Pros / This sound bar has an HDMI input and output.

Cons / It has the worst remote control in our test group.

 Verdict / The Klipsch RSB-6 sounds great, but its terrible remote and bulky design keep it from being one of the best sound bars.

The Klipsch RSB-6 sound bar produced some of the best results in our listening tests. Its Dolby surround setting offered a wide sound stage in our movie test, and the wireless subwoofer did a good job of rumbling our AV room, especially for a 6.5-inch speaker. If Klipsch included a better remote control and Wi-Fi connectivity, the RSB-6 would rival the best sound bars.

To test overall sound quality, we played action movies and music from a variety of genres for a panel of evaluators who range in audio experience from novice to audiophile. When we surveyed them, the RSB-6 received consistently good results in the music and movie tests, and they said it had one of the best surround simulations of the models we reviewed.

When we watched a scene from the movie X-Men: Apocalypse that had a helicopter moving across the screen, we noticed a few of our evaluators looking up for speakers and following the surround sound across the room with their heads. That is a good sign of quality surround reproduction. The dialogue got drowned out during a couple moments where there were accompanying sound effects, but that was a common problem with the sound bars we reviewed that have accurate surround algorithms.

The RSB-6 has most of the connection options we look for, including an HDMI input and output, Bluetooth, and an analog 3.5mm input. The HDMI connection is a good option if you only need to connect one device, such as a cable box or stream box – you can connect it to the sound bar and send the signal from the sound bar to the television. If you have more than one device to connect to the television, we suggest using the HDMI ports on your TV and sending audio to the sound bar via the optical output.

The RSB-6’s biggest downside is its flimsy remote. When you use a sound bar as the primary audio device in your entertainment room, you should be able to control the volume with the sound bar remote instead of the television remote. The Klipsch remote has unresponsive buttons and is small enough that it’s easy to lose or could break if you accidentally step on it. Luckily, this sound bar is compatible with universal remotes, and we suggest getting one if you change the volume frequently.

This is one of the taller sound bars we tested, which makes it hard to put on the same entertainment center as your TV, unless your TV has a stand that is more than 3 inches tall. The keyhole mounts on the back panel allow you to hang this sound bar on a wall if your TV is also mounted there.


Klipsch is well-known for making products with high-quality sound, and the RSB-6 is a fine example of that. Its surround setting was one of the best in our tests, and the wireless subwoofer produced accurate and proportionate bass. If you plan on mounting your sound bar on the wall and have a universal remote to control the volume, this is one of the best sound bars for less than $400.

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