Securus ECV1000 eCare+Voice review

The Securus ECV1000 eCare+Voice is a water-resistant device with a 120-hour battery life.

Securus ECV1000 eCare+Voice review
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With GPS tracking capabilities available through an app that runs on your PC or smartphone, the eCare+Voice GPS medical alert system offers is a versatile device for helping you to seek medical assistance when needed outside and in your home.


  • +

    Battery lasts up to 120 hours

  • +

    Lightweight and portable

  • +

    Simple to use

  • +

    30-day money back guarantee


  • -

    $30 activation fee

  • -

    Charging pad costs extra

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The Securus ECV1000 eCare+Voice is primarily designed for seniors looking for an easy to use mobile-based system that connects them with professional help when they need it. Like the best GPS medical alert systems, the ECV1000 eCare+Voice connects quickly to a monitoring center staffed by professionals. In this case, it's the Securus Emergency Care Center, and a specialist will speak to you through the eCare+Voice unit itself. 

Unlike other medical alert systems, including the best fall detection sensors, the  Securus ECV1000 eCare+Voice GPS system is self-contained and doesn't require a base station or landline phone connection. Let's take a close look at the device to see if it's right for your medical alert needs...

Securus ECV1000 eCare+Voice review: Features

The Securus ECV1000 eCare+Voice is a water-resistant device, so you can bathe or shower while wearing it around your neck without worrying that it will suffer any water damage. This unit is also one of the few comparable GPS medical units to offer volume control, so you can lower or raise the call volume as needed.

As mentioned above, it's also fully self-contained and designed to work anywhere there is a cell phone signal - no landline required here. The ECV1000 eCare+Voice unit itself is lightweight (1.9oz) and smaller than the size of a credit card, making it easy to carry around.

It costs $39.95 per month, or $455.40 per year. There's also a one-time non-refundable activation fee of $30.

The device works in your home as well as outdoors, and enables people to find you quickly thanks to real-time GPS tracking. If you press the SOS button in the middle of the alert device, you can communicate with the E911 call center. 

Using the Securus tracking platform or app, your designated caregivers can see the your location in real time. They will also be sent low battery alerts and notified when your eCare+Voice unit is turned off, all to help protect you and ensure your safety.

Securus ECV1000 eCare+Voice review

(Image credit: Securus)

Securus ECV1000 eCare+Voice review: Performance

Activation is simple and takes only a few minutes. Seniors can travel freely, outside of their home and around the country, with the assurance that the ECV1000 eCare+Voice will connect them to help 24/7, no matter where they are.

Press the SOS button for three seconds and you'll be connected to the Securus Emergency Care Center. A built-in mic and speaker system enables two-way communication between you and emergency care specialists. The care center staff will then track you on Google Maps and share that information with your chosen caregiver. The center staff will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

The battery lasts up to seven days per full charge, but in the real-world, overall battery life varies based on the cellular signal strength in your area, as weaker signal strength means the unit drains battery faster searching for and maintaining a signal.

The eCare+Voice unit comes with a wall charger that you connect to the device through a mini USB port. For those with poor eyesight or other health problems, such as arthritis, this can make it more difficult to charge the device correctly. You can purchase an optional charging pad, upon which you simply rest the GPS mobile device until it has fully charged.

Should I buy the Securus ECV1000 eCare+Voice?

The Securus ECV1000 eCare+Voice offers convenient tracking features, including real-time GPS tracking so that caregivers can find you quickly in the event of an emergency. This GPS medical alert device has one of the longest standby battery lives of comparable units and offers several great monitoring features, such as location tracking via text message. 

If you're looking for a system that can give you on-demand location updates, the ECV1000 eCare+Voice is worth considering. For a more powerful and versatile system, take a look at the Medical Guardian, or the more affordable MobileHelp.

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