Electrolux EFLW317TIW review

The Electrolux EFLW317TIW is a solid entry-level washing machine that will fit neatly into your home, large or small.

Electrolux EFLW317TIW review
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This no-nonsense washing machine by Electrolux is ideal for getting the job done, and with a drum size of 4.3 cubic feet, it’s roomy enough to deal with most loads of washing. Some extra features would have been nice for the price though.


  • +

    Spacious drum

  • +

    Very energy efficient


  • -

    Only opens on the left side

  • -

    No quick wash

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The Electrolux EFLW317TIW washing machine is an easy-to-use entry-level appliance guaranteed to get the job done well with no frills. It also looks good and is compact enough to fit into most spaces, while still offering plenty of room inside with its 4.3 cubic feet drum. To read about all the washers we’ve reviewed, head to our guides on the best front load washers or the best top load washers.

It’s important that you buy the right washing machine to suit your home, your needs, and your lifestyle, and while this appliance is at the cheaper end of the Electrolux range, it’s still fairly expensive when you consider the fact it has fairly limited features. But, if you want reliability and quality, you will get what you pay for.

We take a closer look at how the Electrolux EFLW317TIW cleans up when it comes to features, efficiency, and value for money.

 Electrolux EFLW317TIW: Features 

Electrolux’s EFLW317TIW front-loading washing machine is a smart-looking appliance with a subtle but stylish design that won’t look out of place in your home. But looks aside, this essential washing machine is just as smart when it comes to cleaning your laundry too. 

As part of Electrolux’s 300 series, the EFLW317TIW is entry-level, but that’s not to say it doesn’t perform well, with the brand’s LuxCare Wash system providing a thorough clean, taking care of different fabrics from delicates to tougher items of clothing.

However, if you are looking for extra features such as a drum light, door reversibility, or a quick-wash setting, head to our Maytag MHW5630HW review.

Focusing on what the Electrolux EFLW317TIW does have, you’ll find enough here to keep your laundry sparkling, with hot, warm, and cold settings for heavy duty, normal, delicates, and rinse and spin, which is ample for everyday laundry needs. It can also tackle three soil levels – heavy, normal, and light – and has high, medium, and no spin options too. The maximum spin speed is 1,100 RPM, which isn’t the fastest you can get. There is also a setting to clean the machine itself. 

Extra options include a delay start function, so you can set the machine to come on at a time up to 720 minutes (12 hours) in advance, plus there is a control lock and chime.

In use, this washing machine is fairly smooth and quiet, ideal if you live in an apartment or want to keep it on the second floor of your house. There is also a stacking kit available should you wish to place it with one of the best dryers on top. 

Using this washing machine is very straightforward with a simple and clear electronic LED display and one-touch operation. If you want to get more than simplicity from your washer, then check out the Samsung WF50K7500AW, which is a sleek smart-enabled model for modern homes.

Electrolux EFLW317TIW: Size and dimensions 

The Electrolux EFLW317TIW comes with a spacious 4.3 cubic foot drum, which is enough for a king-size comforter. This also makes it an efficient choice for households that need to do frequent and fuss-free large loads – such as families with young children.

The washing machine is 27 inches wide – a good size that should fit into most homes. It also has a neat 38-inch height and 32-inch depth, perfect for storing in smaller laundry closets.

The front-loading aspect of this machine also makes it handy for most spaces, but it would be good to choose which side the door opens from, as it currently only opens from the left.

Electrolux EFLW317TIW review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Electrolux EFLW317TIW: Price 

When you consider the fact the Electrolux EFLW317TIW is an entry-level appliance, it is slightly more expensive than less well-known brands. However, it’s worth remembering that you are paying for the quality and efficiency of an Energy Star rated product. 

On its website, Electrolux sells this appliance for $999, but there are plenty of savings to be found elsewhere online as it’s been as low as $764 on Home Depot.

Electrolux EFLW317TIW: Efficiency and warranty 

In terms of efficiency, all Electrolux washers guarantee high-quality energy-efficient performance without compromising the results of the wash. In fact, Electrolux states the EFLW317TIW only consumes 65 kWh per year, which is remarkably economical when compared to other machines. This machine is also Energy Star certified, which means it’s among so of the most energy-efficient products around. If you have an electric water heater, this machine is estimated to cost you $8 a year in energy. If you have a gas water heater, it’s thought this machine will cost you $7 a year in energy. Of course, these are estimates and the exact costs will depend on your energy rates. 

The Electrolux EFLW317TIW also comes with a 10-year motor and lifetime tub warranty. 

Electrolux EFLW317TIW: User reviews 

Home Depot has more than 1,400 reviews for the Electrolux EFLW317TIW, which includes nearly 1,000 five-star ratings. The main gist of the reviews focuses on the quietness of the machine, while many have commented on the faultless efficiency of the appliance with comments that include: “The machine works incredibly well, is very easy to use, and the results are fantastic.”

On Electrolux’s own website there are also more than 1,000 reviews, including over 850 five-star ratings. Comments highlight the ease of use of the machine, while more negative feedback focuses on the lack of features, and includes comments such as: “The washer is okay. I wish I had gotten an upgraded model with more options.”

Should you buy the Electrolux EFLW317TIW? 

The Electrolux EFLW317TIW is an efficient machine that’s simple and straightforward to use. It gets your clothes reliably clean and has fuss-free operation. If, however, you are looking for fancier features you might be disappointed (especially if you have a lot of white laundry, as there is no specific setting for this). But for a high-performing machine that can make light work of regular loads of everyday laundry, it will suit your purposes just fine. It’s also worth bearing in mind that because this appliance uses so little energy to run, it might ultimately be the affordable option in the long run after all.

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