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Definitive Technology BP6B review

The Definitive Technology BP6B offers decent bass, but there are better options out there.

Definitive Technology BP6B review
(Image: © Definitive Technology)

Our Verdict

These speakers aren't our top pick, but they are efficient with solid bass response that will upgrade your home entertainment center's sound quality.


  • These speakers have a good sensitivity rating of 91 dB.


  • The binding posts are located on the bottom of the speaker and are inconvenient to reach.

The Definitive Technology BP6B is one of the most uniquely designed tower speaker sets we reviewed., but that's not necessarily a compliment. They didn't make it to the top of our floor standing speakers guide (which we have since removed - check our best soundbars guide instead) even when they were new, and now these esoterically designed speakers are way past their prime.

These tower speakers feature four total drivers – two 5.25-inch woofers and two 1-inch tweeters. What makes the design strange is two of the drivers are located on the back of the speaker. This could make for a cool design if the speakers were placed in the middle of the room, but speakers are generally placed by the TV, against the wall, leaving two of the drivers facing the wall for nobody to hear.

Another design flaw is the location of the binding posts. The posts are located in a nook on the bottom of the floor standing speaker. To connect speaker wire to the binding posts, you need to tip the speaker over to get to the binding posts. Where they are positioned within the little nook makes it difficult to make a good connection with the speaker wire. The whole process we found to be inconvenient, especially compared to other speakers.

We tested each set of speakers with a variety of songs and filled out a questionnaire to determine how well each speaker performed. While listening to a rendition of "Venetian Gondola Song," we noticed that the home stereo speakers struggled to produce clear high frequency tones. Toward the end of the song, the piano does a two-note flutter on the high notes of the piano. During that section of the song, the sound got blurry and didn't have any definition.

During a Radiohead song we noticed unnatural overemphasis of high tones when compared to other speakers. The vocals and piano in the song sounded brighter and a bit tinny in comparison. After several passes though the song, it was evident that the speakers were overemphasizing those frequencies. The speakers do a good job at creating bass tones, but once you get into the higher frequencies, the speakers sound unnatural.

The stereo speakers boast a sensitivity rating of 91 dB, which is fairly efficient compared to many speakers. Anything above 90 dB is considered a good sensitivity rating. When your speakers efficiently convert power to sound, they tend to perform better and last longer.

These speakers are only available in black. They are covered by a five-year warranty. You can contact that manufacturer via email or phone if you have any questions concerning the BP6B speakers.

Should I buy the Definitive Technology BP6B speakers?

The Definitive Technology BP6B speakers have a few design flaws. Having speakers located in the back and the binding posts underneath the speaker is strange and a bit inconvenient. The speakers do have good bass response, but they sound a bit bright in the higher ranges. These speakers are power, efficient, and compatible with just about any receiver, but there are better and more modern options out there.

Billy Bommer

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