Pros / You can take snapshots, record video and control the camera remotely.

Cons / This video baby monitor doesn't track the temperature of your baby's room.

 Verdict / The Levana Keera is a simple video baby monitor with good video and audio quality that make it one of the best ways to keep an eye on your little one.

The Levana Keera is one of the best video baby monitors because it gives you clear video and audio on the parent unit. It also gives you control over what you see in the nursery with remote pan, tilt and zoom features. You get fun options, like the ability to take snapshots and record video from your monitor, so you can capture moments you'd have otherwise missed. The Levana Keera easily earns the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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  1. How well each monitor displayed the image on the parent unit or cell phone that we tested.
    Higher is better
  2. 3  Levana Keera
    80.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 90.0 %
  5. Category Average
    74.44 %

Video & Audio

The connection between camera and monitor is rarely perfect, but we had more success than failure with the Levana Keera. The video was slow at times, with the audio occasionally out of sync with movement, but it wasn't a common occurrence. We also noticed a constant hissing sound from the monitor, though it wasn't much more noticeable than any other white noise, and we could still hear sounds as low as whispers over it. The low resolution doesn't present an issue on the small screen, and you can make out details, but you don't get picture-perfect quality.

You can add up to three cameras to the monitor so you can keep tabs on your baby's nursery, a playroom and another room to expand your parental reach remotely. This video baby monitor also gives you the ability to control the camera from the parent unit, so you can move the camera up and down, to the left and right, and zoom in and out. The Levana Keera also lets you take snapshots and video from the monitor so you can catch adorable moments you aren't present for.

The parent unit combines button control and a touch panel. This isn't the most intuitive solution, but after some time, we got used to it and were able to navigate the menu from the touch panel and make our choices with the buttons.


The Levana Keera is easy to set up – the connection between camera and parent monitor was almost instant in our test. The hardest time we had was with the touch panel, which we didn't immediately take to because of the location of the buttons. Typically, devices rely on physical buttons or a touchscreen, rarely both. Our testers tried many times to press the menu buttons as if the whole screen was touch-sensitive.

We had more than a couple instances in which the connection between the camera and the parent unit was lost. In one test, we set up the video baby monitor and fully charged the parent unit so we could test the battery life of the monitor. The PEEP function allows you to turn off the video on the monitor, which then activates when your baby cries. We used this option and intentionally made noise in the room with the camera every two hours for an eight-hour period. The microphone is so sensitive that it picked up even ambient sound, enough to keep the monitor on for longer stretches of time, so the battery only lasted six hours.

In a range test, we were able to separate the monitor and camera by 149 feet before we noticed severe degradation in video and audio quality. Levana claims you can use the Keera at up to 750 feet away from the camera, but that is without obstructions such as walls, floors and metal frames.


The Levana Keera doesn't offer much for monitoring more than the image and sounds of your child. You can't check on the temperature or humidity of your baby's nursery, nor do you get a nightlight on the camera. However, this video baby monitor has three lullabies you can play for your baby, or you can talk to them through the monitor to soothe them without being in the room.

Help & Support

As with most video baby monitors, you get one year's worth of coverage on the Levana Keera, which means you can contact the manufacturer for repairs or replacement if you notice that your unit is defective within the first year. Levana offers a variety of customer support options through live chat, phone, social media and an email form.


Although we ran into some issues with the Levana Keera camera and monitor connection on occasion, it wasn't often enough to present a problem. It works consistently for the most part, and when it does, it does so well. The image quality is good, and the audio, though sometimes marred by white noise, is sensitive enough to pick up even whispers.

Levana Keera 32012 Visit Site

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