Pros / The data entry is very easy.

Cons / It's difficult to adjust the fit.

 Verdict / The Elite PLUS USB features a 1.87GB storage drive and intuitive software for creating a medical profile, but the comfort and fit are significant issues.

The Elite PLUS USB features a 1.87GB USB drive on a silicone band. On the USB drive is software for creating a full-profile medical record. As a medical ID bracelet, it's effective, providing a simple one-page format for viewing medical information, but lacks comfort and adjustability.

At about $40, the Elite PLUS USB is among the most expensive medical ID bracelets I reviewed. Only the Lynx USB is more expensive at $50. When you consider it has less storage than the Key2Life Sport and Key2Life Paracord, and the medical information software lacks comprehensiveness, the high price is disappointing. However, it's even more disappointing when you consider the poor comfort.

The band is made of silicone, which makes it great for exercise because it doesn't absorb sweat like canvas straps and you can wash it without damaging the materials. However, the silicone doesn't slide across the skin very comfortably, as it tends to stick and pull on arm hair more than other bracelets. The worse aspect of the comfort though is the lack of adjustability. It comes in one size, and it's very big. I have large forearms and it was sliding halfway up my forearm. If you like a loose fit, you might prefer this style of bracelet, but if you want to adjust the size, you must pry open the clasps on the silicone band, cut the band to the proper length and re-tighten the clasp.

The looseness of the band made it unbearable to wear while exercising. In fact, the loose fit quickly became a safety concern. It can easy snag onto items, and while the silicone has some elasticity, it's stronger than it seems. I pulled on it to see how much force it would take to tear off, and I couldn't break it. If it were to snag on something, it could result in a serious injury.

The best feature of the Elite PLUS is the software for recording your medical information. It's not very comprehensive, as it only includes your medications, allergies, emergency contacts and medical conditions, but it's very easy to enter your data. Most people don't need to provide any more information than this. It's certainly not meant to be a running record of your health like the Key2Life software. It's designed to put your information into a single page for easy viewing.

The Elite PLUS USB has an excellent program for entering your medical information quickly and easily, but the fit is not comfortable or easy to adjust.

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