Flexispot EN1 Standing Desk review

A sturdy, well priced standing desk, the Flexispot EN1 is ideal for anyone who likes plenty of space and height.

Flexispot EN1 standing desk review
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The Flexispot EN1 is a great value standing desk, and offers excellent support for all kinds of accessories. The build wasn’t the easiest, and instructions could be clearer, but overall it’s a good desk for standing or sitting.


  • +

    Large and sturdy

  • +

    Simple to raise and lower

  • +

    Suitable for tall people


  • -

    Some problems with build

  • -

    Makes minor noise

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If you’re looking for a larger desk, and want the option of sitting or standing, the Flexispot EN1 is a great, basic option. What’s more, it doesn’t cost a huge amount of money - at around $300 you get plenty of desk for your dollar. 

It has a smooth, quick motor to take the desk from a height of 27.9-inches all the way up to 47.6-inches, and can withstand a decent amount of weight too. While it’s a little basic in terms of both features and look, it still easily takes a spot in our list of the best standing desks, especially when you take the value into account. 

Essential info

Elevation: 30-47.6-inches
Desktop size: 60x24-inches
Weight limit: 154 lbs
Warranty: 5 years frame, 2 years controls
Price: $299

Flexispot as a brand is one of the most trusted names, globally, when it comes to standing desks. Despite this, we like the fact that they don't cost as much as many of their rivals. Standing desks, generally, are not cheap but you don't necessarily have to pay huge money to get one in your home. 

We picked the EN1 because it's a good, basic model that will suit most users, and it has a large surface area, so you can fit plenty on it. You can step-up to fancier models as your budget allows, but we recommend this solid option. For a healthy posture when home working, also take a look at our guide to the best ergonomic office chairs.

Flexispot EN1: Design and build

Our Flexidesk EN1 arrived in two separate deliveries, but they were on the same day. The frame arrived first, with the desktop a few hours later, and it was only a few days after we ordered the unit. Each item was well packaged, and nothing was damaged, although a couple of rubber feet and stops had dropped off one of the components - hardly a huge problem.

It took one person around 75 minutes to assemble this desk. While it can be constructed by a single person, we’d recommend you have someone to help you, especially when you’re attaching the frame to the desktop. While it comes bundled with most of the tools you need, it requires a screwdriver and/or an electric drill to attach some parts. We like how all the screws and parts were labelled and separated in their own bags.

Flexispot EN1 review

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The instructions are fine, but could be much clearer in certain situations. There were pre-drilled holes in the desktop that didn’t apply to the EN1, leftover screws, and several situations where we had to make our own holes - like when fitting the control unit. We got one part of the build wrong, and had to disassemble a couple of components half way through, but it wasn’t more than a five minute setback. Overall, building it wasn’t too tricky, but there are definitely several areas for improvement.

When built, the Flexispot EN1 feels sturdy, doesn’t make creaking noises when you're typing on top of it, and looks well made. We did notice a small clinking noise when elevating the desk, after a couple of weeks use, but it's hardly an issue as the function remains extremely solid. We got the mahogany color desktop with the black frame and it looks ok - not the most luxury, nor the cheapest we’ve seen. It isn’t beautifully designed, but is very practical and functional. The adjustable feet on the bottom of the frame are a nice touch for levelling out on an uneven surface.

Flexispot EN1: Features

This is a desk you can use while sitting or standing. There are minimal edges and components underneath the desktop, so you won’t bash your knees too often on the frame, when sat underneath. It sits at a minimum height of 27.9-inches, so you’ll be able to comfortably fit most standard office chairs underneath. 

Flexispot EN1 review

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There’s a single control panel at the front, and you can shift the desk up or down quickly. The digital display tells you what height you’re currently set at, so you can work out what’s best for your posture. There are three presets that allow you to realign the desk for different users or uses, and it’s easy to set them. We were pleased with how quickly and quietly the desk adjusts its height.

There are no tilt functions here, and the desktop is flat and rectangular, with no recesses or holes to run power cables for your devices. Not the end of the world - these are ‘nice to have’ features. We noticed there are a number of cable tidies included in the box, and you don’t need to use them all for the desk’s own cables, so you could use them to tidy away wires from your accessories, if you choose.

Flexispot EN1: User experience

When we used the Flexispot EN1 it was excellent as both a standing and sitting desk. At the lower height it provides a solid surface for up to two proper desk set-ups, including laptops and monitors. As a standing desk it raises high enough to support people of up to perhaps six feet six inches in height. This reviewer is 6’3” and it was most comfortable near to the highest height setting.

In terms of posture, the desk is deep enough for you to rest your wrists on while typing, and still have enough room for a keyboard/laptop and a monitor. You can easily get enough distance between yourself and a 27” monitor without causing eye strain, but you may need to sacrifice some wrist space if you plan on having a larger screen.

Flexispot EN1 review

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While the cable is a generous length, you need to be aware that any cords you have for your monitor, laptop, or desktop will need to adjust with the height too. This isn’t a problem unique to the Flexispot, though. 

Over the course of several days we found that our posture was better than we had in a regular sitting desk, and we didn’t experience any back or neck issues in this time. Because this desk has a large enough elevation there is no need to be frequently looking down.

We tested the desk with users of different heights too, and while we know you can’t get the optimal posture set-up for different heights, the pre-programmed buttons made it easy for us to quickly switch between the two users. We were impressed with how little desk shake there is, even with two people typing when the desk is at the tallest height. Overall, we think the desk really benefits posture, and because it’s a generous size, there’s no need to compromise on comfort or accessories.

Flexispot EN1 review

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Flexispot EN1: Support and user reviews

The EN1 comes with a five year warranty for the frame and motor, and a two year warranty for the controller and switches. There is a customer support email, and several toll-free numbers to contact your local service center (there are three in the US, two in Canada, and one for Flexispot UK).

User reviews on the Flexispot site award this desk a generous 4.9 out of 5 stars. Some of these reviews are not quite as descriptive or trustworthy as we might like, but having looked at all 128 (at time of writing), there are some common themes. Users love how quiet and sturdy the desk is, and the space it offers.

Some negative comments focus on the build, and the fact that some components arrived broken or bent. These customer issues seem to have been largely resolved satisfactorily, although some complained that the process took several weeks. We found that the actual construction and delivery of the item was the most disappointing part of the Flexispot EN1.

Flexispot EN1 review

(Image credit: Future)

Should you buy the Flexispot EN1?

If you’re looking for an affordable, sturdy standing desk with loads of room to place your working accessories, then the Flexispot EN1 is a great buy. It’s easy enough to build, and while not the best experience we’ve had constructing standing desks, it certainly isn’t a disaster. Once built, it feels good to use, supports taller people, and operates smoothly and quietly. We genuinely think it has improved our posture and general working conditions, which is perhaps the biggest positive. Overall, we’d recommend it, unless you lack space for it in your home or you want something a little more stylish.

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