Pros / This sound machine has an image projector with five color options.

Cons / It doesn’t have a sleep timer.

 Verdict / The Conair Dream Tones is an affordable way to find out if soothing sounds and images help your baby fall asleep.

The Conair Dream Tones is an affordable and portable baby sound machine with a soothing image projector. It has six nature sound profiles: rain, ocean waves, summer night, heart beat forest and babbling brook. While there isn’t a white noise or fan profile, the nature sounds did a decent job of masking external noises in our sound masking test. The compact egg-shaped design is easy-to-use and has a stepped volume control to protect your infant’s hearing from loud and startling noises.

This is one of the most portable sound machines we tested. It runs on 3 AA batteries that tuck neatly into the bottom panel. A twist-off cover on the panel hides the batteries, but it isn’t secured with a screw, so keep it out of reach of toddlers because they could potentially choke on the batteries. This baby sound machine isn’t powered by an AC adapter.

The sky light projects images on the wall and ceiling of your nursery to compliment the soothing sound profiles. The projector has five color options that automatically change. The sound profiles and image projector run at the same time or separate of each other, and toggle on and off with a button on the front panel. Unfortunately, this sound machine doesn’t have a sleep timer, so the sound and images continue to play until you manually turn them off or the batteries die.

We tested and compared the sound quality of each sound machine we reviewed by playing the heartbeat sound and listening for startling noises. The Conair Dream Tones did not score well in this test. The speaker emits a hissing noise, even at low volumes. The heartbeat sound profile wasn’t natural compared to the best products we tested, like the Munchkin sound machine. The speaker is too small to cover an adequate range of tones and the nature profiles have a few startling noises that could potentially wake your infant.


This baby sound machine is compact and portable, but the sound quality isn’t on par with the best machines we tested. If you are looking for a low-cost sound machine to take on road trips, the Conair Dream Tones is a decent option, but there are better options for permanent installation in your home nursery.

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