Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tubs review

The biggest, most customizable selection of quality walk-in tubs

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Ella has the biggest walk-in tub selection with customizable options for each one. Models include shower and walk-in tubs combos, lay-down styles and companion bathtubs.


  • +

    Large selection of walk-in tubs

  • +

    Three massage packages to choose from

  • +

    Companion and wheelchair accessible tubs


  • -

    Hard, cold seats

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Ella's Bubbles is our top pick for the best walk-in tubs because of the impressive number of tubs to choose from and how much you can customize each one. Sizes range from small, single seaters to large, bariatric models. Ella's Bubbles also has wheelchair-accessible tubs and companion models that seat two people at once.

You can see detailed graphs and illustrations of walk-in tub on the Ella's Bubbles website. It's the most informative and thorough one we’ve looked through. It gives you step-by-step instructions on how to measure your bathroom, where to best position jets and how to properly install the tub if you choose to do it on your own. 

However, Ella does contract with certified and reputable installers in your area to ensure your tub is placed correctly and your warranty remains fully valid.

Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tubs: What you need to know

  • Large selection
  • Electronic lifts available
  • Companion tubs

Ella's Bubbles features 18 acrylic tubs in four distinct styles – outward swinging door, inward swinging door, wheelchair accessible, and companion walk-in tubs. Each one is custom-made to fit your bathroom, with options on faucet style, handrails, handheld shower heads, jets and the shape and size of the door. 

Tubs range in size between 30 x 52 inches to 36 x 80 inches, and hold 35 to 85 gallons of water when occupied. Bariatric models are available, too – designed for those who need more room to get in and out.

Each of Ella’s five wheelchair accessible tubs include an L-shaped, double-latch door that swings out to allow users to comfortably scoot in and out of the tub from their chair. Ella's Bubbles offers an electronic lift, too, if you require more assistance getting in and out of your tub, even if you don’t use a wheelchair; this is especially helpful if you have an aid is there to help you in and out.

Clicking on the tub model you like on the Ella's Bubbles website takes you to the product information page. Here you can see the tub from multiple angles with either the Ella zoom or the 360-degree rotation feature. You can also see a list of the features available, and images of the tub with these included.

You can add jets to any of Ella’s 18 models for varying levels of massage therapy. Ella has four different therapeutic options – no jets, air jets, water jets, and exclusive Infusion Micro Therapy. 

No jet tubs give you the benefits of simply soaking in warm water, while air jets give you some therapeutic massage benefits. Water or hydrotherapy jets let you use aromatherapy oils without worrying about residue solidifying or clogging up the system. Ella’s Infusion Micro Therapy is another air jet system that creates micro-bubbles that moisturize and exfoliate the skin.

Ella's Bubbles

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One popular walk-in tub model from Ella is the Monaco & Chi. This model has an outward swinging door made with tempered glass for a modern look that is also easy to clean. This acrylic tub comes in two lengths, 52 inches, and 60 inches, but the features and upgrades are the same with both sizes. As with all Ella tubs, this one comes standard with dual, two-inch drains that empty your tub several times faster than competing models.

The Monaco & Chi has two safety bars included, one near the door and one next to the seat, to help you get in and out more easily. It also has a low step-up, so you don’t have to step too high in order to get in. The seat and floor are both textured to make them slip-resistant, and the outside has a grooved wave design that looks stunning when installed in any bathroom.

This walk-in tub model has three faucet designs to choose from and a total of seven jet packages, including combination water and air jets. You can upgrade this tub to include a heated seat, extra safety bars, and aromatherapy packages.

How much will your Ella tub cost?

  • Majority of walk-in tubs cost between $4,500 and $5,500
  • Larger and specialty tubs also increase the price
  • Installation costs are also added which could include some remodeling

The majority of the standard-sized walk-in tubs from Ella fall between $4,500 and $5,500. This price increases when you add accessories, jets and extra safety bars. 

Larger and specialty tubs also increase the price. Installation costs are also added which could include some remodeling of your bathroom, such as pumping and electrical changes, in order to get the tub you need or want in there. It isn’t uncommon for some fully loaded, installed walk-ins to have a price tag of $13,000 or more.

Ella's Bubbles has a lot of articles on its website that offer advice on paying for and offsetting the cost of your walk-in tub. This includes tax breaks and grant programs. 

However, Ella itself does not offer financing for its products or any type of price break, deals or rebates. Some of its dealers may have finance programs, but this is up to the individual dealer. There are some walk-in tub manufacturers that do offer financing and you can find details of their programs online. For example, Safe Step offers discounts and rebate offers and outlines these in great detail on its website, including several programs specifically designed for veterans.

What users say about Ella tubs

  • Very high approval rating among customers
  • Only major negative is the reported hard and cold seats
  • Customers suggest spending the extra money to buy the heated seat

Ella has a very high approval rating among customers who have bought and use one of its walk-in tubs. Buyers comment on how well made the tubs are, the number of features included, the ease of installing the tub, and the overall price compared to other companies. 

However there are some drawbacks that several users have reported, the biggest being how hard, cold and awkward the seats are. Many people who have bought an Ella walk-in tub have also purchased a padded seat, much like a boat seat, in order to make it more comfortable and easy to get up from. 

Ella's Bubbles has three seats available. Other customers suggest spending the extra money to buy the heated seat and backrest to make your overall experience using a walk-in tub better.

Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tubs: Verdict

Overall Ella offers the best value in addition to the biggest selection, In fact, Ella is the only walk-in tub manufacturer to offer dual seats. This not only gives you options for sitting in a comfortable position but also is convenient for those who need a caregiver’s assistant while in the tub. Ella also has a laydown model that looks more like a traditional tub and show combo and gives you more room to comfortably recline and enjoy your bath.

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