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