ForceMech Voyager R2 Wheelchair: Price, design, features, user reviews

ForceMech Voyager R2 Wheelchair: Price, design, features, user reviews
(Image credit: ForceMech)

The ForceMech Voyager R2 is a popular mobility device among people who want something durable and robust, yet can be folded away when not in use. It’s made by one of the best electric wheelchair brands, and is designed to put your safety and comfort above anything else.

The original Voyager, which launched in 2018, was a huge seller in the States, thanks in part to its ultra-lightweight frame, easy foldability and approval for air travel. So, understandably, many people had high hopes for the ForceMech Voyager R2. Judging by the positive user reviews, they haven’t been disappointed. 

Almost identical in looks to its predecessor, the ForceMech Voyager 2 offers a few notable improvements. The question is, are they impressive enough to tempt existing Voyager owners into upgrading? Here we take a closer look at the wheelchair’s design, features and user reviews to help you figure out if this is the right choice for you. 

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ForceMech Voyager R2: Price and availability

The ForceMech Voyager R2 retails at $2,298, which is $200 more than the original model costs, though we routinely see it on sale for around $2,198. That places it in the low-mid-priced range of motorized wheelchairs. 

Considering what you get with this package – a great-looking chair, with excellent build quality and a decent set of features – that's good value for money. A higher top speed and longer drive range would've been the icing on the cake, but perhaps that's asking a bit too much.

If you want to buy the ForceMech Voyager R2 but can't afford to pay for it in one lump sum, ForceMech and its partner, Prosper Health Care offer a low monthly payment option (read the terms and conditions to see if you’re eligible, and if it’s the right approach for you).         

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The ForceMech Voyager R2 photographed from below to show off the durable build with suspension, plus the rugged black wheels for enhanced stability on uneven terrain

(Image credit: ForceMech)

ForceMech Voyager R2: Design

At first glance, the ForceMech Voyager R2 is the spitting image of the original Voyager – not that we're complaining too much, as that original modern also sported a modern aesthetic. Study it more closely, though, and you'll see that reflective lights have been added round the back to make users more visible to others. 

Like the original model, the Voyager R2 is made from strengthened aluminum alloy, which is both tough and very light. The wheelchair weighs in at a paltry 47lbs with batteries, which is pretty much the same as its predecessor (48lbs). 

And the similarities don't end there: both Voyagers have a 7x7-inch seat and a 265lb weight capacity, which covers your body weight and any bags or belongings you are carrying with you. Both models also offer 3.5 inches of ground clearance. The ForceMech Voyager R2 does have slightly bigger wheels than the original model, though, at nine inches instead of eight.    

ForceMech Voyager R2: Features

For its second Voyager wheelchair, ForceMech has paid even more attention to user comfort and safety. The inclusion of shock absorption springs in the front are there to enhance your comfort – especially when traversing bumpy surfaces – while the rear reflective lights should give you peace of mind when using the wheelchair after the sun goes down.

Though the battery type is the same as before (super lithium-ion LiFePO4), the ForceMech Voyager R2 uses two 6.6Ah batteries as opposed to a single 10Ah unit. As a consequence, the drive range has increased from 12 to 16 miles per battery charge – and while that falls short of more expensive electric wheelchairs, it’s still decent for the price of this mobility aid.

Happily, the new batteries do not affect airline compatibility, so you'll be able to take the Voyager R2 on flights with no quibbles. While the top speed remains at 4mph, curiously the incline rating has dropped from 12 degrees to 10. Compared to the Porto Mobility's 25-degree rating, that's quite disappointing. The turning circle has slightly improved, though, decreasing from 33 to 32 inches.

An image showing the ForceMech Voyager R2, designed in a black and yellow color scheme, folded up, ready to be placed in the trunk of a car

(Image credit: ForceMech)

Finally, it's worth mentioning that a folding kickstand has been added to this wheelchair. While that's unlikely to be a deal-breaker for everyone, it may come in handy for some users.

ForceMech Voyager R2: User reviews

When it comes to ForceMech Voyager R2 user reviews, there are plenty to look through, especially as the wheelchair is available to buy from major online retailer Amazon. One Amazon three-star user review stated that, ‘The only problem I have is it is hard to get in and out because of the foot rest. Also, it is heavy to have to take in and out of the car. The good is that is it very maneuverable and will turn in tight spaces. It is of good quality and the batteries last a long time. I would buy again.’

A five-star review, meanwhile, explained how, ‘I purchased the Voyager R2 for a cruise to Hawaii for easier access around the airports and ship. What a smart decision! I flew around the ship with ease and grace. I even did 360 degree turns in the elevators.’

The ForceMech Voyager R2’s battery life was praised too, with a user claiming, ‘The battery stays charged forever. Seriously. We've started using the chair every time we go anywhere and he needs to leave the car, and the battery is still nearly full. I'm a little concerned I'll have forgotten where the cord is by the time we actually need to use it.’

If you want a wheelchair that can keep walking pace with others, one user review cautions you to look elsewhere, giving the Voyage R2 two stars out of five and explaining that, ‘What I absolutely don’t like about it is that it has NO get up and go. It does not keep up with the walking speed of my colleagues.’

The ForceMech Voyager R2 photographed from the back, to show the wheelchair with the ForceMech logo printed in yellow

(Image credit: ForceMech)

ForceMech Voyager R2: What other websites say

It isn’t just existing customers who can provide you with insight into the performance of this wheelchair. There are ForceMech Voyager R2 reviews on many mobility aid websites. The Uplifting Mobility review of the R2, for instance, explains that, ‘With the right care, this wheelchair will give you many years of use.’

Over at Curbfree With Cory Lee, the official review stated that, ‘The ergonomic design, alloy wheels, and shock-absorption springs allow this wheelchair to deliver a smooth ride on any surface, indoors or out.’

It’s important to remember that while other people’s reviews can give you greater insight into the performance of a product, nothing beats trying it out for yourself and making a purchasing decision based on as much information as you can gather.

Should you buy the ForceMech Voyager R2?

If you own the original Voyager and it's still in good working condition, then we'd be inclined to say you don’t need to upgrade to the ForceMech Voyager R2 as the difference between them isn’t that noticeable. We wouldn't say the improvements to this model are trivial – a better range and suspension are both worthy additions – but the first Voyager is still a fine machine, so save your money. 

However, if you're shopping for a new motorized wheelchair and are considering ForceMech for the first time, the Voyager R2 has plenty going for it, and the user reviews are very complimentary on the whole. It's a solid and attractive wheelchair, and is sold at a price that isn’t unreasonable for the build quality, features, and ease of folding. 

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