Editor’s Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Medical History Bracelet from CARE features pre-loaded e-Manager software, similar to Health ID and Key2Life bracelets, that allows you to safely store your family's complete medical history in one convenient place. This allows medical staff to quickly and securely access records on the spot.

This product is a stylish ID bracelet that keeps everything close at hand and well organized. This USB medical alert bracelet comes with pre-loaded software that lets you enter a personal health history for every family member and then conveniently store it on the device. The wristband is both durable and waterproof, so you can wear it at all times.

Because this medical ID bracelet is always with you, health care personnel can quickly view your records on any computer or laptop, regardless of whether you are at a routine doctor's appointment or in an emergency. This piece of jewelry gives your primary care provider instant information about the tests ordered by specialists, ensures first responders are aware of drug allergies during an emergency and makes sure your personal medical information is available, even when you are away from home.

By using the software that is pre-loaded onto this medic alert band and your computer, you can use charts, checklists and forms to compile a thorough medical history, including immunization dates, health tests, diagnostics, medications, insurance information and more. You can also include emergency information such as diagnosed illnesses, allergies and other things that could cause complications. If you are overseas, the software converts into three languages – English, French and Spanish – and is compatible with screen reading software.

You can also upload and save valuable information such as a DNR, X-rays, living will, medical power of attorney, organ donor release and many other documents onto this device. When necessary, you can print or electronically transfer all information stored on the ID bracelet to another device or give your information to new health care providers or your insurance company. For security purposes, you can choose which information you want to be password protected and encrypted. In this case, only your photograph and details that are pertinent in an emergency will be displayed to anybody who accesses the data.

The CARE Medical History Bracelet is a good midrange USB medical alert bracelet that delivers plenty of features for the price. However, you have to be reasonably computer literate to use this device, which may make it unsuitable for some people. Additionally, your health care provider must have a computer to access your information.

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