Yamaha NS-777 review

The Yamaha NS-777 is a good quality speaker that produces great sound but takes up quite a lot of space.

Yamaha NS-777 review
(Image: © Yamaha)

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The Yamaha NS-777 is a well-rounded set of speakers that provides quality audio.


  • +

    Wide frequency range

  • +

    Good quality


  • -

    Three-way binding posts, instead of five-way

  • -

    Take up space

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The Yamaha NS-777 is a floor standing speaker with a good sound quality. Yamaha is a well-known company throughout the entire world. It has been around since the 1800s, making audio-related instruments and equipment. A good portion of the company's success is due to its manufacturing quality. While we don't review floor speakers any more, we still have audio guides on site. If you need more advice, check our guide to the best soundbars to get better TV audio.

 Yamaha NS-777 floor standing speaker: Features 

The Yamaha NS-777 has the widest frequency response range of all the floor standing speakers that we have reviewed. It sacrifices some on the low end of the spectrum but has an impressively high top end. This is primarily due to the variety of drivers and their quality. One of the drawbacks to these speakers is their size and weight, but for the average user of tower speakers, that is only a minor inconvenience. That aside, though, this is an excellent set of speakers.

As we mentioned, the Yamaha NS-777 has a lengthy range of audio that it can output, especially when it comes to those high tones. The average human ear can hear between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. Any lower, and they call it a subsonic frequency. Any higher, and it is called ultrasonic. These floor standing speakers fall a little short on the low end, bottoming out at about 30 Hz, but they really go the extra mile to achieve an impressive 35 kHz on the top end of the scale.

That is a pretty high leap into the realm of ultrasonic tones, and you will be able to tell the difference. Going so far beyond 20 kHz allows a lot of leeway room for the tweeters. With the tones that can be heard, the tweeters have no issue achieving accurately. Also, although we can't hear ultrasonic audio, it still adds to the experience and gives the high notes a nice crisp edge.

What about the bass, though, you ask. It is true that not hitting the bottom range of human hearing, let alone entering subsonic frequencies, takes away from the audio experience. However, like all modern floor standing speakers, the Yamaha NS-777s are meant to be teamed up with a dedicated sub woofer. Doing this gives you an ideal base for your audio endeavors.

Yamaha NS-777 floor standing speaker: Sound quality  

The secret to the impressive high tones that the Yamaha NS-777 can output is the driver setup. The tweeter itself is only a 1-inch aluminum driver, which isn't really anything special. However, this floor standing speaker has three additional drivers that are dedicated to the low and mid range, which allows it to be tuned and focused on much higher tones.

Most other tower speakers will only have two additional drivers, which forces the tweeter to be tuned down to reproduce some of the higher mid range frequencies as well. Instead of following that common setup, the Yamaha NS-777 added a small mid range-specific driver to take care of that problem, allowing the tweeter to go nuts in the ultrasonic audio area. That mid range driver has a diameter of 5 inches and is made of a polymer.

Should you buy the Yamaha NS-777 floor standing speaker? 

As far as floor standing speakers go, the Yamaha NS-777 is a good place to start, especially if you are a Yamaha fan. There is only a two-year warranty, but from a well-known and trusted company like Yamaha, you probably don't have to worry. This speaker's ported design reproduces quality audio, especially when it comes to high frequencies, and is built to last. All in all, this is a solid choice. 

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