Pros / This sound machine mimics womb sounds well.

Cons / It only has one sound profile.

 Verdict / The Baby Shusher’s unique white noise sound masks noise well, but the design features are limited.

The Baby Shusher creates only one sound: white noise in the form of a shushing sound. This baby sound machine projects a rhythmic, repetitive shush that has a mesmerizing effect on infants and toddlers and is great at masking external noise. The idea behind this white noise sound profile is it triggers the calming reflex babies are born with. The Baby Shusher mimics the atmosphere the baby was accustomed to in the womb, with the blood flowing through its mother's body and the muffled sounds from the outside world.

The Baby Shusher has two timer settings: 15 and 30 minutes. There isn’t a continuous play feature, so you should consider the MyBaby Sound Spa Portable if you want a sound machine you can use for more than 30 minutes at a time. The only other control on the Baby Shusher besides the timer setting is a variable volume control. The loudest volume setting is barely louder than a baby’s cry and helps to distract the baby initially and then calm them.

This sound machine for babies runs on two AA batteries. Battery operation along with a compact and durable design make the Baby Shusher a great sound machine to pack in a diaper bag for day trips or other travel situations. The smooth, round surface is easy to keep clean and the accompanying wrist strap makes it easy to attach to a crib or car seat.

We tested the noise masking capability of the Baby Shusher by playing the white noise profile at 65 decibels while a reviewer ran a vacuum and played music in an adjacent room. This sound machine was the second-best performer in that test. The shushing sound projects at the perfect frequency for masking high-pitched noises like a vacuum. There isn’t a continuous play feature, so if you are trying to mask external noise for a long period of time, turn the Baby Shusher back on every 30 minutes.


The Baby Shusher has a unique white noise sound profile that masks noise well and soothes your infant to sleep with a familiar sound. It doesn’t have any other sound profiles or a continuous play setting, but the compact and durable design make it a good travel accessory.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Continuous Play
Timer Duration (minutes)
15, 30