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Best bariatric model that holds up to 600 pounds

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Harmar has the top bariatric model stairlift, the Pinnacle Heavy Duty, that holds up to 600 pounds while still maintaining a quiet drive system and overall comfort.


  • +

    Large weight capacity

  • +

    Does not mount to walls

  • +

    Decent selection


  • -

    Limited curved stair selection

  • -

    Pricing not available online

  • -

    Poor customer support

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Harmar features an encased rail system that gives more support and a better foundation for its stairlifts. This is especially important for its bariatric model designed to hold up to 600 pounds while still providing a smooth and reliable ride up and down your stairs. It also keeps oil and other residues from getting on the floor while muffling the sound so moving up and down your stairs is pretty quiet.

Of the six models offered by Harmar not all are exclusively for home use. Some can be used in a home or in a public building such as an office space or church. Two models are for outdoor use. All but one model only works with straight stairwells. While Harmar does have a curved stair option, other manufacturers, like Bruno, offer a larger selection of these types of lifts.

Harmar Stairlifts: What you need to know

  • Quiet drive system
  • Bariatric model available
  • No wall mounts

All of Harmar’s stairlifts include its patented drive system that makes the motor virtually silent as it lifts you up and down your stairs. Most models move at 20 fpm, which is decently fast, with some models using a double rail system that gives you extra support and a smoother ride. None of the rails attach to your wall, so you don’t have to worry about additional construction costs during installation. They will either attach to your existing stair rails or into the stairs themselves.

All six of Harmar’s stairlifts work in a private home, but four are designed to work in community areas, like assisted living residences, office complexes or churches where multiple people may need to use a lift. These models include key locks so you can cut down on unauthorized people using the lift.

Each stairlift offered be Harmar folds in, or up when not in use to give you more space in your stairwell for anyone who doesn’t need a lift, though the armrests tend to move in and out rather than up and down. Only one lift, the Pinnacle Heavy Duty, has a swivel motion chair to make it easier to get on and off. All models when installed, align with your threshold so you don’t need to take a big step when getting on or off.

The Pinnacle Heavy Duty stairlift is Harmar’s bariatric model that holds up to 600 pounds and can accommodate straight stairwells as long as 40 feet. The 24-inch high back chair is round and padded for comfort and the lift uses Harmar’s patented, helical-worm-gear driver system that is very quiet as it moves the up and down your stairs. It draws less power than conventional systems and therefore can run twice the number of trips that conventional stairways lifts do on a battery charge. According to Harmar, this lift can get up to 40 trips from a single, fully charged battery.

It has a wide, padded seat that rotates 90 degrees for an easy transfer on and off. The lift is moved by a rocker control, with wireless remote controls to call and send it up and down stairs. It has safety sensors that pick up on movement in front of the lift and will automatically stop to avoid collisions.

This model is for indoor use only but is sturdy enough to use in your home or with commercial properties. The chair turns enough to make it easier to get in and out comfortably and to stay out of the way when not in use so others can get up and down the stairs. It comes with a keylock so unauthorized people can’t use it.

How much will your Harmar stairlift cost?


(Image credit: Harmar)

Harmar doesn’t offer any pricing on its website, In fact, you can’t order a lift online at all. Instead, Harmar partners with dealers in your area. You can either contact one of these dealers directly yourself or fill out the online quote request on Harmar’s website and Harmar will match you with a dealer who will contact you.

When we used the online dealer location tool, we were impressed with the number of Harmar dealers in several areas throughout the U.S. Most have a showroom with Harmar stair models available to look at and try out. Regardless of if you visit a showroom or not, you must go through a Harmar dealer to purchase a stairlift. Pricing will be determined by the model you choose, where and how it will be installed, and the length of rail needed. Customers who have purchased a Harmar stairlift have paid around $6,000 for the bariatric model and nearly $14,000 for the curved rail stairlift. For a basic, straight-stair model you can expect to pay around $2,200 installed.

Financing isn’t available for most Harmar stairlifts, though some dealers may have a program offered through their showroom. Most list models come with a two-year warranty on the rails and a five-year warranty on the motor, but this, too, is often determined by the dealer.

What customers have to say about Harmar

Reading through online feedback of customers who have purchased a Harmar stairlift, we notice two consistent complaints. The first is that the chair of the lift doesn’t stay lifted up after several uses. Instead, it falls back down causing more bulk in your stairwell while not in use.

The second major complaint is the lack of customer service to help when there is a problem with the stairlift that needs fixing.  A large number of customers point out that because Harmar contracts with local dealers that sell and oversee the install of your lift, Harmar doesn’t directly deal with maintenance or warranty issues. Instead, you are required to contact your dealer for help, which may take several weeks before a technician can squeeze you in.

Harmar: Verdict

We recommend purchasing a stairlift from Harmar if you need a model to hold a lot of weight. Harmar’s bariatric model holds up to 600 pounds with comfort. Every lift model uses a unique, silent drive system with an encased motor to prevent oil and residue dripping on your floors. None of Harmar’s stairlifts are mounted to your walls and some models have a unique double rails system to give more support for curved stairs.

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