Pros / It has a USB charging port.

Cons / The speaker sounds shrill and unpleasant.

 Verdict / This sound machine has some smart design features, but the audio features are lacking compared to the best.

The Wave Premium sound machine is compact and easy to use, but the sound emanating from the speaker is high-pitched and produced poor results in our audio quality and sound masking tests. If you’re using a white noise machine to help distract you in a noisy environment, this isn’t the best option, but the nature sounds are serviceable and it has a few smart and useful design features. You won’t need to read the user manual before operating this sleep machine, because the controls are easy-to-use and all on the front panel.

One of the unique design features of this sound machine is the USB charging port on the back panel. Almost every portable electronic device needs charging on a regular basis, so a charging port on this machine frees up valuable bedside wall socket real estate. The Wave sound machine doesn’t run on batteries, so you plug it in to use it, but you can use the USB port on the back panel to simultaneously charge your mobile devices as the sound machine lulls you to sleep. There’s an attractive chrome stand that surrounds the power input and charging port to help keep your cables organized.

Another design feature we liked on this sleep machine is the volume knob. Most of the sound machines we tested, like the Avantek and Big Red Rooster, use volume buttons that adjust the volume in steps, but the knob on the Wave sound machine makes it easy to find the perfect volume. Next to the volume knob is the power button that also controls the timer function. You can set the timer to turn the sound machine off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Shorter sleep timer lengths, like the ones found on this machine, aren’t ideal for masking noises, but a 60-minute sleep timer is perfect if you want to listen to nature sounds to help you fall asleep.

The biggest issue we have with this sound machine is the audio quality. The white noise sound profile was high-pitched and didn’t mask the sound of the vacuum and kitchen appliances in our tests. The nature profiles are better than the white noise, but are still lacking compared to the best sound machines we tested. We could hear obvious loops, and although the loops were lengthy, they were still distracting.

The Wave Premium sound machine has some smart and useful design features, but the audio quality is lacking. The nature sounds are better than the white noise, so if you need a sound machine to distract your brain while you fall asleep, this is a decent option.

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