The Audicus Dia is a behind-the-ear digital hearing aid similar to Phonak and hi BTE that supplements hearing loss between 50 and 85 decibels, which is characterized as moderate to severe hearing loss. The sound amplifier is small, comes in many colors, including silver, black and tan, and fits discreetly behind the ear. It comes with several sizes of ear buds for any size ear, and the ear bud connects to the amplifier by a small clear cord.

There are four memory programs in this hearing aid, or you can put it in standby mode by pressing and holding the button on the amplifier. The first three programs are for normal situations. Program one is your standard use program, and programs two and three increase the volume a bit. This is useful if the amplification isn't quite strong enough or you would like to hear something from a distance. The fourth program is specifically for situations where there is a lot of background noise, such as when you are at a restaurant. This setting is designed to filter out background noise so you can hear voices more clearly.

The Audicus Dia comes with an optional remote, which allows you to change the channels without touching the hearing aid. There is also a button on the amplifier so you can change the channels manually. This device has 12 channels and two directional microphones. The two microphones provide more clarity when someone is speaking, reducing background noise. It also has adjustable volume; you can get a volume controller for an extra fee.

This digital hearing aid comes with a one-year warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee. It comes with extra ear domes, a size 312 battery, which should last up to 200 hours. It also comes with supplies to clean the ear buds and the amplifier. The sound amplifier is smaller than a quarter, and it comes with a hard case so you can store the batteries and cleaning supplies in one place.

The Audicus Dia is a high-quality hearing aid with several styles to suit different tastes and needs. You can wear it discreetly behind one ear or both. It is suitable for people with many levels of hearing loss, ranging from mild to severe. With its own remote control and one-year limited warranty, it is a good choice for both daily and intermittent use. This device is not weatherproof and does not have telecoil technology.

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