Pros / The Drive Medical Titan X23 features a lifetime warranty on the wheelchair’s frame.

Cons / This wheelchair reaches a maximum speed of 4 mph, average for this type of device.

 Verdict / The Medical Drive Titan X23’s design and comfort level are superb but its mobility features are average.

The Drive Medical Titan X23 is our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner. This electric wheelchair features a fold-down back rest, a maximum speed of 4 mph and a 25-inch turning radius. Furthermore, you can easily adjust this wheelchair to meet the rider’s specific height, and it folds to make transporting it simple. Additionally, this chair boasts an outstanding warranty.

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  • Top Speed
  • Maximum Range
  • Maximum Turning Radius
  • Climbing Angle
  • Warranty on Electronic Components
  1. The maximum speed of the electric wheelchair.
  2. 3  Drive Medical Titan X23
    4.0 Miles Per Hour
  3. 4.5 Miles Per Hour
  4. 5.0 Miles Per Hour
  5. Category Average
    4.18 Miles Per Hour


This motorized wheelchair has a good set of basic mobility features: It reaches a maximum speed of 4 mph, which is average for this type of power-operated chair. Additionally, you can travel approximately 15 miles on a single battery charge, also comparable to many similar models on our lineup.

However, this Drive Medical wheelchair boasts a fairly tight turning radius. The Titan X23 has a 25-inch turning radius, which is tight compared to other wheelchairs on our lineup. The tighter turning radius is ideal for navigating those tight, sharp corners at home or at the store.

Comfort & Design

This wheelchairs offers a number of comfort and design features. The chair swivels and can be raised to match the rider’s height. The headrest, armrests and footrest are also adjustable. Furthermore, the seat and back rest has plenty of padding for those long rides.

The Titan X23 folds down so you can load it into your vehicle. Additionally, the size of this product is not too large and bulky. The model weighs 158 pounds, and it is only 44 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 40 inches long. It can accommodate a rider weighing up to 300 pounds. The heavier the rider, though, the more the speed of the wheelchair is affected.

Help & Support

Drive Medical's warranty is one of the best we saw for an electric wheelchair. The motorized wheelchair’s frame is covered by a lifetime warranty, and its electronic components are covered for 14 months. The batteries on this product are also covered for six months.

In addition, there are several options available from Medical Drive if you need to communicate with a customer representative. Email, telephone and live chat are all available, and you can also access the electric wheelchair’s user manual on the company website.


There are many benefits to the Drive Medical Titan X23, including a tight turning radius, folding capabilities and an outstanding warranty. You can also adjust the seat height, footrests, headrests and armrests. The speed and battery life of this model are only average when compared with the best electric wheelchairs, but the convenient design and top-notch warranty make this motorized wheelchair worth your consideration.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Product Weight (pounds)
Weight Capacity (pounds)
Floor-to-Seat Height (inches)
Height (inches)
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Length (inches)


Top Speed (mph)
Maximum Range (miles)
Maximum Turning Radius (inches)
Climbing Angle (degrees)
Size of Front Wheels (inches)
Size of Drive Wheels (inches)
Size of Rear Wheels (inches)

Comfort & Design

Seat Belt
Swinging Footrests
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Help & Support

Warranty on Frame
Warranty on Electronic Components
14 Months
User Manual
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