Pros / The vibrate mode lets you know when your baby needs you without making too much sound.

Cons / The connection quality suffered past 30 feet, leading to less reliable audio and video.

 Verdict / The VTech VM343 is good for busy parents who can't keep a close eye on a video feed of their baby, but it has connectivity problems that can lead to poor video and audio quality.

The VTech VM343 is a simple video baby monitor with settings that alert you only when your baby needs you. Its power-saving feature keeps the battery running for over nine hours and defaults the monitor to sleep mode. This makes it great when you need to get work done around the house or catch up on some shuteye of your own. You can also set the VTech VM343 to vibrate mode when you want extra quiet. All these features make it a good option for busy parents, but the audio and video quality are average compared with the best video baby monitors.

The camera on the VTech VM343 is average for the monitors we reviewed but not particularly noteworthy. Because of this, the VM343 earned only a 70 percent score for video quality. Its audio quality also performed about average in our test – there was a noticeable distortion in the sound, but the overall experience was similar to a phone call, much like other video baby monitors in our review. The audio isn't as reliable on the monitor if you're more than 30 feet away, but it works well enough to hear a crying baby.

You can pan, tilt and zoom remotely from the parent unit, which lets you position the camera for a better view of your baby. One odd issue we had during our tests was that the camera moved on its own after we positioned it. In each case, the camera moved in small increments over the course of a couple days. It seems that stray radio signals can also cause the camera to move; in our case, an HVAC controller in our office caused the problem. Through online research we found people who have had similar problems, but it’s not enough to be a deal breaker, just a quirk. It's easy to reposition the camera with the handheld unit if this happens.

The VTech VM343 doesn't function well when there are walls and other structures that interfere with radio signals between the two units. One solution to this problem is to expand the system to have up to four cameras around your home. This method keeps you within range of a camera and lets you keep an eye on the busiest rooms in your home, which is useful if you have several children.

If you have questions or issues with the VTech VM343, you can access the FAQs page on the company’s website or contact a support rep through phone, email, and VTech's social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. In case of malfunction, this video baby monitor is under warranty for one year.

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This is a great baby monitor for busy parents who can't constantly watch a video and audio feed. It gives you the flexibility to get work done around the house and only attend to your baby when they cry. The audio and video quality is average. However, the VTech VM343 has its share of flaws – you may experience interference when there are walls or floors between the camera and the parent unit, or you may have to correct the occasional roaming camera.

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