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Key2Life Paracord

If you have a complicated medical history, any Key2Life medical ID bracelet is your best option, as they each come with the same medical record software and 3.75GB of storage. In addition, there are a

Lynx USB

The Lynx USB from American Medical ID is a traditional-style medical alert bracelet with a stylish metal-link band connected to a flat metal plate. The plate has the universally recognizable symbol fo


The Elite PLUS USB features a 1.87GB USB drive on a silicone band. On the USB drive is software for creating a full-profile medical record. As a medical ID bracelet, it's effective, providing a simple

ROAD iD Sport

The ROAD iD Sport is a simple medical ID bracelet with your medical information printed on a stainless-steel plate. In many ways, it's no different than the majority of medical ID bracelets. It's desi

QRepublik MED ID

The QRepublik MED ID is a simple, yet comfortable medical ID bracelet. Unlike most full-profile medical alert bracelets, it doesn't rely on a USB drive to store your critical medical information. Inst

Key2Life Sport

Key2Life makes a wide range of medical alert bracelets, so if you're not fond of the style or comfort of the Sport, there's a good chance you can find a bracelet to fit your style and comfort preferen

BlueStar SeniorTech

BlueStar SeniorTech is a veteran owned and operated medical alert service with a wider range of products than most medical alert services. In addition to in-home systems and mobile systems, this compa

Acadian OnCall

Acadian OnCall doesn't offer as many packages as most medical alert services, but it offers the three main types of systems – in-home landline, in-home cellular and mobile GPS system. While the

Medical Alert

Owned and operated by Connect America, Medical Alert isn’t a particularly memorable brand name (I've lost count of the times co-workers have asked me if I miss-capitalized "medical alert&qu


GreatCall is unlike most medical alert services, as this service focuses only on mobile medical alert systems and apps. There are no traditional in-home systems in this service's offerings, and rightl

FreeStyle Precision Neo

In previous years, I’ve reviewed the FreeStyle Lite, which was the smallest glucometer on the market. This year, I reviewed the new FreeStyle Precision Neo, which is one of the biggest meters av


The Dario Blood Glucose Management System is a unique meter in the industry. It plugs into your smartphone's audio jack, turning your phone into a glucometer and data management tool without the hassl

Fora 6 Connect

The FORA 6 Connect is the newest glucometer from ForaCare, and it's the best meter the company has put out to date. This is among the few meters on the market that test for both blood glucose levels a

Best Medical Alert Bracelets

Find the best medical ID bracelet for your style, comfort and medical requirements.

Safe Step

The Safe Step walk-in tub is designed to help minimize falls and give more independence to vulnerable consumers. It provides the most basic safety features with its tub, including safety bars, easy-to

Best Glucose Meters

Tracking blood glucose levels is critical to managing diabetes. With an accurate glucometer, you can prepare the best treatment plan. Find out how we tested and reviewed the best glucometers here.

OneTouch Ultra 2

The OneTouch Ultra 2 is one of the most commonly used glucometers, and its test strips are available in almost every store that carries diabetic supplies. However, its design is outdated, as it's one


The FORA TN’G Voice stands out as one of the few glucometers on the market that reads your glucose levels out loud. This may seem like an insignificant feature for some, but a high number of dia

AgaMatrix Jazz

The AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2 is one of the newest glucometers on the market to feature Bluetooth, which it uses to sync your data with the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager app. As with older AgaMatrix mete

True Metrix Air

There are two versions of the TRUE METRIX glucometer – the basic version and the AIR, which has Bluetooth. The AIR doesn’t cost much more than the basic version and uses the same test stri

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