The HCX is a digital hearing aid with a small, tan sound amplifier that fits behind the ear like the Pro Ears Pro Hear and the hi BTE. You can use just one amplifier or two for significant hearing loss. The amplifier connects to the ear bud by a clear cord and gives a comfortable, discreet fit.

This hearing aid has three programmed settings, so it adjusts to your specific listening needs. The three settings are quiet, noise, and high cut. The quiet setting is for use in environments where there won't be a lot of noise to filter out. This is useful, for instance, when you're outside gardening or relaxing. The noise setting features low frequency reduction and is best for hearing higher pitches, like the voices of children. Finally, the high cut setting has high frequency reduction, which is optimal for watching TV.

The HCX Hearing Aid has a subtle sound to notify you when the battery is running low. This digital hearing aid also has adjustable volume on the amplifier so you can turn the volume up or down in any of the programmed settings. The digital chip processes sound to deliver clear sound whether you're listening to music or people. This model is suited for those with mild to severe hearing loss. You can wear it for short periods of time throughout the day or for the entire day, if needed.

This hearing aid comes with three different-sized ear buds. Each is designed to be comfortable for all-day wearing whether your ear is small or large. It provides 12 bands of frequency shaping, which helps you understand words when someone is talking. It also has adaptive feedback cancellation so you're less likely to hear feedback. It comes with a pack of four size 13 batteries and a six-month limited warranty.

The HCX Hearing Aid is for those with mild to severe hearing loss. It provides a comfortable, discreet fit with several options for the size of the ear buds. It comes with its own storage case and all the supplies you need to clean it. While it works for many situations, it is not waterproof or weatherproof so caution needs to be taken in wet conditions. It also does not have telecoil technology.

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