Pros / The subwoofer is built into the sound bar.

Cons / It doesn’t have HDMI inputs or outputs.

 Verdict / The Q Acoustics M4 is a great sound bar for listening to music.

The Q Acoustics M4 has exceptional vocal clarity, Bluetooth connectivity and an analog input, which are important characteristics and features of a sound bar for music listeners. There are two 2.5-inch forward facing speakers and a four-inch woofer housed in a durable wooden enclosure. This is the only sound bar we tested that has a wooden enclosure instead of a plastic one. Wooden enclosures are more acoustically inert than plastic, which results clear and concise midrange content. The M4 is also the only sound bar we tested with a built-in subwoofer. It didn’t perform as well in our tests and it makes the sound bar a bit bulky, but it saves space on the floor around your entertainment center.

We tested the audio performance of each sound bar by playing the same two-minute action movie clip and a two-minute music clip with multiple genres. The dialogue and vocal clarity of the M4 was above average for our test group, but the bass response was lacking compared to the best sound bar packages we tested. For impactful bass, we recommend the Klipsch RSB-6 sound bar package.

The primary reason the M4 landed at the bottom of our rankings is the lack of future-proof connectivity options. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity, which is the highest fidelity wireless streaming option. It also doesn’t have HDMI inputs or outputs, so it’s only compatible with optical outputs, because it’s the only option for connecting your TV to the sound bar. The built-in subwoofer saves space on your floor, but it makes the sound bar bulkier than most – it’s 5.5-inches deep at the widest point.

The M4’s remote is small, and the buttons aren’t as responsive or durable as the best remotes we evaluated. This is one of the few sound bars we tested that doesn’t have a companion app. Most sound bar companion apps act as a secondary remote control if you lose or break the physical remote. There are buttons on the top panel of the M4 to control volume and turn the power off and on.


The Q Acoustics M4 performed well in our dialogue clarity tests and is easy to setup, but it lacks the connectivity and convenience features of the best sound bars. If you enjoy listening to music through your audio system as much as watching movies, this is a great option, but consider a different sound bar if you want a future-proof audio upgrade.

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