Samsung WF5000AW review

The Samsung WF5000AW has a big capacity without a big price tag, and it is very energy efficient compared to other popular models.

Samsung WF5000AW

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While it lacks a few extras, the WF5000AW offers impressive capacity, energy efficiency and many modern features.


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    The 4.2-cubic-foot capacity will handle large quantities of laundry at a time.


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    Other machines have a broader selection of wash cycles, including steam options.

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The Samsung WF5000AW is no longer widely available. For our latest round up of top-rated options, head to our best front load washers guide. Alternatively, you can also find our best top load washers, or continue reading to find out about the Samsung WF5000AW. 

Based on our research, the Samsung WF5000AW is an excellent value if you want an upgrade, but do not have an endless budget.

This front-load washing machine will only cost about $17.85 to run each year. That's almost $2 less than the average for the units we compared. It may not sound like much, but it adds up over the lifetime of the machine. Another measure of a machine's efficiency is the Integrated Water Factor. The IWF on the WF5000AW is quite low at 3.2, and that's a good thing. It falls below average of the other machines we compared. The estimated annual water usage is below average of the ones we compared, as well, at 3,927 gallons per year. Saving water is always a good thing.

The lack of a steam function is going to be a letdown for some users, but the machines that have that cost so much more. Also, the machine you are replacing likely doesn't have steam cycles, so you won't really miss this feature unless it is a specific upgrade you were seeking. If you were set on a machine with steam cleaning, check out the Kenmore 41302.

There are plenty of cycles to choose from with the WF5000AW, even without steam cycles, including bedding, quick wash, delicates and active wear-specific ones. There is a sanitize cycle that will offer many of the same effects as a steam cycle.

Once you select a cycle there are lots of ways to specify settings even more to get the best possible clean for your load. You can choose from four different temperatures settings – the traditional options plus one called Eco Warm.

From there you also have options for spin speed and soil levels. Additional features include extra spin and extra rinse. With the Rinse Hold option, the laundry soaks in the final rinse water until you opt for a drain or spin cycle so you can unload. You can also choose No Spin for delicate items that would not tolerate any spinning.

You can have this washer save a cycle that you use often with My Cycle. That way the machine remembers the settings for your most common loads. The Delay End option means you can set a cycle to finish at a time that is convenient for you, so you don't have wet laundry sitting for hours before you come home from work, for example.

You can find this machine for less than $800, which is a steal compared to a lot of units that offer this much capacity. It is the least expensive machine we compared, but it ranks second for its combination of features, energy efficiency and overall design.

The WF5000AW is quite large, especially considering its low price. You can fit a lot of clothing into it in each load – approximately 2.8 laundry baskets at a time if you do an 8-pound load, which is common. It is about average in terms of overall dimensions at 27 inches wide, but it can be stacked to save space, when needed, with its matching dryer. It is designed to be quiet regardless of load size. Samsung uses patented sound reduction techniques to make those upstairs laundry rooms tolerable.

A child lock feature will keep little hands from disrupting laundry loads. There is a way to deactivate that feature if you prefer. You can also control if you want an audible alarm at the end of a cycle.

You can download the Smart Care app to most phones and use it to diagnose common problems. You just need to take a picture of the error message and the phone will recognize the error code.

The WF5000AW offers a competitive warranty, with 10-year coverage on the motor, the most expensive part, and 3-year coverage on the tub. The rest of the machine is covered just for one year, but that's normal. Some competing machines only have 1 year of coverage on everything, so the WF5000AW has a good warranty, all things considered.

The Samsung WF5000AW lacks steam cleaning and generally has less selection in wash cycles when compared to some, but when you consider its price, energy efficiency, and large capacity, it is a good value. For less than $800 you get room for almost three laundry baskets full of clothing per load.

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