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Electrolux EFLW317TIW Review

The Electrolux EFLW317TIW offers a good combination of features with a great warranty that makes this washer stand out from the group.

Our Verdict

The Electrolux EFLW317TIW has a large capacity, and a very long warranty at a relatively low price, making it a good option if you don't need a steam-cleaning feature.


  • The energy cost estimates for this machine are noticeably low.


  • This had the fewest wash cycle options of the units we compared.
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The Electrolux EFLW317TIW offers a good combination of features with a great warranty that makes this washer stand out from the group. The price is below average among the ones we compared, and the capacity is above average, so you can get a lot of laundry done for a relatively small initial investment.

The investment in energy also is very small. In fact, it has the lowest estimated yearly energy cost when compared with the others in our lineup – $7 when used with an electric water heater and $6 when used with a natural gas water heater. This unit is less impressive in terms of water use. The average amount of water used per wash is above average and so is the estimated annual water cost.

This one does not really stand out for wash cycle variety. It had the fewest cycle types in our comparison. If you are replacing an old machine, though, chances are it still has more selection than that one, with heavy duty, whitest whites, normal, causal and colors to choose from. There isn't a speed cycle or a steam cycle, or a cycle that is NSF-certified for sanitization. If you prefer a machine with steam in this price range, consider the Kenmore 41302.

One place where this front-load washer really shines is its warranty, part of which lasts a lifetime. That applies only to the tub, but that is a pretty major component, so that long warranty may come in handy. Electrolux also offers 10 years of coverage on the motor. That makes the units with just one year of coverage look comparatively bad.

The matching dryer, EFDE317TIW, also has a long warranty, with three years of coverage. They can be stacked together, and the door on the dryer can be configured to open on either side, giving you more options for installation.

The Electrolux EFLW317TIW has few wash cycles and lacks a steam cycle, but it offers a lot of capacity for not much of an initial investment. It also makes a lot of sense as a long-term investment. Annual power costs with this machine are the lowest of the ones we compared. And this front-load washer has the strongest warranty among the ones we reviewed, with lifetime coverage on the wash tub.

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